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Monday, December 20, 2010

What's Good in the Hood

Well I'd like to tell you that the Jetplanes had a relaxing weekend snuggling my the fire (we finally figured out how to use our gas fireplace) and watching the Colts beat the Jags...but sadly I cannot.

Friday we high tailed it up to Boise to pick up our final interior doors for the house. The linen closet door the smallest and the most expensive, had to be custom ordered...BOO. The pantry door, thank goodness, was stock. We also purchased the baseboards for the living room, family room, kitchen, and hallway. We purchased contractor packs, they aren't the glamorously tall and detailed baseboards we originally wanted but hey...things add up so somethings are sacrificed. I am loving my new appliances though:)

After that we met up with a couple from our squadron and ate all you can eat sushi at a new sushi place. Since they just opened (without a liquor license yet) we headed over to Cheesecake factory for drinks and of course desert, yeah I'm a fat ass so what.

Saturday morning bright and early we got up and hung the doors. Be hold all new doors (minus the closet doors on the side those are for the laundry area and our utility room)We then headed back up to Boise to enjoy the NIU v Fresno State Bowl game. Mr Jetplane is an NIU alum and I got us 1/2 off tickets on Groupon. Mr had a couple of frat brothers in town as well so we partied it up at the NIU alum reception and then had great seats for the game. We got to watch NIU beat up on Fresno, much to the surprise and anger of a couple Boise State fans that were chatting it up around us. We were rolling deep with some Chicago Southsiders so I'm not sure they knew what could happen if they kept running their mouths.... oh well.

We had a great time. So much fun that we ended up skipping our squadron Holiday party.
Hello Smurf Turf!!! I still find it crazy to see mountains in the background. I'm not used to it yet.

After the win we got on the field and them BAM it started crazy snowing!!! It was awesome!

Sunday morning I awoke to the sound of rushing water and then drip, drip, drip. Our roof is leaking...our NEW ROOF. The NEW ROOF that we had put on in order for us to purchase the house. It was dropping water right by Milo's bed and he was freaked out and lil pissed off. Needless to say, we are not happy and the roofer was out here a couple of months ago to fix the problem...obviously its not fixed....mmmm.

Mr decided to open up the ceiling...oh joy! I refused to sleep in there last night so we're kickin it in the guest bedroom. Thank God our houseguest left on Thursday...I washed the sheets and threw away the pillows he'd been sleepin on. Mr didn't want to sleep on them either.

Anyway - the rest of yesterday Mr. measured and cut all the baseboards. (Yeah trim...we've lived without since August). We'll start installing tonight. We installed the chair rail for the kitchen bead board yesterday. Its crazy how different the house is looking. Its been a lot of work, and we still have more to go, but its really been a rewarding experience seeing the changes the house is making.

Next on the list - PAINTING, we have more coats of white for the stairway, trim, bead board, new doors, and then onto the kitchen cabinets....

We are trying to get as much done as possible before Mr deploys in 2011. Its coming up and no matter what I can't wish it away. When he gets back from the desert we will be totally renovating the 2 bathrooms, so that's something to keep my occupied while he's off doing God knows what over there :)
Friday, December 17, 2010

Pug Friday - Its Beginning to Look alot like Christmas

Hello and Happy Pug Friday! I don't know about you but this week and has been a crazy one, and I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner...YIKES!

Here's to a great weekend filled fun and laughter. The Jetplanes have a packed weekend. We need to finish up shopping, go pick up the interior doors we ordered, attended the NIU v. Fresno Bowl game in Boise (Mr is NIU grad), and attend the squadron holiday party which for some reason is 80s themed...yeah I don't know about that one either.

Happy Pug Friday!

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Life in Bullets...

Well hello there...how is every one's holiday season going thus far? Ours is crazy for sure! So crazy, that I've obviously not been blogging regularly in quite some time. So in order to bring you up to speed in a relatively quick time frame...here we go...

1. The Jetplanes have been hard at work renovating/updating our humble abode. I hope to share pictures soon.

2. We purchased new appliances for the kitchen and I love them, especially the awesome ice cubes the refrigerator makes...its the lil things in life, right?

3. We have been snowboarding...well clarification... Mr has been snowboarding and I have been attending lessons.

4. The Jetplanes spent most of last week in Florida for my end of year meetings and holiday party. We got to have a lovely dinner with fellow blogger, and our husbands finally got to meet.

5. We are headed back to Illinois for the holiday and while I'm excited to see family, after the recent travel mishaps I've experienced, I'm not thrilled to be getting on a plane.

6. And in even better news, I'm happy to report our friend that was in the car accident has made great progress in the past 2 weeks. Due to the progress, he wasn't moved back east and is still in the area. He is tracking people and able to provide non-verbal responses to questions...He is even giving his wife kisses...yes I know amazing right?

Well there is a snapshot of the past couple of weeks in 6 bullet points, sadly I guess my life isn't that exciting.... So I'll leave you with a lil laugh. Here are a couple of outtakes from my holiday party... My department performed a skit at the holiday party and this used in it :) Enjoy!
Yes I know my husband looks totally creepy in that picture...
Friday, December 3, 2010

Pug Friday - Getting in the Holiday Spirit

Hello hello...is anybody out there?

Is everyone getting ready for the holidays? Thanksgiving flew by and I can't believe we're already in December.
Now that we're living in Idaho, I experiencing REAL winter. I haven't experienced a REAL winter in years. I am not prepared for this :)
I hope today's Pug Friday puts you all in a festive mood.

This is just about how I feel today :)

P.S. Thank you all for the prayers and support for our friends. He is slowly coming out of the coma. He was taken off sedatives earlier this week. His eyes are open, but we don't believe he can see as of yet. He is reacting to his wife's voice and making movements with all his limbs.

That's the good news, the bad news is they are PCS'ing to Bethesda to be closer to family and for him to receive the rest of his treatment and therapy. They might be leaving as soon as next week if everything is in order. And course...we're in Florida for the majority of next week.

We are having dinner at their house to tonight with another couple. All of our husbands went through the B Course together in North Carolina. I am so sad to see them go but I know its for the best.

Please continue to keep them in your prayers. There is still a very long road ahead of them.

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