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Friday, October 29, 2010

Pug Friday - Halloween a lil early

Happy Pug Friday. Sorry its been MIA for a while. It makes me sad, since it really is my favorite post of the week. So I decided to give you all a couple extra puggies to make up for it.

What's better than cutie putie pugs...well pugs dressed up in costume...DUH!!!

No need to thank me....sorry I don't have links to the pictures, honestly I've been saving these for a while :)
Happy Pug Friday!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just a lil taste...

Of the Jetplanes' Fall Decor. Up first is our family room. Let me start off my saying I absolutely hate our fireplace. Its a weird abnormal height, its been converted into gas and has an ugly surround, and the mantle is a baby mantle. But it is what it is for now. I would also like to say that the wood trim in the windows have been primed and is ready for their last (hopefully) coat of white paint. The 25 year old 1" wood blinds are no longer and will be replaced hopefully in the next month or so. ( I may have worked for Levelor in the past know my blinds people!)

Next up is our entry way. I love it and sorry I don't have better close up pictures.
The majority of the items come from the Dollar Store, Target, and around the house. I used Harry Potter and Sookie books sans covers to create height on the table. The blood drippings came from the Dollar Store. I have them all over our front windows as well. The wine glass is filled with eyeball gum which I have since devoured. I also have my prized glass skull which I bought at TJ Maxx last year for $4.00 people. I love it. It holds paperclips on my desk the rest of the year. Yeah...I'm a freakshow, I don't care :)
Pay no attention to the rest of the chaos that is our house right now. We haven't put down floor trim yet, you'll notice paint swatches on the wall (from family and living rooms), the missing light switch plate cover from the kitchen (since we ripped all the wallpaper down), and a slightly unfinished gallery wall in the hallway. Our house is a work in progress people :)
I'm kinda sad this year, because I'm usually more into decorating, especially the outside. This year I just don't have it in me :(
Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Paula can't ruin this day...

Better late than never, right? Well as promised here's a follow up post from the Jetplanes' Mexican Adventure. Even though we had a hell of a time getting down there, it was worth all the trouble.
Mr. Jetplane, as always, had a great time...As you can see by the picture he decided to join in with the band during the cocktail hour...oh yes I was ever the proud wife...

The first day we were welcomed by the Bride and Groom and had a fabulous Cocktail Meet and Greet. We had delicious food and drink, and broke it down at da club....
Let's just say...there was alot of fun being had by all. After a travel nightmare its good to let loose with several adult beverages...right?
The next day was the wedding and after all the drama from Hurricane Paula, it turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day in Mexico. I had always envisioned Jill getting married on the beach. There is only 1 thing that you have to worry about when getting married on a beach resort... Guys in speedos...Thankfully my drunk husband liked to take pictures of the randoms walking by and gawking at the wedding. I'd like to say this is the only one...but I can't :)

Here is the lovely bride walking down with her father.

The whole wedding party as they exchange vows...I may have cried. Look at that sky...seriously wasn't a hurricane supposed to hit? Maybe it did...in the form of our friend that ended up in the pool. This picture is of him fully clothed...thankfully we don't have pictures when he wasn't :)
Here are a few additional pictures from the photographer. I think you can really see how truly happy they are. I love these pictures.

Here we are getting her together before the I do's.
Here's the whole crew that attended the festivities. Screw you Paula!
And just for fun... Congrats Jill and Billy....we love you. xoxo
Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We're Back...

That bitch Paula and U.S. Airways ain't goin to keep me out Mexico for wedding...

I promise to fill you in on all the juicy details from the wedding weekend which included

1 drunk husband and 3 orders of room service club sandwiches that he passed out before he ate

1 jump into the pool during the reception (perhaps not fully clothed...this was not drunk husband)

1 fabulous couple who got married on a beach (with 2 beautiful dresses)

1 hell of a day before the trip trying to get down there after my flight was cancelled

But it was all worth it!!

p.s. due to trip, previous flu before trip, and laziness I fell off the fit train for Project Get Sexy...I ran today, it was NOT PRETTY!!! Mr told me that for every week you don't run you lose 2 weeks of training...well I've been bad for 2 weeks so you do the painful math there :(

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Friends till the End

Its not just a great Lifetime movie starting Ms. Shannen Doherty, it exemplifies how I feel about a certain friend of mine.

Tomorrow the Jetplanes are heading south to enjoy the wedding festivities of one of my best friends in the entire world, Jill. Jill is getting married to her long time beau and I am thrilled to be able to partake in the ceremonies and be one of her bridesmaids.

I cannot say enough kind words about Jill. She is and always has been this positive ray of energy that makes everyone happy around her. She has an amazing sense of humor and a contagious laugh. She's a true friend and will have your back no matter what.

I met Jill freshman year of college. We were in the same rush class. We were suite mates in the sorority house. We hung out every single weekend and most days during the week. We had a lot of fun crazy times...some which we might not always remember :) or some we wish we could forget.

But on top of all of that, Jill is truly a walking miracle. Right after graduating from college I moved to Indy and Jill stayed in her hometown (our college town). She was working at a clothing store in the mall during the time right after graduation. We had all planned to converge back at college for Homecoming, which at my school was a weekend of pure debauchery that wasn't beat the entire year, and believe me WE TRIED.

I don't recall who called me, but I got a call letting me know Jill was in a terrible car accident. She suffered some pretty severe injuries including breaking neck. She broke the same vertebra as Christopher Reeves, luckily hers broke the opposite direction that his did.

Yes, she was "this close" to be paralyzed. "THIS CLOSE" to being paralyzed. I remember getting to see her for the 1st time. I saw her right after she got out of the hospital. She was sitting in her mom's car, in a Chinese food restaurant parking lot and I can honestly say I was scared to see my friend. I was happy to see my friend alive and believe it or not, still smiling, but I was sad to see my friend in a halo. I wanted to give her a hug but couldn't, really. Over the next few months, I tried to visit her as much as I could. Luckily, living in Indy I was only about 2 hours away from her.

She had a rough road ahead of her but she went through it like a champ. She battled through her recovery and came out on the other side a hell of a woman. As I said before, she is truly a walking miracle and I'm lucky to have her in my life and honored to call her my friend. Every single time I see her, I thank God for keeping her in our life and allowing her to walk. I honestly think about it every single time.

I love you Jilly Bean. You are a wonderful woman and I'm so completely thrilled to watch you marry your best friend this week. You deserve all the happiness in the entire world.
Monday, October 11, 2010

Come and Knock on Our Door

The Jetplanes have been hard at work on our new (to us) house in Idaho. We purchased the house in all its 1986 glory. I believe there had been 2 previous owners to the property and while a lot had been done to the outside of the property, not a lot had been touched in 20+ years since the house was built. The house is a good house. It has good bones and has a great layout/space. We are really happy in this house. If feels more like home than our home in NC ever did.

But with all that being said, it needs work, it needs updating more than anything. We've all ready ripped up the carpet and laid hand-scrapped wood floors. I love them. I really do. We're in the process of painting the window trim white and we just started replacing the doors.

Take a look at door #1, that would be the guest bathroom.

Pretty big difference right? It still needs to be trimmed out, but it already makes the house look 20 years younger and so much brighter.

We purchased the doors stock from Lowes and with our handy dandy 10% off military discount, we saved a lil money. We are also replacing all the closet doors, except those in the master bedroom. Master bedroom/bath is getting a total remodel so we're not changing those out for the time being.

Can't wait to show you more. I'm pretty excited about it.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Hey there...

Its me...Mrs. Jetplane. Remember me? I have a blog!

Yeah I forgot too....nah not really, but I've been crazy crazy busy and this blog has taken a back seat to everything, and as it should I suppose. Lots of things have been going on in our lives for the past month.

We've been working on the house and I hope to post some pictures soon.

We attended Octoberfest in Boise this past weekend. It was fun even though totally overpriced..yeah I said it.

But we had a good time...we both like us some beer :)

Unfortunately this week on the dog front has been crazy. The dogs some how got out of the back yard. Luckily for our nosy neighbor, he alerted me to the issue and I proceeded to run down our busy street in the rain shoeless to get our 2 damn dogs back home. Honestly I think they were scared, their faces light up when they heard me call them.

Then on Wednesday we had a bigger issue. Milo and Charlie got into a fight. They get into from time to time, Milo can hold his own surprisingly and has never thought of himself as a small dog. Needless to say, they got into big fight Wednesday morning after they ate breakfast. Milo got bit and needed stitches. Poor little guy :(

He's doing ok now..thankfully.

Sorry I've been MIA lately, hopefully I'll be a better blogger soon...

Happy Pug Friday!

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