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Monday, May 4, 2009

The weekend that was...

The Jetplanes had a great weekend but unfortunately it started on a rather sad note.

Friday afternoon we attended a memorial service for the 29 yr old wife of one of Mr. Jetplane's former instructors in his training wing. Mr. Jetplane and said instructor have been working together closely since he came back from Texas. Mr.'s stash job is sort of the IT guy for the training wing, and the two of them are to keep all the computers up and running.

It was a beautiful and heartbreaking service. I had never met this young woman but I felt the pain and grief that was radiating from everyone. Her friends had beautiful things to say about their friend, a young mother with 2 small boys. And two of her friends even held it together to sing two very moving songs. Her husband stood before the large gathering of military officers dressed in the uniforms of their branches, be that Navy, Marines, and Air Force and spoke from his heart about his wife and his gratitude for all his family and friends.

You see, the Jetplanes are stationed on a Navy base, so there isn't a large population of USAF on the base, but I'm pretty sure all of them affiliated with the flight program showed up. But to make it even better, the NC base (where most of the people who finished are located and where we will be soon enough) brought two planes over filled with the instructor's past students. It was such a wonderful gesture.

I cried like a baby, I always do. I felt for this young family and made me think about our young family how we need to appreciate everything we have.

After the service we met up with Mr.'s friends in town for the wedding... I'll do a post about this hopefully later tonight.

P.S. Thank you all for the lovely comments on our family photo shoot. I ordered the pictures and hopefully they will be soon so I can get them in the mail to our mamas.... They may get an IOU card for Mother's Day.

P.S.S. We have decided how to celebrate our 1 yr anniversary and Mrs. Jetplane will be blogging somewhere else as well... news to come...



d.a.r. said...

Wow, what an incredible tribute to that man. I'm sure it was heartbreaking to watch, though.

J.J. said...

Talk about witnessing the major life moments in people's lives. That sounds like an emotional day. I bet you were on an emotional rollercoaster of sorts. I'll be praying for that young family.

Looking forward to the posts about your anniversary plans! I love anniversaries :)

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Monday morning ball my eyes out. Thank you, the former students were too much. Glad to know our Marines were there! I know they were the best looking! Just picking on the AF wife. We Marine wives are good for that you know. Be thankful you are not a Navy wife!

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

It sounded like a beautiful memorial.

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

That is so sad and my heart goes out to that family. Glad it was a great service.

Madison Sanders said...

Yes, it's always sad to know a young life was ended to quickly.

That was very thoughtful off all of his past students to come show their support.

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