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Friday, October 31, 2008

Congrats are in order

As I mentioned Lou's soon to be hubby was awaiting his results from the Georgia Bar Exam.

Well CONGRATS to Mr. H! He successfully passed.... Now he can breathe and stop worrying so much.

Love you guys! Can't wait to visit you in the ATL!

Discount Diva

Well here is my latest Target buy, for 12.99 each.

I bought one in black and purple. I'm big on purple right now.

I paired the black one with a pair of tweed trousers from BR and a pair of platform mary janes. I also wore the purple one this week, with a pair of pinstripe black pants from BR and black sling backs and a large pearl necklace.
You can't beat Target...

Ok, I'm Stupid

and pissed. I tried to do the 3 column thing... obviously it didn't work.

#1. My previous template when I made all the changes said it was invalid. I did it 3x.

#2. Ok, so I reverted to the Classic Template, but then when I did Contol F, I couldn't find "outer-wrapper" in the template provided by Blogger.

WTF, am I an idiot? possibly...

Happy Halloween

Just a lil something from me and the Milo.

Here absolutely hates wearing clothes. I bought this for him to wear to visit all our Trick or Treaters.

Doesn't he look like a lil sausage.... Oh, he's my lil superhero.
Thursday, October 30, 2008

Passing the Bar

One of my best friends and BM, Lou-Dog (nickname) just recently moved to ATL to live with her fiance. He finds out tomorrow if he passed the bar. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for him.

We were talking today and we both said that this totally reminds us of Marshall from How I Met Your Mother and the episode where he is waiting to find out if he passes the Bar.

Wow I can't believe I dated you...

So I just recently joined Facebook. I've had a Myspace account for some time, but never Facebook. The Mr. has had one for a long time, so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon. Well, last night, during my television viewing of Top Design and Lipstick Jungle, I decided to go on the search for old high school and college friends. In the process, I found a lot of ex-boyfriends.

One particular was the last one I had before the Mr. came into my life, and is the whole reason I met my husband. Not to go into long detail, you can take a look at my old post from July, if you want the whole story of the Mr. and Mrs.

Long story short, the ex cheated on me on Match.com, I met the Mr. on Match.com.

Anyway, the ex and I are now friends on Facebook, and he's a total douche. Not that he wasn't when I dated him, but for some reason I never saw it. I think I was blinded by the fact that I had recently moved to Indy from college (leaving another relationship behind that I missed very much) and desperately wanted someone special in my life. I enjoyed his family and liked someone to hang out with. I think that clouded my view of him, and my ability to see his real doucheyness (no that's not a word, but it suits him).

Well he's married now, with a child, and I'm happy for him. Even though, he ended up treating me like crap, he didn't really break my heart, I don't think I ever really cared about him. We've remained cordial to each other over the years. He used to dog sit for me for a year or so after we broke up, since Milo was "our" dog.

Anyway, he's a total douche and all my friends/family never liked him. And his pictures he posted, well they speak volumes. One statement for you, PUT A SHIRT ON.

But I'm the lucky one here, because the Mr. is 50x hotter and cooler than he could have ever hoped to be. His mistake was most definitely my gain.

So which leads me to my question, does anyone ever look back at their ex's and think... "What the F@#* was I thinking?"
Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Its the smallest things that make me smile...

Ok, I'm going to start this post by saying, I'm fully aware that I'm a weirdo.

Ok that's out there.

Every morning when heading to work, I keep my eye out for something that always brings a smile to my face. And, if I don't see if in the morning, well, the day just doesn't start off right.

Living in P'cola, neighborhoods change rapidly from one street to the next. We live in a nice subdivision, but as I drive the side streets to get to a "main" road to head into work, I pass various types of neighborhoods. I see a couple of churches, a school, but my favorite is some sort of contractor (I have no idea what they do) but they the cutest goat that wandering around their large gated area. Yes, I said goat. His name is Fred, well, that's what I call him. He wanders around the area, and appears to know his boundaries because the gates are open and the street in front of the shop is pretty busy. In the morning or evenings, I'm always on the lookout. He's a cute, old, brown goat, and when its a cold morning like today, or raining I always wonder how he is when I drive by.

For the longest time, I kept telling the Mr. that there was a goat in that yard and he NEVER believed me. Every time we drove by he didn't see him or Fred was hiding. Finally, one Sunday afternoon, Fred was out and now the Mr. keeps a look out for him as well.

So here's to Fred. He was out dancing around the yard today and it most definitely brought a smile to my face.
Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mom Update

My mom's surgery is scheduled for November 19th. I'm scared and nervous, but so ready to have her get the surgery over and done with. We're trying to figure out if I can meet them in STL or wait till Thanksgiving because I was planning on taking time off to head home...

Its times like these, I just wish the Mr. was around to lean on, physically that is. I miss him.

Help a Sister Out!!

I need some blogger help.

1. I want a new background, who can I go to create a custom one for me. How much does that cost? How long does it take?

2. I want 3 columns, how do I do that. I read an instruction guide, but I appear to be stupid so... it looked hard so I gave up.

SOS... Please someone help me...

In my humble opinion

Christina is looking and sounding a little too much like Lady Gaga. But that's just my opinion...

But I do really like the song...
Monday, October 27, 2008

Mad Men Musings... Continued

Ok now that I have a minute... WOW last night was off the chain (sorry)... but it was. For a show that sometimes you feel "nothing happens", the sh!t went down last night for sure.

The background for the episode was the days surrounding the Cuban Missile Crisis. People everyone seemed to be panicked and re-evaluating everything, which leads to some very interesting conclusions and new avenues for the show...

Here are my thoughts.
1. Betty is pregnant, you kind of figured that might be the case. However, she appeared to want to "get rid of it", which in an age prior to Roe v. Wade, a "woman of means", as her doctor referred to her, didn't do such things. However during her hair salon visit, it appears that some do and her friend gave her the low down on it.

2. Don is back and has realized that Betty and kids are all he has left, he seems sincere, well as sincere as he can be. He writes Betty a loving note which moves Betty to reconsider their marriage.

3. Betty totally gets it on with some random hottie in a bar, who is also married, then goes home and eats some fried chicken.

4. Father Gill called Peggy out on her sins, and made her ultimately confess her pregnancy to Pete. We also learned that the toddler at her sister's house, is not the "said" baby in question. She gave the baby up for adoption.

5. Pete doesn't love his wife, that's totally obvious. And confesses his love to Peggy. Peggy confesses to Pete about the baby and says that she could have forced him to be with her, but she didn't want that. The irony of it all is Pete picked his wife over Peggy, and his wife can't have any children (pushing for adoption, which he sees as beneath him) and here's Peggy who had his child but didn't want it or him now... Pete actually shed a tear. Wow, he does have feelings, it was nice to see.

6. Sterling Cooper is being merged officially, and Duck the worthless Head of Accounts seems to have talked his way into being the new President, and wants to get rid of Don Draper. Funny thing, Don doesn't have a non-compete like Duck thought, so the joke may be on him. And the fact that he's back on the sauce, with a temper doesn't seem good for him. He's a POS, and hasn't brought in any new accounts.

So the episode ends with everyone going into the next chapter of their lives...

Peggy says her prayers with a smile, knowing that she will eventually go to heaven.

Don and Betty looking to get back together with a new child.

And Pete... with a rifle and drink in hand holding the fort down at Sterling Cooper.

Can't wait to see where it all goes from here.

Mad Men Musings...

OMG! Did you watch it, that Season Finale that is.... Amazing!!! Some much to say, have to post about it later...

One thought, so glad that some things finally came to the surface and planted new seeds for next season....

Pete professed his love to Peggy, and she told him about his baby she put up for adoption... YES!! Its about freaking time... Irony of it all was not lost on me.

Post to be continued...
Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Weekend that Was...

This weekend was the last one that the Hubby and I had together before he left for training in Texas. It was good and sad all at the same time.

Friday we met up with some friends at O-Zone's, a great pizza place in P'cola. We shared some yummy pizza, beers, and wine for me, as well as some great conversation. After that we headed downtown to Will-Call a new sports bar, then to our regular bar, Intermission. We played some darts, and Hubby and I dominated.... I'll admit I probably drank alittle too much. But it was a good time.

Saturday, since I drank too much we didn't make it to yoga. Instead we took Charlie to get his incision checked at the vet, get groomed, and buy him his new Blue Buffalo dog food that we're trying. That afternoon we returned some things to the NEX, stocked up on Halloween candy, got a bulb to fix my tail light, stopped at Lowe's for supplies, and then headed home to do some yard work.

With the Mr. taking Charlie with him to TX, we thought it was time to start repairing some of the "damage" that he had put on the yard. We filled in the "trenches" he dug in the yard and planted grass seed. I also talked Brent into letting me get mums for the front porch. I had to talk him into it, because at our last house, I bought huge baskets of mums 2x, and killed them all. So I bought a smaller pot of mums and cross my fingers I don't kill them, because they are really pretty...

Saturday night was very chill, we BBQ'd some chicken, watched Almost Famous (one of my favs), my DVR'd copy of Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, and then I passed out on the couch. I have a small partial filling that fell out last week. I went to the dentist, but I'm a new patient so I couldn't get it fixed that day. I'm getting it taken care of this week, but last night my it was very sore. I took a pill for the pain and it put me to sleep.

Today, well it was a very lazy day. I went to the grocery store and stocked up for the next week or so. Came home, watched plenty of "Moving Up" and played with Milo and his new toys that I bought him today. We took care of the yard, watering the new grass, Miracle Growed the plants I'm willing back to life, and re potted the mum.

Tonight, the Milo and I took a walk, made dinner, and we're chilling watching Extreme Home Makeover, which I'm sure I'm going to bawl any minute now.

So the Mr. is gone until March, granted we'll be together for Thanksgiving, Xmas, and NYE, but march seems forever away....

I don't know about anyone else who's away from their spouse for an extended period of time, the worst for me is waking up in the middle of the night with them not there and coming home from work to an empty house. Thank goodness I have the lil puggie to meet me at the door and to snuggle with.... I've been told that we snore we in unison.

Oh... I almost forgot... I also received a totally awesome package at my doorstep. More about that tomorow.... All I'll say is I'm madly in love with it, and I'll do my best to talk about it tomorrow evening...

Sad Day Today....

The Hubby left this morning at 7am for Texas. And I miss him terribly. I know it sounds strange but I was just getting used to him being back. I had him for 2 weeks, and we were just getting back into a routine. Now, I'm back to being the single mommy to one lil puggie, who misses his daddy and brother today.

Right now I'm watching a great movie, that I haven't seen in a while, Iron Jawed Angels, its an HBO original movie about the women's suffrage movement. Its amazing, that there was a time that women weren't seen as full class citizens. That men thought that women "didn't have the head for politics".

Friday, October 24, 2008

Quote for Today

"Love doesn't make the world go round. Love makes the ride worthwhile."
----Franklin Jones

I used this quote in the back of our guestbook that I made with Snapfish.

It means a lot to me especially now, with Brent leaving for Texas on Sunday. He'll be there until March, the first year of marriage we'll be apart more than we'll be together. Keeping it in perspective, he is not deployed, only in training. Absence makes the heart grow fonder right....
Thursday, October 23, 2008

Photography Shout Out!!

Well, it appears that I actually have people that read my blog. I'm pretty amazed if I do say so myself. Because of that, I wanted to introduce everyone to a great photographer, Michelle Dearing. I was introduced to her work through a friend of a friend, and was so happy to get to work with her. She, herself, is a military wife and mother to a young, very cute lil boy named Pepe. She took our engagement pictures and my boudoir shots. We're trying to find a time to do a trash the dress shoot as well, but with Brent's schedule and her recent relocation to Jacksonville, Fl, its a little tricky.

Seeing that I have several readers in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida, I wanted to introduce you all to Michelle's work. I've really enjoyed working with her and loved the pictures she has given to us. She's local to Jacksonville, in P'cola from time to time, and will travel for weddings. Please take a look at her website or blog . I have some more boudoir shots, but I'm a little too shy to show them. But trust me, they are great, and the hubby loves them.

Thanks Michelle... I hope to get another shoot in when you and Brent are going to be in town.

Oh Spanx.....

Today I love you and hate you at the same time...

Love - because you make me look better in my BR Khaki sheath dress.

Hate - because I forgot how high the slit up the back was
Hate - because I have the high waisted ones on and i can now really tell that I've gained weight since i wore this pair...

Ok, this extra 6 lbs that I gained since the wedding has to come off.... 6lbs is alot on a 5'2" frame... especially when you gain weight in your butt and thighs like I do.

Why don't you try a little harder...

Photos "taken" from Perez Hilton.

These 2 are hopeless. Their staged photo ops are out of control. I love how Speidi is trying so hard to stay in the spot light. I mean, come on you two. I can't stand them, so why do I always pay attention, its an illness I suppose.

Its like having to look at a car accident...

Put this in your IDIOT files...

Ms. Lindsay Evans, Former Ms. Teen Louisiana, what the hell where you thinking... I guess the more appropriate thing is, why were you not thinking...
First, to dine and dash with a group of friends on a $46.00 bill at a local restaurant is stupid, but to leave your purse, that's just bad form. But for the cherry on top of the idiot sundae, you had pot in your purse... were you high...
With only 10 days left in your reign....
I have no words...
Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mom Update - P2

My mom had her appointment at the Siteman Center yesterday. It was an all day affair but well worth it. She got to meet with her surgeon, her plastic surgeon, got all of her blood work, etc. taken care of.

Her surgeon said that there is a good chance that this cancer is still at a Stage 1 phase, however we won't know for sure until the surgery. Based upon the type of cancer she has the likelihood of it coming back and appearing in the other breast is high, so he was very happy that my mom had already decided she would be having a double mascetomy. The only issue that concerns him is that there are some very small clusters of cancerous cells in that same breast, but since she is having mascetomy it shouldn't cause too much of an issue.

She felt that the staff was excellent. They talked with her at length about her cancer, the surgery, what they can offer her, etc. etc. She feels so much better about the situation now. It looks like they have her scheduled for surgery in 2 to 3 weeks, since they have to schedule the surgeons together. After the surgery she'll have spacers implanted in her breasts and regularly go and they will inject them with saline solution to inflate them.

FYI- My mother does have breast implants, but that in no way was the cause of her cancer. Ironically enough, having never been happy with her breasts and getting implants over 10 years ago, has allowed her to deal with the mascetomy much better.

I want to say thank you to everyone for their kinds words. And thank you to Kayte whomever you are and wherever you are, I appreciated your kinds words and thoughts on the Siteman Center. I pray for your mother as well.
Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Update on my Mom

Ok. I haven't written about my mom in a while. As you may recall, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer several weeks ago. My frustration level with service that she has been receiving from a Dr close to home is at an all time high.

My mom was referred to this female doctor from a cousin whom had recently been treated with her, so my mom took that referral very highly. Well needless to say, that Dr, in my own humble opinion, is a POS. She has totally dropped the ball, and my mom has suffered from it.

#1 this is cancer people, you shouldn't have to explain that to a doctor. This process of her getting a mastectomy should have already been completed, she shouldn't have to repeatedly call to get results, find out referrals, etc. If she went into the DR with a broken arm, it would be treated right away, why can't this be... Ok, let me explain a little.

1. Up until a complete of weeks ago, she didn't even know what stage the cancer was. They had never cared to tell her.
2. They referred her to a hospital in the central part of the state that didn't accept her health insurance.
3. They didn't even figure that out, my mom called and spoke to several people at the hospital. They finally said we'll take you but you have to process your own claims to the insurance company... WTF are you kidding me... do I want to go bankrupt.
4. They had never given her a copy of any of her records.
5. My mom asked to go to St Louis, and the Dr said that wouldn't be possible.
6. Finally, my mom called to get all her records to take them to a new Dr she found in STL, at a top notch cancer institute, that takes her insurance, and you know what the Dr's cancer nurse said to her.... "Well we're gonna need you to come in and do another biopsy...
"Excuse me, she's getting a freaking mastectomy. I know its cancer, we've determined that weeks ago. She wants it the hell out of her why do we need to take another look...

So today, my mom has her appointment at the Sitman Cancer Center, a great cancer center associated with Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Wash U Medical School. Her appointment is with the Dept Head. I very excited for her, I mean as excited as you can be in this situation.

Its a wonderful, teaching hospital and there she will be able to participate the new procedures, clinical trials, and see some of the Midwest finest Doctors. I have a close friend that is an oncology rep for a drug manufacturer and she says that outside of Mayo, Sitman is the best cancer institute in the Midwest.

She should leave today with a plan of action, an idea of next steps, and hopefully a date for the surgery. Which is more than her other Dr ever did for her.

I'm so proud of her for taking control of the situation, and not settling for the BS that the Dr was giving her.

FYI - her original DR referred her to a State University Hospital located at the capital city of our state. My step-father is an elected official and has state health insurance. The Medical School which is funded by the state would not accept my mother's health insurance. What kind of crap is that.

For now, I'm letting the bad thoughts exit my body and only letting good energy in....
Monday, October 20, 2008

Mad Men Musings....

OMG! Did you watch last night. Very interesting episode indeed.

The episode, the last episode before the finale, is titled "The Mountain King". I love MM. I love all the twists and turns, character development, and symbolism. Here are my thoughts/questions?

1. Wow, Don you are a total fraud. Its amazing how different he acts being Don or being Dick?

2. Interesting Anna is the only female in his life he doesn't want to have sex with.

3. Peggy is really coming into her own, and I love it. She shouldn't be next to the copy machine, its demeaning.

4. Poor Joan. Such a strong woman, she has to get out of that relationship. Her Dr. is a total jerkoff. But she's getting old, and probably doesn't see her options.

5. Betty - why was she bleeding?

6. Pete - stop yelling at your wife and way to go sticking it to your Father in Law.

7. I thought it was hilarious that Alice Cooper insinuated that his new girlfriend was another "child" for him to take care of.

8. The last scene, I saw it as a baptism of sorts, but others see it as a suicide attempt. I still believe baptism, he's cleansing myself of all the mess he's gotten himself into this season.

Champagne Taste... Beer Budget

As I have said before I love champagne, its my favorite thing to drink. While my most favorite champagne is Veuve Clicquot which retails on sale for usually $49.99, (usually $50 - $70 bottle depending on where you buy it) it is a little out of the price range for non-important drinking festivities. (FYI - Cost Plus World Market sometimes sells it for $37.99, Winn- Dixie right now $59.99).

I do like to drink "cheaper" champagnes, when I can find them and when I like them. And my cheap favorite sells at Winn-Dixie for $4.99, now that's some cheap champagne.Its Verdi Spumante, its a sweet champagne but easily drinkable. We served it at my wedding and it went over HUGE. We had so many people comment on how great the champagne was. Our bridal party enjoyed it and so did I....

I drank a bottle of Verdi this weekend, while Brent was enjoying his Sam Adams Octoberfest....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Guess What's In Town

The FAIR!!! Yeah!

The P'cola Interstate Fair is in town, and we had to make a visit. Overall, the P'cola fair isn't the best I've been to but, they do have "free" concerts that make the $10 entry fee worth it. A couple of years ago we watched Skid Row. Last night was Bucky Covington. We got there around 6pm, walked around ate a TON of food and watched about an hour of the concert. He was ok, I knew of 2 of his songs, and then he started playing covers of Steppenwolf, Pink Floyd, etc. That's when we left.

Picture of us 2 years ago at the fair. It was cold, why am I eating ice cream???

Picture of us before we went to the fair. Before I felt the ill from all the fat and sugar....

We headed home and felt the pain of eating Fair Food .... We first ate a corndog a piece and split a lemon shake-up. We walked around looking at all the hot rods, then the photography/art exhibits, played some games (we have heated skee ball tournaments, I unfortunately only won the 1st game), Brent tried to win me a huge stuffed pug (but I only let him spend $4 trying), and then off to eat more. We ate a gyro and fries, Brent had a huge Philly Cheesesteak, and then he wanted ice cream. We had to watch Bucky, because we couldn't move...

We got home, had some drinks, and proceeded to have a hotly contested game of Scrabble, that neither one of us with acknowledge whether the other won or not. We both rocked some 6 letter words in the beginning, so at the end of the game, it came down to whether or not "AH" could be used as a word. Based upon the online dictionary its not a "word" that could be used, but Brent swears in his brother's Scrabble dictionary it can be used. I refused to accept it and then I'd win by 2 points, he ignored my refusal and says he won by 4 points. I ripped up the score paper so this game had no history....

Sorry.... We're total nerds.
Here's a pic from the concert. Brent's Grandma Emma is a huge American Idol fan. We had to get a pic.

Question for You All

The hubby and I are now reaching the age that our college friends are having babies.

My 1st close, college friend, J, is currently pregnant and due in January. I'm totally excited for her and I can't wait to meet the lil girl that they are having. J, has chosen to use all environmentally-friendly diapers and organic only baby products. During her pregnancy she has removed all harsh chemical cleaning products and is eating all organically. I'm proud of her, she was a pack a day smoker, Starbucks chugging, wine lovin type of gal, and she quit it all cold turkey.

She's having a shower in Chicago next month, which I hope I can go to (more on that later), and I was scanning through her registries. She has a pretty normal registry at Babies R Us and then another one at Rightstart.com.

Ok, so here's my question: She is requesting G-Diapers, they can be found http://www.gdiapers.com/.

Has anyone ever heard of them? I took a look at the site and they seem really interesting.

From the site: gDiaper's plastic-free flushable refills have no elemental chlorine, no perfumes, no smell, no garbage, and no guilt. They come in two sizes: small refills fit small 'little g' pants, medium/large refills fit both the medium and large 'little g' pants.

You buy a "cover" and "diaper" or refill as they call it goes into the cover. The covers run from 16.99 to 18.99 and the refills are 52.00 for a pack of 160 (small size).

Another question, seeing how I don't have kids, never bought diapers, and don't have any point of reference here.... $52.00 for a 160 changes, is that reasonable? I mean obviously they are going to cost for than the standard diapers, but you also don't have to put them in your trash can and deal with "that" mess, you can flush them (that's worth a little more to me) but 160 changes - how long does it take to go through 160 diapers.... I suppose that the real question that I need to answer, what's the ROI on these diapers.... outside of the environmental impact.

Obviously, I'll get them for her since she wants them and that's how they are going to be raising her, but its got me thinking what I'll want to do when I have kids...
Saturday, October 18, 2008

OMG what a morning...

So Brent and I just returned home from what was supposed to be "relaxation yoga". Let's just say, I'm not relaxed. The normal instructor switched classes this week with another yoga instructor, and she kicked our butts.

We attend yoga classes at the new gym on NAS P'cola (the port side base, P'Cola has 2 bases port side which is on the water, and Corry Field which is where the larger commissary, NEX, hospital, etc. is located.) We were driving home from port side and I turned to go to Corry forgetting that I had left our scratch and win %% off coupon at home. (I need to buy new speakers for my Liberty, one of the front one is blown). Anyway, we head back home the long way and turn onto the intersection close to our house, a HUGE wreck and just happened. People running out of their cars to help, calling 911, etc. If we wouldn't have turned around and went the long way home, we would have been right there.
Friday, October 17, 2008

The Hubby's favorite Wedding Gift

When it came to registering for gifts, the Hubby was somewhat excited to get to use the scanner but 20 minutes into looking at China patterns, he decided that he hated the whole idea.

#1 He preferred to go home.

#2 He thought we didn't need all this stuff.

#3 He thought who the hell is going to buy us this stuff.

I kindly yet firmly let him know....

#1 I'll take you out to dinner after this.

#2 You don't even know what we have. Plus, most of the stuff is from my college days and its starting to look nasty.

#3 My parents are inviting a crap load of people, they buy gifts. Also, our friends are 27-30yrs old, they have good jobs, we're not asking for ridiculous expensive items. Plus, we can come back and buy stuff at a discount.

Okay, crisis somewhat averted but, still DRAMA city.... We moved fast and furiously, and I said I'd come back myself and do it. Ended up doing the rest online.

We registered at 4 places - BBY, Pottery Barn, Macys, & Lowes. Brent only went to BBY but I let him register at Lowe's online. I learn from my mistakes. But I did show him everything we were registering for, and registered for some items I knew he'd love.

His favorite gift is this single serving coffee maker.

First, we didn't have a coffee maker in our house. #1 I don't drink coffee and #2 he didn't drink it regularly and he like various types of foamy coffee drinks so he buys them at Starbucks on base.

Well, since we have bought this Starbucks no longer. He loves it and all the different drinks you can make. I love the Hot Chocolate, he tried to get me to like the Chai Latte but to me it tasted like a Thanksgiving Candle....

Word to the wise, if you do buy this machine. You can buy most of the beverage discs from Walmart (except in Columbus, MS Brent found out). They are A LOT cheaper than BBY and Linens n Things. But I did have a couple of 20% coupons so I did buy some. FYI - Starbucks does make the discs for the machine as well.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I got FIVE on it...

Today, in case you weren't aware of is Boss's Day. Yeah, I didn't know about either until yesterday.

Our management in general is great. They are easy going and reward us greatly, in non-monetary ways, bringing in lunch, snacks, birthday cake and ice cream once a month, donuts on Fridays, etc. They even gave all of the women in the office flowers on Valentine's Day. In general they treat us, the employees, well. I can't complain at all.

So yesterday, a member of the admin staff, let's us all know (excluding mgt) about today, and asked if each of us could throw in $5 to have lunch brought in. We were getting BBQ sandwiches, baked beans, etc. In our main office there are about 25 people (excluding mgt) so that puts us at $125.

Well, it has been a fiasco getting people to contribute $5 for the meal. Some people didn't want to participate, others weren't going to be in the office that hour and didn't feel they should give money if they weren't going to be there, and some people were just being pains in the asses.

Its $5 freaking dollars people, I understand we're in a recession here people, but come the f@$% on, a meal from this restaurant is usually $8 - 9, so if you eat the lunch you've gotten your $$$ worth. And let's say you can't be here to eat, well you ass has certainly taken part in the monthly birthday celebrations, various lunches, snacks, pot lucks, holiday parties, retirement parties, etc.... with out ever putting in dollar one.

Sorry, I'm done venting on....

Oh wait 1 more thing. Ok there is Administrative assistant's Day and Boss's Day, what about all the other employees.....

Better get back to work...

New Reading Material

So after diving into the world of vampires and werewolves I am needing a change. Brent wants me to start reading Pillars of the Earth, but honestly after reading a 750 page book in the past 2 weeks, I can't handle another one.

Therefore, I am finally reading a book I bought several months ago, Wonderful Tonight by Patty Boyd. Patty, was the former wife of both George Harrison and Eric Clapton. She is finally breaking her silence and tells the story of how she found herself bound to 2 of the most addictive, promiscuous musical geniuses of the 20th Century. Patty inspired Harrison's "Something" and Clapton's well known hit "Layla".

I'm so excited, that I'm making sure I get to leave for lunch today...

No more vampires, I prefer rock stars.
Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Hubby the Sweetie

Last night, Brent told me that he was going to pack a picnic and visit me at work. I thought, yeah right, whatever.

Well, he called me at about 11:30 and said I'll be there around 12:15. My hubby showed up at my office with a flowers and Subway. He knows the way to my heart food and flowers... He picked out the flowers himself, mixing yellow and white Calla Lilies, in a cute white ceramic vase.

We ate outside in the common area at my office park. And had a great lil lunch date.

The End is Near...

Project Runway FINALE is Tonight. Oh Kittens, I'm so excited and I'm so sad. It's been my shining ray of happiness on Wednesday nights, and with the on going legal battle, who knows when/if it will reappear on Lifetime. (I'm still sick that its going to Lifetime)

Any who.... I've totally stole this from http://projectrungay.blogspot.com/ so sorry boys.

Here are all the looks from the 3 final designers in the competition. And I'll be honest, these have been my 3 favorites all season. I know people hate Kenley, I agree she's a pain in the ass, but I love her work just the same.

LeAnn's work. I love the architectural feel of her designs. I fell in love with her wedding dress that was shown last week. Its to DIE for....

Kenley's work has been repeatedly called RETRO. While I can see it in some pieces, I feel she still has a fresh outlook in her designs. I love her lil dresses. Korto - I've been on the fence on some of her designs. I have LOVED some and completely hated others. Week 2 - was horrid and I thought she should have went home then, but she hung in there and pulled out some great pieces.

I hope Leann wins. I've already looked through all the pieces shown at Fashion Week, and I think her show shined more than all the rest. Can't WAIT....

Date Night - the Recap

Well... we did go out to eat. We ate at a lil Mexican restaurant near the house and also near Wal-Mart. We decided since the movie was only on at 6:15pm or 8:30 pm, it wasn't doable. I don't get home from work until 6:00. (and b/c we're old and its a school night) FYI - we haven't had Mexican together for a couple of months, we got totally burned out. We used to have Strawberry Margaritas and tacos/fajitas at least once every 2 weeks.

We split Fajitas Texans, which is our favorite, but no drinks. Then we headed over to Super Wal-Mart to get our shopping on. Since Brent is back in the house, I needed to get all the essentials for him - Orange Juice (Pulp Free Low Acid), Acai Juice, Beer, Cereal, tons of lunch meat, and cheese. That boy loves his beverages and sandwiches.

Side Note ..... Military wives - do you all grocery shop on base? I can't, I get totally annoyed. People are pushy and the baggers insist on walking you out to the car and demand tips. We do go to the NEX (we're on a Navy base but he is USAF) and shop sometimes when there is a sale.

Then we headed home to watch Greek (one of our favorite shows) and of course Bravo's new shows - Housewives of ATL and Rachel Zoe. He hated both of them and instead read his book on the couch. But I did talk him into rubbing my feet...

God we are so exciting.....

Is anyone else watching the new Housewives in ATL? Is Kim is she wearing a wig or is that just me? And why do I have to see her bra all the time?
Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Date Night

The hubby is home (finally) and he called me at work to ask me out on a date tonight. I know its sweet, and me (the old lady I am) said, "What its Tuesday, we need to go to the grocery store..."

He assured me that we'll go out to eat and then to a movie and he'll get me home in time to rest up before work tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to it. I'm craving Hibachi, but we'll need to eat somewhere kinda fast, so I'm think we'll be Ruby Tuesdayn' or OGing it up, since its right by the Movie Theater. (OG=Olive Garden)

I would love to see the new Richard Gere movie, but I have a feeling we're going to see Nick and Nora's. I'll let you know....

Book Review - Breaking Dawn

I've done it. I've completed the Twilight series, and I am honestly glad I did. The 4th book, while different from the others, was worth the 751 pages it took to finish. The book is divided into 2 sections - the 1st section told from Jacob's POV and the 2nd section told from Bella. Its a little different, but you have experienced this in the past books as well, just not to this degree.

A LOT happens in this book. Things change, characters change, expectations shift, and you are introduced to a ton of new characters, so much so that there is a chart in the back of the book to keep all the covens straight.
Don't worry I'm not going to give any of the story away.

The author has done a good job of getting you interested and involved in the various story lines of the numerous characters she introduces, but I don't think there is enough back story in some cases. Granted the book is over 700 pages, but I still want back story, I still want a better understanding of exactly how things came to be the way they are now.

Overall, the story was enthralling and very entertaining, my favorite book by far. My 2nd place would be Twilight (1st Book) followed by the 3rd book and finally the 2nd book (which I didn't care for at all).

My one main issue that I have with the author's writing in general (and this hasn't changed in all 4 books) is that she spends so much time building up to the fight sequences and then you get to the fight, the "good part", and things are quickly resolved. Its annoying. I read for 40 pages about the build up and 3 pages about the fight, that ticks me off.

Now we have the movie comes next month.....

I've taken a look at the new trailer and some of the new stills.... I'm getting warmed up to the actor playing Edward but I still can't stand Bella. I just watched the actress in the Land of Women, I just don't find her as a believable Bella. Also, the actors they selected to play Jacob and Charlie, where they reading the sames books. Maybe a better question, did they read the books at all. Jacob should be a large kid, even in the 1st book, and he should be attractive. I believe the actor playing him is the kid from SharkBoy LavaGirl.

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