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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our Own Private Idaho

If you don't know by now the Jetplanes are moving to the great state of Idaho. It was our 1st choice and we're surprisingly pretty excited about the move. Most of you thought we'd like to go to England, and honestly part of us did, but our decision was made based upon both of our careers, future family plans, and current family situations....oh and moving our 2 dogs to England was something I most definitely wasn't looking forward to.

England was our 2nd choice, for Mr. it would be the best career choice, its the best of the best in the world of F15e's, but it wouldn't necessarily been the best for us. Sure the travel would be awesome, that's the best part, but we had to weigh all our options. There are pro's and con's to all 3 locations, and I won't air the 'dirty laundry' on here.

Idaho has the 2nd best flying and I can keep my job. Moving to England I wouldn't have been able to and right now, without kids, we want that additional income. So we're moving to Idaho....

We are freaking moving to Idaho...Honestly, if we weren't moving there, I don't think I would have ever had a reason to even visit there...

But down to brass tacks...we will be living in BFE middle of no where Idaho. Luckily, we will be (depending on where we live) 20 - 50 minutes away from Boise, which we hear is an awesome city. We're excited about living out West. We're excited to be near great snowboarding. We're excited to live near mountains....us Midwesterners are used to seeing hills and corn fields...bring on the mountains.

It will be a HUGE change but we like change, and being a mil wife, that's gotta be a mantra. If we stay in fighters, we'll most likely end up back in here in NC or head over to England. There are only 3 bases that have the jet Mr flies.

To answer some questions I know are going to come.
1. No we aren't upset about leaving our house here in NC (well alittle). We bought it with the intention of renting it out.
2. I will keep my job and do it from home in Idaho.
3. Mr could be deploying as early as January 2011.
4. We are in baby discussion mode but #3 has a lot to do with.
5. We may buy a house in Idaho, or rent, or live on base, we don't know yet.
Anyone out there that has or is living at Mountain Home AFB, or MoHo as we're calling it, please feel free to pass along any and all information.
And a big THANK YOU to Preppy Nonsense for the lovely picture. So jealous of you being in Indy right now....Go BULLDOGS!!! FYI - we're still planning on flying into Indy next season for a Colts game....
Monday, March 29, 2010

TODAY is the DAY


That I wake up and can't breathe out my nose...and hardly out my mouth.

That I wake up and realize that I didn't put my car in the garage and its raining....oh and my sun roof is open.

That I have 3 projects due and none will be finished by the end of the day.

That we find out if we're staying in North Carolina and Mr deploying in August.

That we find out if we're moving to Jolly ol England.

That we find out if we're moving to Idaho and becoming Idahoians (sp?).

That we find out where we will be for the next 3 years and in the life of this military wife...that feels like an eternity.

Bring on 5 o'clock, my heart can't take the suspense any longer...

I don't know why but this song for some reason became the Jetplanes theme song for the weekend...seriously it was on the radio every other time we were in the car...
Friday, March 26, 2010

Pug Friday - TGIF

Show of hands who is sooo happy its finally Friday!!! I know this week has been painful, I'm so happy for a couple of days off of 'work'. Too bad Mr. Jetplane is going to have a sim tomorrow...

In order of this week's Pug Friday I bring you this lovely lil shot...you might be seeing Mrs. Jetplane in a similar pose, on a non-floral couch, tonight... Happy Pug Friday!

Picture found here
Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hello Mr. Jetplane's Mouth...Insert Foot

So I love my husband. He's a great guy. He's a funny guy. And if you know him in real life, you'd know he's a guy that doesn't always think before opening his mouth. I've tried to teach him about this, and he is getting better around other people, when its just him and me...thoughts enter his head and then come right out his big ol mouth.

So I'll set the scene for you...

Jetplanes both worked late last night and I needed to pick up my prescription the store nearby. So we decided to go eat some pizza. While eating our salads and Mr. enjoying a beer, I commented on how pissed I am that our base selection night got moved AGAIN...(yeah we're not finding out tomorrow, its been pushed to Monday). He asked why I am so upset about it.

Me: "I really feel like our lives have been on hold. We can't make any next steps in our lives until we find out where we're going."

Mr: "Yeah so if we find out we're going to Idaho we can work on getting you knocked up?"
(ever my eloquent husband, right?)

Me: "Yeah, maybe. But not until after my birthday...I want to get drunk!"

Mr: (rolling his eyes) "Whatever you say..."

So time passes and we get our pizza. Mr is also notorious for having conversations with himself inside his head and then saying something out loud like you should know what he is talking about....like you were participating with him in the 5 minute conversation he's been having with himself about the yard, or picking up the dogs' medicine, or even worse flight school stuff...

I digress, time has passed and out of no where I hear...

Mr: "I can't wait to build forts!"

Me: "What?"

Mr: "Yeah I can't wait to build forts, climb rocks, take him camping"

Me: "Huh?"

Mr: "Our future baby...I can't wait to build forts him and sleep in tents..."

Me: "Well I sure hope SHE likes to go camping!"

Mr: "HE"

Me: "SHE"

Mr: "Whatever as long as we don't have a "Hot" daughter, I'm fine!"

Me: "Excuse me...our daughter will be pretty."

Mr: "Yeah, well I don't want a 'very pretty' daughter, cute is good. I want a cute daughter."

Me: "What are you talking about?"

Mr: "Very Pretty Girls are whores and marry old men."

Me: "You are insane."

Mr: "No I'm serious, very pretty girls date old men and marry them for money."

Me: "Really, so I married you I guess that mean I'm not really pretty then."

Mr: "I'm talking about 10s here..."

Me: "Oh really...so I'm not a 10"

Mr: "UGHHHH...you know what I mean."

Yes, there is my foot in mouth husband....
Monday, March 22, 2010

We Are the Champions...

Seriously we won the whole kit and caboodle on Friday at the Crud tourney. I am so unbelievably proud of us. Here we are leaving the squadron to head to the Oclub for the tourney. Yes that is a blue limo you are seeing and the driver...well that's Mr. Jetplane.

Here are a couple action shots...I'd like to say Mr. took these...but sadly he took more pictures of himself than the games...I stole these from people's FB pages....shhh...

Crud is a really difficult game to explain, but basically its a billiard type of game but with out cuesticks and only 2 balls and 4 pockets. Its more of a military game that's for sure. There are a tons of rules and the commanders of the squadrons were the refs...but that didn't stop us from yelling at them for horrible calls...girls are mean...the games can get pretty hard core and I have the bruises to prove it.
You see you can make physical contact with the other players, you can also jump/crawl on the table, and being a short girl I have to jump up on the table a lot to reach the white ball (which is used to hit the red ball).

Here we are after our 2nd win (beating the retirees wives who won the tourney last year and are always STRONG competition).
A couple more action shots for you. Can you see my intense game face....

Here we are victorious and after over 6 hours of playing and watching other games...finally around 12:30am we had won...we were delighted but exhausted. (And I am one hot, sweaty mess)

It was a great night...I'm a really competitive person and I knew we had a good team, but I didn't know we could win. We've been practicing every week but we had 2 newbies (me and my gf who's hubby is in Mr's class) had never played before, I thought for sure we'd be out by the 2nd round.

I'm so proud of us...I think I might still be on a little Crud high...
Friday, March 19, 2010

Pug Friday

Its been a busy week at the Jetplane's household. If you follow me on twitter, you know that we got our kitchen's backsplash/wall tiled...and FYI I love it.
This weekend we are painting the kitchen (crossing fingers) and doing yard work. Spring has sprung and we got A LOT of work to do.
Tonight I have my CRUD tournament. I'm not going to lie, I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Myself and another wife, are 'newbies' and haven't played in a tourney before. But I think, no I know, we're going to hold our own. I'll have Mr take pictures to show you what this crazy game is all about. It kid you not, its intense.... I have the scars and bruises to prove it.
Today Pug Friday photo is just too cute to pass up. Look at that face...how could you ever say no to a face like that.... Via

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oh HAPPY Day!!

Low and Behold when I picked Mr. Jetplane up at the airport yesterday morning....he didn't have a mustache!! YEAH!!!

He took my advice and shaved it for the funeral...I told him it wasn't an appropriate time or place to have this goofy mustache, especially since it was going to be a military funeral.

But you see, Mr. Jetplane had fooled me because he told me that he hadn't shaved it, so needless to say I was shocked (in a good way) when I picked him up.

I couldn't stop kissing him last night, so happy to see my hubby's gorgeous face back to normal. But sadly it won't last, we're only 1/2 through the Month of March aka Mustache March, so he's back growing it again...

Wish me luck....and Happy St. Patrick's Day!!
Monday, March 15, 2010

Warning TwiHards...this AIN'T Edward Cullen

Since Mr. Jetplane is out of town at a family funeral, I had a girls night full of sushi, military wife talk, movies, and drinks (cherry vodka and sugar fee red bull to be exact)*

Sushi was good, service at restaurant SUCKED (but it always does at this place), talk was great since I got to meet 2 other mil wives that I hadn't met before, and the movie was great.

I had given the girls fair warning that the movie was going to be sad, I told them what I had 'heard and read' about the film and to bring tissues, we will need them. I'm not going to give anything away because some people might not know what its about, but if you watch the 1st minute of it, pay attention to the date, location, and background...you should be able to figure it out.

The movie is about 2 young people living in NYC and dealing with an immense amount of tragedy in their lives. They find each other in a strange turn of events and fall madly in love.

Pierce Brosnan is wonderful in the movie, he plays an absent father who appears to not want to be involved in his children's lives...he and his son (Rob P) don't see eye to eye on a single thing.

Rob P is wonderful in this movie...he's a chain smoking, confused, slightly disturbed young man trying to figure out his life and his emotions after dealing with a tragic loss in his life. But fair warning to you (and all the young kids that were in this movie)...THIS IS NOT TWILIGHT! This is a DARK movie and as a 12 year old girl...this movie IS NOT FOR YOU. Parents don't bring your kids to this movie, we saw groups of young..and I do mean young girls leaving the movie bawling their eyes out.

There is sex, drinking, lots of smoking, bad language, and violence in this movie.... um your 10 yr old daughter shouldn't be at this, I don't care how much she loves Edward...this is not TWILIGHT.

But the movie was great, intense but great, I highly recommend it. But be prepared, you will cry. If I didn't know beforehand what was going to happen (at some point in the film) I might have been bawling along with the 12 years old... Because I got into the ugly cry...

Anyone else seen it...thoughts???

*If a waitress at a bar knows what you want to drink before you order it, does that mean you go there too much or you drink too much or you order weird drinks so they remember you...
Friday, March 12, 2010

Mustache March Update

Until today, Mr. Jetplane hasn't been willing to let me take pictures of this horrible stache in progress. Today is March 12th, so we're 12 days in...and this month cannot get over soon enough.
This picture was taken at 6am this morning before he left for work.... shockingly he looks proud of that horrible, hairy growth on his face...

Pug Friday - Mustache March Edition

So in honor of the dreaded Mustache March that I am living in...
Stay tuned...I have an update and picture of Mr. Jetplane and all his mustache glory. Its creeptastic...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

RIP Corey Haim

I was shocked when I read this on Twitter this morning... I had Tiger Beat posters of Corey Haim all over my bedroom closet door, I was never a Corey Feldman type of girl. He shared the door with Christian Slater, Johnny Depp, and River Phoenix... oh if River Phoenix would have lived...just think about the roles he would have played...tear..tear..

I'm so sad that his life ended in such a tragic way. I know his drug abuse and addiction issues have been well documented. And I admit I did watch "The 2 Coreys" on A&E, but I had hoped he'd be able to turn it out.

In my eyes he'll always be Les Anderson from License to Drive.
Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hello All! Someone is crazy busy so I apologize for blogging this week is my low priority...Don't leave me...

For your enjoyment and since I'm a bad blogger...here's something for you to laugh at.
Friday, March 5, 2010

Pug Friday - So Happy Its Friday Edition

Happy Pug Friday Everyone... I don't know about you but this week has kicked my booty something fierce. I am so happy to see the weekend ahead. Today's Pug Friday is just a little taste of how I feel today.... Photo can be found here...

Have a great weekend!!
Thursday, March 4, 2010

What's YOUR Song??

The Jetplanes have plenty of songs that are special to us. Songs that take us back to a special time in our lives individually and together. But there is one song that is very special to us and I like to credit as the reason we are together today.

For those of you that don't know the story of the Jetplanes, well that's a long one and will not make it all in this post...sorry. But let's us stay, the military wasn't initially part of the plan. Falling in love with a man that was going into the military was never a future this 'career' girl had in mind when she met Mr. Jetplane for our 1st date at the TGIFridays in Indy (that is now a Crate and Barrel).

But all those things happened and caused a lot of tension between us when Mr. Jetplane found out that he'd been accepted into Officer Training School, and would eventually be traveling all over the country (and world) for the next 20 years. Where did that leave me with my career and life, at that time in Indy. He didn't know if I was 'the one' that he was going to marry and I didn't know if he was "the one" either. But he knew he didn't want to me to resent him for changing my career and possibly my life goals, for him.

So what did he do, well like any scared boy, he broke up with me....Yeah he sure did, and he tried to do over email while we were both at work...yeah he sure did...

But I wouldn't let that happen, and I forced him to come to my apartment that night and break it off if that's what he wanted to do. I questioned his reasonings and I could tell he definitely wasn't firm in them. I could tell he was shaken and upset by this decision he'd made.

Well little did I know then (what I know now) that he got in his truck to drive himself home that night and put on this song...

And he proceed to listen to the song the entire month we were broken up...

It made him realize his feelings for me and whether or not, we were supposed to be together forever, he knew he didn't want to lose us...

Obviously we did end up back together, thanks to ME, and that my children is also another tale for another time...

So needless to say, this had to be the Jetplanes wedding song, right???

To all you lovely readers...what is your song? Any story behind it?
Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome to my own personal hell...

AKA Mustache March...

Yes friends, March has reared its ugly head which means Mr. Jetplane and all his goofy ass flyboys grow mustaches (or attempt to in some cases).

As I have said it before, and I'll say it again....I F'IN HATE FACIAL HAIR. This month is going to suck hard for me, but also Mr. Jetplane. BELIEVE THAT.

I'll keep you updated with weekly pics of this horrible mustache. I have a feeling Mr. Jetplane is going to look like a bad imitation of this...

Or being sporting a total Chester the Molester stache...either way I'm so grossed out by his whole thing...

Last year he was in Texas the entire month so I NEVER had to see it. He got kicked out of a bar one night out with friends, he told me he thought it was because of his sweet, sweet stache...he said he was sure it angered people or made them totally jealous of his ability to grow his sweet, sweet stache... YUCK!!!

So here's a little history for you about Mustache March.

How I go from semiformal to punk rock in 1 night...

On Saturday the Jetplanes attended their 1st Warrior Banquet which was also our 1st 'dining out' experience together. (I couldn't attend his OTS graduation due to being in a wedding.)
It was very interesting and actually quite a bit of fun. At our base there are 4 squadrons, 2 operational and 2 training, each is designated by a number, mascot/name, and color. We are the Eagles and our color is blue, therefore the military attendees where a blue bow tie and cumber bun with their mess dress and the spouses are suppose to wear something blue as well - dress, purse, wrap, shoes, etc. etc. The other squadron colors are yellow, red, and hunter green....yeah we had the best option, I think.

Here's our spot in the back of the room, which the boys selected. Away from the important people. All good since we were close to the back bar, but bad since we were one of the last tables to eat...

The banquet is to honor those warriors with us in that room, across the ocean fighting, and those we've lost. This is my 1st experience being part of something like this, sure I've attended Mr. Jetplane's selections, pinnings, etc., but this is the 1st time we've been with hundreds of other men and women that do what Mr. is training to do. I was moved when they toasted to their fellow comrades from our base that are no longer with us, toasted to the heroic acts of some people in that room, and toasted to an instructor in our squadron who is ridiculously funny (Mr's man funny crush) who has more hours in this jet then ANYONE in the USAF. Who knew this joker who makes crude comments at my CRUD practices is actually this awesome, amazing aviator...

(Here are the Jetplanes at the end of the dinner)

The drinks were decent, the food....umm...well its banquet food, and the comradery was great. We had a speaker, a General in the Air Force who made fun of the fighter community being arrogant jerks...which if you want a good laugh at one of these things...that's always the way to go, that's for sure.

There was all the rules of Mess that had to be followed..no clapping allowed must hit table with spoon, you can't leave to go to the bathroom until it is granted by the President of the Mess, etc. etc.

Then there is this thing called the "Grog Bowl" which is a bowl (sometimes Toilet Bowl) where each squadron donates booze and 'other' substances to it. The mixture is stirred and people are toasted and asked to drink from it. Its gross and funny all at the same time. Commander's wives were not spared and all of them in attendance (past and present) drank from the bowl. I would have thrown up, especially since I knew that our squadron donated Everclear and Ranch Dressing....yeah disgusting.

Here I am with some of the other wives from our training squadron, all our husbands are in class together. The blue fans were on the tables, our tables were decorated blue, plus fans were made of feathers...and we're Eagles...get it?!?

The dinner ended and low and below my husband is alittle intoxicated....drinking Johnny Walker Black I think can do that to a person, right? So I was the designated driver, driving us and another couple to an after party at one of the guy's in his class's house. We all got in the car, and as I was closing the door to the driver's seat. I realized that I couldn't really reach my door very well with my dress on. It wasn't tight, but I seemed to be sitting on it in an odd way. I stretched out and slammed the door shut. Then I felt a rush of coldness down my back. Well the top portion of my dress is open so I thought that might be it. But then that rush of coldness went down all the way to my rearend. I swore I could feel the satin lining of my coat on my back...no that certainly couldn't be it...I then slid my hand under my coat and what did I find... Oh just the entire zipper of my desk busted from my bra strap down past my butt....Oh yeah...

So we are in route to the after party and I'm looking for a drug store to go buy safety pins, and my drunk passengers are sure they can fix my dress. (I find out that our CVSs and Walgreens aren't 24 hrs...damn them) Mr. Jetplane even calmly responses... "Don't worry babe...I fix my backpack all the time when the zipper does that..." Ummmm...Jackass!! My dress isn't your backpack!

So needless to say we got the party and while Mr Jetplane attempted to fix my dress, another wife who happens to live in the subdivision, annoyed with her drunk husband, and wants to get out of her shoes/dress, offers to take me to her house and we can fix my dress.

Low and below, homegirl had like 100+ safety pins. At my house, you're lucky to find 1 when you need it...

So this is house my dress looked at the after party....

Nice huh? I just told everyone, I was going for that Punk Rock look... I really didn't care if you saw my bar strap...I was concerned about the rest of my back and my underwear.

Yeah it was quite a night...

FYI - Everyone LOVED my shoes...even the guys!

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