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Monday, April 30, 2012

I'm still alive

Hello all... so sorry I've taken such a bloggy break, it wasn't intentional just life has really gotten in the way of this lil blog.  I have missed blogging but seriously haven't been able to fit it in and it has made me sad. 

I do have alot to share and hopefully I'll be jumping back on the bandwagon more next month. 

This weekend our sister squadron deployed, actually half of their squadron had already left earlier this year and they will be meeting up with them.  I was honored to help in hosting those spouses and family members of the deployed at our squadron.  It was a late night.  1st wave didn't take off till after midnight and the 2nd wave left about 30 minutes later. 

Being near the flight line and watching (and feeling) jet after jet take off at night knowing they're heading off to war, is a feeling that I can't quite explain.  I will say that I am unbelievably thankful that Mr. Jetplane was not pulled for this deployment.  My heart broke that night for those that were saying good bye to their other half, including a sweet friend that was engaged to her boyfriend 2 weeks prior to his deployment. 

Being in this life, I often hear the following.... "How do you do it?" and  "There is no way I could do it!". 

Its not the easiest way life, there is no doubt about that.  I can't sugar coat it for you.  Its hard, its real hard at times.  But this life either breaks you or it makes you stronger.  I'm proud to say that I believe my marriage to Mr. Jetplane is stronger today than it was the day he left for his deployment, that bitterly cold night in March 2011.  Its crazy to think that considering in the past year we have spent more time apart than we have together.  He has been gone TDY to Florida, Vegas (back and forth for 8 weeks), and leaves again this week for Utah for 10 days, but its the truth.  (Oh and he'll be gone for 2 months this summer for the dreaded Squadron Office School (SOS) ).

Through the hardship of the past year, we have grown together and stronger.  We realize that we can't maneuver through this world without each other, even if we're not technically and physically together for the majority of it.  We depend on each other, we're a team, and we meet each one of these obstacles together. 

This isn't the easiest life, but its our life.  And as we drove off base early Sunday morning to head back to our house, I held his hand a lil tighter and thanked God that I have this man in my life, and to asked him to comfort all those wives who were heading back to their husband-less house that night. 

Godspeed Bold Tigers! 
Friday, April 6, 2012

Pug Friday - Easter Time

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I hope everyone has a lovely holiday weekend.

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