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Friday, July 29, 2011

Pug Friday - Milo Update

Happy Pug Friday everyone... Since its Pug Friday I thought I would give you an update on my lil hunk of pug lovin. Isn't he just the cutest puggie you've ever seen? Well yes I might be a tad be biased, but hey what's a puggie mama to do right?

We have WONDERFUL news! The hard lump on his leg has reduced in size by probably 75% if not more. We received the pathology results on Wednesday night, its not a fungal infection which we thought it might be. It appears to be misshaped red blood cells, but we don't know exactly what caused them. I think it might be from his falling which he does on occasion rough housing with his big brother and jumping all other the place. I'm so happy, but we'll keep an eye on the leg. He's going to go in for a visit with the vet in a few weeks to see how its going, but it looks like we're in the clear.

Milo turned 8 earlier this month and this crazy pug mama gets worried about everything little thing. Thankfully even at 8, Milo is at an ideal weight and extremely active...pretty sure we have Charlie to thank for that one.

Have a great weekend everyone :)
Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Here are some of the latest things I think I should tell you...

1. I literally clapped my hands and squealed like a lil girl when this happened.

Do we think we'll get to see Eric's "gracious plenty" sometime in the near future...a girl can hope can't she?

2. I have a new love for this song thanks to all the Shark Week...

3. I have been obsessed with these pictures since seeing them on i suwannee blog. They are photographs from Life Magazine. (originally posted here).

Aren't they amazing.... they make me think about the photograph I purchased from 20X200.
I just recently got it matted and framed...Hello Michael's 60% off coupon for custom framing :)

4. Weight Watchers is pissing me off. There I said it. I've been following the plan and I have been going back and forth with the same damn 1.5lbs for 4 weeks now. Its insane. Saturday I weighed myself and I was down 4lbs from Monday of last week. Yesterday...somehow I had gained it all back and remained the same weight from previous weigh in. OMG OMG OMG.... Why must my body refused to drop this weight.
Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The little things...

Its the smallest things that make me happy lately...I'm pretty sure that's what deployment will do to you. It will make you appreciate what you have. Seeing pictures of your husband smiling and enjoying himself while living and working in the middle of a warzone will make any girl happy, right?

Mr. Jetplane's birthday was earlier this month. He turned the big 3-1. Since he didn't want me to send him any big gifts over there I thought 1 gift I would send him would be a Cubs flag. They fly American Flags in the jets all the time but I thought it would be a nice and fun thing for him to fly a Cubs flag as well. Mr. Jetplane is a Cubs fan, obviously.

Here is 1 of the pictures I got. He looks happy and that makes me happy. He's growing his mustache back which doesn't make me happy but...you win some you lose some right?

In case you were wondering those green, weird-looking pants are their gsuits. The suits help them deal with the g forces while they are flying. Its purpose is to prevent them from blacking out, it restricts the blood from pooling in the lower part of your body, which would deprive the brain of blood.

Which is obviously uber important...

Monday, July 25, 2011

Scenes from this past weekend

Its Monday folks...yeah that's just about as awesome as it sounds.

I don't know about you but I had a great weekend, I was sad to see it go.

Friday we have a ladies night with the squadron wives group. We had a lovely light dinner at a local nursery where they also gave us a demo on container planting. They also happily answered loads of questions about gardening.

Saturday I headed up to Boise. A fellow wife and I hit up a free concert in town. We had the pleasure of enjoying the sounds of these 2. We had a great time, even though it was warm and there is about zero tree cover in the area. It was a free concert and people watching was more interesting than the music.

Oh, let me add that I caught this lil gem while we were looking for parking. I couldn't help myself.

Sunday afternoon it got HOT, we're talking supposedly 103. But the wonderful thing about the weather out here is that there is no humidity. I decided to bust out the $10 Walmart special kiddie pool for the back yard. I finished the Help and the dogs enjoyed taking a dip as well. I apologize for the paleness that is me. I swear this is the palest I've ever been in my whole life at this point of the summer...I guess that's what Idaho does to you.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

On a more important note...I took Milo to the vet on Friday. I discovered a hard lump on his leg. The vet did a needle biopsy. It is not a tumor, but we don't quite know what it is yet. It was sent onto a pathology and I hope to know more by Tuesday or Wednesday. Milo is in wonderful spirits and he doesn't seem to feel any pain or favor one leg over the other. But I'm praying hard for my lil hunk of puggie loving. He turned 8 this month. My little old man...

Well stick around this week. I hope to be a lot better blogger.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Pug Friday

Hello all! I apologize for lack of posts this week, I had every intention of posting. But sadly the week got away from me.

For today's Pug Friday I thought we would jump on the Harry Potter Mania that has been sweeping the world. I'm 'proud' to confirm that I, too, am obsessed with HP and couldn't wait to see the movie. It was bittersweet for a number of reasons - #1 Its the end of the movies and I knew I would cry #2 Mr. Jetplane wasn't here to share it with me. We've seen from the 3rd movie off together.

So I went and saw it in IMAX 3D by myself on Saturday afternoon. And I LOVED it and I cried. Poor misunderstood Snape :( And wow Longbottom turned in a STUD.

Happy Pug Friday! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.
Friday, July 15, 2011

Pug Friday - A Pug's LIfe

Today we have a special Pug Friday treat. Today I'm happy to share with you a documentary that was brought to my attention earlier this week. Its a hilarious and heart-warming story about what else...PUGS and the crazy people (aka me & you) that love these wonderful little snoring, erratic, moody, sweet, lovable, adorable creatures.

Watch more free documentaries

I'll admit...I laughed and cried during viewing it. Please enjoy! Happy Pug Friday.

If the link does not work please follow this link.
Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I woke up this morning and missed my husband. This is not an unusual feeling but some days its a lot stronger than others. He is switching from nights to days, and this is going to drastically change our pattern. He's going to start calling in the middle of my work days which is difficult. Its difficult because I work and am on the phone a lot. When possible, I pick up the calls and whisper "call back in 10 minutes". Which sometimes is 10 minutes or 2 hours. It pains me to wait...sometimes he can't call back in 10 minutes. I won't get to speak to him again for 24 hours and that makes me very very very sad. But I have to remind myself, my life cannot stop because he's gone. I hate missing his calls if I'm out for a walk, messing in the garden, or just on the other side of the house and away from my cell phone.

This is what your life becomes...waiting for a phone to ring...waiting for a lil green Skype icon to light up so you can see your husband. BUT Happy News - My handsome husband shaved his mustache the day after his birthday. I Skyped with him on Sunday night. I kept telling him how hot he looked, I haven't seen him clean shaven since beginning of March. Sadly, he is growing it back :(

Below is a picture from Mr's Squadron door. I think this picture speaks volumes. Obviously this picture isn't from the summer in Afghanistan. Its from the winter deployment. This is the door from Mr's squadron out to the flight line. This is the last thing they see before heading to the jet.

The love of my life opens that door every single day, jumps into that jet, and does his job. That's real world, that's war, that's our life. Yeah...I know... its cray cray...

Today I miss my husband. Today my husband has a job to do. Today my husband supports those soldiers on the ground and god willing protects them.

I know I'm not the only wife missing her husband today. I take comfort in the fact that Mr. Jetplane is protecting someone else's husband who's just out there doing his job.

But today, I'm also just wife missing her husband. Just hoping that I get to talk to him for 5 minutes....the best 5 minutes of my whole day.
Monday, July 11, 2011

And the Winner is...

Hello all, sorry for the delay. I headed down to Utah this weekend to visit a very special friend and fellow milwife who was in town. We've been friends since our husbands graduated OTS together and all we're stationed in Pcola.

Sadly they chose to go B1s and now reside in South Dakota.

But the Winner of the Country Crock Wounded Warrior Giveaway has been chosen and the winner is TIFFANY. Tiffany, if you could please email me at leavingandloving@gmail.com with your contact information and I will ensure you that receive your gift.

Thank you all for entering and supporting The Wounded Warrior Project. Please be on the look out for the specially marked tubs of Country Crock throughout the summer.
Friday, July 8, 2011

Pug Friday - Happy Birthday Mr. Jetplane

Today is a day of celebration. Today is Mr. Jetplane's 31st Birthday. I got to Skype with him yesterday evening, which was Friday already in Afghanistan. So in honor of this day, I thought I would let a couple other fellas in our the Pug Friday love... This is an oldie but goodie from our time spent in Pcola. Charlie (believe it or not) was still technically a puppy at this point. These 2 boys love their daddy more than anything in the world.

And come on...what's not to love about this guy? He's a wonderful man and I'm honored to be his wife. He is truly my best friend in the whole, wide world and I'm so grateful that life brought us together. Happy Birthday my love. Fly Safe out there.
Thursday, July 7, 2011


The Country Crock/Wounded Warrior Project Giveaway. I will select 1 winner at the end of the day!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Long Weekends are NEVER Long Enough

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. We sure did :)
Mr. Jetplane may have gotten this emailed to him this weekend. These 2 like to send him pictures of themselves all the time. They have quite a lot to say to their daddy. They miss him alot.

I can't believe its July, it felt like it was just Memorial Day weekend. Time is flying by, thankfully. But I do kinda feel like I wishing this summer away. With the husband deployed and not coming for a while, I just want to get the summer over it. Yes, I know it kinda makes me sad too, because I really love the summer time. But the truth of the matter is, the summer just isn't as much fun without Mr. Jetplane.

I went to a great lil BBQ yesterday held by a family in our sister squadron out here. I had a great time, but it made me miss my honey. I happy to see guys getting to enjoy time with their wives and kids, but it makes me soooo jealous. Luckily he did call while I was there. Poor guy sounded exhausted. I miss him terribly, but we're getting thru it.

Don't forget to keep entering my giveaway....the winner is selected on Thursday :)
Friday, July 1, 2011

Pug Friday - Patriotic Edition

Of course with the 4th of July just around the corner I had to give you an extra special Pug Friday.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday weekend. Please take a moment to honor those that have fought and are currently fighting for this country. I know I'll be thinking about my favorite fly boy.

Oh...and don't forget to enter my giveaway. While you're at the store this weekend picking up your fixings, pick up the specially marked Wounded Warriors Project tub of Country Crock.

We are the Land of the Free because of the Brave!

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