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Friday, March 29, 2013

Pug Friday - Pug Bunny Special

Source: Hbake5 on Pinterest
Source: Hbake5 on Pinterest
Monday, March 25, 2013

Little bit of this and that

I'd like to say its been pretty exciting around here, but it hasn't been...but I can say its been busy. 
This lil man turned 4 months old on March 20th.  He's almost 15lbs and 25.5" long. 
 My sweet friend Mandy sent us a jumperoo, which Miles loves.  Sadly the pugchild doesn't share the love. 

 Daddy had his fini flight in the F15e.  I'll share more about this later, but its with a heavy heart that we're leaving the fighter community.  We're staying in the Air Force but leaving fighters behind.  Mr. leaves for a new training course soon, but I'll stay here until we get our next assignment, which will hopefully Vegas.
 This is one of many traditions in the fighter community. 
 It was this lil guy's first and probably last trip out on the flight line.  He did so well. 
Have no fear, he had on headgear while the jets were running.  He actually fell asleep to the jet noise :)  He's sporting a mustache because its March and, yet another tradition is Mustache March, so daddy has been growing one as well.  Yes....yuck.
How is this lil guy getting so big :( 
Friday, March 22, 2013

Pug Friday

For all of you crazy juicers out there... 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Pug Friday

Friday, March 8, 2013

Pug Friday - DFW Pug Rescue Needs Your Help

I normally post cute and endearing pug pictures in this spot on Fridays.  Today I wanted to post something about a wonderful organization, DFW Pug Rescue.  I wish I lived closer and could foster some of these sweet babies.  Instead, I donated money to help this worthwhile cause. 

I know I get a lot of pug lovers that check out these pages - if you have it in your heart and pocketbook, please help this sweet babies. 

From there website:

Largest Pug Rescue in Our History

Thank you to everyone who has responded with donations and applications to foster pugs following our major rescue effort this week. Volunteers are still coordinating and transporting the 37 pugs taken in recently, the largest rescue campaign in the history of Dallas Fort Worth Pug Rescue. Tia, the 3-year-old whose intestines were partially outside her body, underwent a 2.5-hour emergency surgery yesterday morning and doctors say she is doing well so far. Our crisis team responded to the call to take in all of these pugs and has been working around the clock with the vets, techs, and volunteers to help get these little ones ready for their vaccinations, for spay and neutering, and for treatment for chronic skin conditions.

Our basic veterinary costs are going to be substantial, but we believe every one of these lives is precious and worth saving. Veterinary and rescue transportation costs stand at $19,700 today. We have divided up the pugs between five different vet clinics and each is receiving vaccinations and a thorough exam to ensure they are healthy enough for spay and neuter. Fortunately we received some welcome good news - the first small batch of pugs tested has been found to be heartworm negative.

Besides the cost to spay and neuter 37 pugs, provide urgent dental care to 20 who need it, and funding Tia's lifesaving surgery, there has also been the challenge of naming almost 40 pugs! Mrs. Puff, Barney, Bonita, Pearl, LollyPug, Mungo, and Carlos are all newly named according to their personalities. We will be sharing more pictures of these little ones on our Facebook page in the future.

Rescue leaders thanked Creekside Pet Care Center of Keller, Texas, hospital manager Kim Grisham, and Dr. Fisher for all they have done to help us bring these pugs to safety. Thanks also to Westcreek for helping us provide boarding for the largest influx of rescues we have ever experienced in such a short period.
"Sometimes opportunities present themselves and you have to take a leap of faith," said DFW Pug Rescue Director Sue Chapman. "A few days ago we were presented with the possibility of rescuing up to 75 pugs. The directors made a rapid decision - We would do this." Most of the pugs are under 5 years old, shy, and curious about this new world that awaits them, she said. "We have over 31 pugs that need foster homes quickly."

Please open your hearts and help us to nurse these young pugs back to health, and give them the happy, healthy lives they have always deserved.
Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend via Instagram

Here's a lil look into our past few days. 
This is actually from Friday morning before Daddy went to work.  He'd been gone for a few days.  We were happy to have him back home. 
 Daddy has to play video games every time we're at the car wash.  Everytime people... he's always happy when Mama has quarters for him!

 Getting a lil snack in while Mama shops at Target.  Somebody has an Easter Basket waiting to be filled. 
This is actually from the previous weekend, but I had to post it.  It was a recent gift from his Auntie.
This is probably hands down my favorite picture from Saturday morning.  Lil man is finally getting really into his Bumbo.  He loves sitting up like a big boy and "talking" to you.  This picture makes my heart melt.  I know there will be plenty more Saturday mornings spent like this. 
Friday, March 1, 2013

Pug Friday

Happy Pug Friday.  Please take a moment to watch this adorable video of Loca.  She is precious and is dealing with a lil problem :) 

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