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Friday, January 14, 2011

Pug Friday - Snow Pug Edition

Hello and Happy Pug Friday Everyone.... The Jetplanes are leaving today for a weekend of snowboarding with our whole squadron. We're pretty excited about it. Believe it or not, I'm getting better at snowboarding...I'm pretty proud of it, and so it Mr. Jetplane.

Here's to a great weekend...and thank you all for the kind words and prayers for us as we're preparing for the deployment. Thank you, it means the whole to me. xoxo
Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Preparing for the Unknown...

Thank you all for the kind words and well wishes as the Jetplanes prepare for the great unknown ahead of us. We still have some time before he leaves, and I'm trying to treasure every moment that we have together.

I'm not going to turn the next few weeks into a time where I continually blog about how nervous, upset, pissed off, confused, angry or whatever emotion I am feeling about this upcoming deployment but I'm going to be honest about this stage.

The past week or so I've read countless blogs where bloggers list their resolutions for 2011. As I look ahead into 2011, it all seems so unknown to me. 2011 will be quite a year for the Jetplanes. So much is going to happen or we hope may happen in the next year.

We will experience our 1st deployment.
We will both turn 31.
We will celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary.
We will deal with being seperated for atleast 6 months.
We will learn to live and be able to thrive without each other every day.

We hope to be lucky enough to get pregnant.
We hope my mother remains cancer free.
We hope (and pray) Mr. Jetplane returns from war.
We hope to finish renovating our home in Idaho.
We hope to learn to live and be able to thrive without each other every day.

The next year will be tough, no doubt about that. But I can look to and aspire to be like the many wonderfully couragous military wives out there in the blogosphere. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and prayers with you all during this time. I'm not looking for sympathy so please don't think that's what I'm after.

But this is my blog and there will be days when my blogging might be pretty depressing or days when it is non-existent. But there will also be days when it will be happy and carefree.

But (wow I've used but 3x in a round..whatever), this is real life and this is my husband preparing to go to WAR. WAR...WAR...is not something you really think about every day even if you are married to someone in the military. WAR is something very real that my best friend will be experiencing every day. WAR is something that I will think about every day while he is away.

WOW this is happening....I know I sound like someone that must have been in denial...well that's probably because I feel like I have been in denial. I'll fully admit that one. Its easy to be in denial when your husband has been in training for years and you are now looking ahead to your 1st deployment.
Friday, January 7, 2011

Pug Friday

Hello everyone...its me the bad blogger. A lot has been going on with the Jetplanes lately. We are knee deep in home renovations, Mr. Jetplane is trying to get in as much snowboarding as humanly possible, and we just got back from some time with family over the holidays.

It was great spending time with our families, but it sucked having to watch Mr. Jetplane say goodbye to people knowing and acknowledging that he's heading off to war this year. He won't see them again before he leaves, and that's heartbreaking to me. I know it is to him too, even though you would never get him to admit that.

So there's a lot to do before he leaves and it makes me crazy and sad at the same time. Please accept my apologies in advance for having to be vague about a lot of this. I have to be, even though I don't want to be.

So in honor of how I've been feeling lately...

Have a good weekend every one. We'll be hitting the slopes on Saturday and the Lowes/Home Depot and non-stop home improvement on Sunday.

Happy Pug Friday!


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