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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Strap yourselves in...its gonna be a bumpy ride

If you've read this blog for awhile then you'll know that I am a rabid True Blood fan. Well, let's a take a moment to clarify that statement...I am a dedicated Sookie Stackhouse book fan and loyal watcher of True Blood. Due to my deep and undying (pun intended) affection towards the books I religiously watch True Blood.

Book 4 for me personally, is what lead to my love of the storyline. Obviously, it lead me to hate Bill and be TEAM SEXY VIKING VAMP 4EVER. (The latest book did have one questioning the Bill v. Eric saga again...no?)

I've been relatively quiet about my opinions this season. I wanted to absorb the storyline and see if the alterations that have been made were good or not. As we all know and I'm sure would agree, not all these decisions have been good ones....calling Mary Ann..anyone anyone?

I enjoy the witch story line. They have enriched it quite a lot and I find the resurrection and the Inquisition are very interesting additions. Lafayette, the mediums, the scary doll, ghosts, etc. are interesting and add to the story. I'm fine with those changes even if I find some of them tiring.

Anyone else glad those 2 dogfighting crazies are dead and I hope Tommy isn't long behind them. I'm so over that storyline. But Tommy turning into a alligator was one of the best things they have ever written.

I'm still a little annoyed with Hot Shot, yes they are inbred and a little weird, but we didn't need to make them methheads, white trash, dumb freaks. But I'm getting over it.

I guess my biggest bone to pick thus far is with the Fae. I'm disappointed in the changes and how the story has progressed. It makes future story lines totally improbable. But the same could be said about Eric's maker and how that plays out in future books.

Oh and Bill as the KING? BOO.

What are your thoughts about this season of True Blood? Anything you're looking forward to from the books and hoping to see in the show?

I will say that it does appear there will be a scene in the shower next Sunday night...at least from the previews...


Unknown said...

I am just like you, an AVID Sookie Book fan. The 4th book was by far my favorite so I have been excited for this season...Eric and Sookie are just amazing! I agree with every singe comment you made, I am loving the witch storyline so much more than the book and a little sad about the Hot Shot and Claudine switches.

One additional thing I don't care for is the Jessica storyline,

And all I can say is damn, there better be a shower scene this week.

Caitlin MidAtlantic said...

LOVEEEEEEEEEE Eric! He's so... yum!

Cole said...

I'm with you. I'm team sexy viking vamp forever. :-)And if Alan Ball doesn't want millions of angry women screaming at him this time next week, there best be some nekid Erik to be seen next Sunday.

Not liking Bill as the King. As much as I don't want to see him with Sookie...having that position of power sets him up to be killed off at the end of the series.

I'm cool with the Jessica storyline. Ultimately, I'd like to see Jason and Jessica together. They both have that highstrung personality.

Is it bad that I want them to kill of Debbie Pelt? Like NOW!!!!

I have a bunch more I could say...but I don't want to completely dominate your comments section. :-)

Laura said...

yay! i've found another charlaine harris fan! i just finished dead reckoning today. it's interesting how alab ball has deviated SO much from the books in some places and have stuck to the books in some places. i'm so over the tommy storyline. can't wait for the shower scene! i'm one of your twitter followers (@mmmnuggets). feel free to follow me so we can talk about true blood!

Anonymous said...

The scene you took the pic from was SO funny! I just got the latest audiobook of the series from the library but I haven't listened to it yet. I like True Blood but I don't know why they have all those porno scenes in it. I am by no means a prude, but could totally do without all the prolonged nakedness. I'm sick of the Tommy storyline & curious to see what else comes of the Fae. Oh, and I love Alcide!

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