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Monday, March 15, 2010

Warning TwiHards...this AIN'T Edward Cullen

Since Mr. Jetplane is out of town at a family funeral, I had a girls night full of sushi, military wife talk, movies, and drinks (cherry vodka and sugar fee red bull to be exact)*

Sushi was good, service at restaurant SUCKED (but it always does at this place), talk was great since I got to meet 2 other mil wives that I hadn't met before, and the movie was great.

I had given the girls fair warning that the movie was going to be sad, I told them what I had 'heard and read' about the film and to bring tissues, we will need them. I'm not going to give anything away because some people might not know what its about, but if you watch the 1st minute of it, pay attention to the date, location, and background...you should be able to figure it out.

The movie is about 2 young people living in NYC and dealing with an immense amount of tragedy in their lives. They find each other in a strange turn of events and fall madly in love.

Pierce Brosnan is wonderful in the movie, he plays an absent father who appears to not want to be involved in his children's lives...he and his son (Rob P) don't see eye to eye on a single thing.

Rob P is wonderful in this movie...he's a chain smoking, confused, slightly disturbed young man trying to figure out his life and his emotions after dealing with a tragic loss in his life. But fair warning to you (and all the young kids that were in this movie)...THIS IS NOT TWILIGHT! This is a DARK movie and as a 12 year old girl...this movie IS NOT FOR YOU. Parents don't bring your kids to this movie, we saw groups of young..and I do mean young girls leaving the movie bawling their eyes out.

There is sex, drinking, lots of smoking, bad language, and violence in this movie.... um your 10 yr old daughter shouldn't be at this, I don't care how much she loves Edward...this is not TWILIGHT.

But the movie was great, intense but great, I highly recommend it. But be prepared, you will cry. If I didn't know beforehand what was going to happen (at some point in the film) I might have been bawling along with the 12 years old... Because I got into the ugly cry...

Anyone else seen it...thoughts???

*If a waitress at a bar knows what you want to drink before you order it, does that mean you go there too much or you drink too much or you order weird drinks so they remember you...


Unknown said...

I was waiting to hear if anyone saw it this weekend. I really want to see it - glad to hear you enjoyed it!

LWLH said...

I made the mistake of reading a spoiler on Perez about this and I wish I didn't.....but it did make me want to see it though. I heard it was a really intense but good movie, def. going to see it.

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Even more intrigued now, can't wait to see this one.

Jes said...

I will admit, I saw this movie specifically because Rob was in it and I was pleasantly surprised! It was actually a really good movie and I'm glad I saw it. I did notice the date you're talking about but didn't connect the dots until I saw him get in the elevator and what floor he went to.

I had a 6 or 7 year old sitting directly in front of me and was appalled when the 1st steamy sex scene came on and his parents did nothing. The kid covered his own eyes! It was horrible!

I would also recommend this movie if you're thinking about seeing it, but please leave the children at home!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Thanks for the warning. Of course, I don't have kids movie age, but I had no idea what this was about.

And, is it bad that Chick-fil-a knows our whole family's order, because they go!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if this was any good. Glad to know that it is.

it is everlasting said...

I can't wait to see it!!

Random Musings said...

I want to see this SO BAD!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I HAVE to go see this!

Hannah said...

I JUST watched this late last week. I was so not prepared for the ending. I could tell by watching the movie that it was going to have a sad ending, but I was caught way off guard!

It was very good though-- extremely intense. I was impressed with Rob.

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