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Friday, January 29, 2010

Pug Friday

Happy Pug Friday everyone....

Everyone excited for the weekend? It appears we might have a chilly, icy, and perhaps snowy weekend ahead of us. I hope we get some snow tomorrow. I haven't seen snow in years.
This week's Pug Friday photo reminds me our our dogs. They are all about trying to lick the dishes in the dishwasher as you're loading it. And all your hear from me is..."No!" "What did I just say?" "No! No! No!"

Image found here

And since we might be in for a cold weekend I thought I'd leave you with a song that always makes me think warm, happy vacay thoughts....

Happy Pug Friday!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Current Obsession

I find this song amazing....and it is probably 50% of the reason I'm going to see Dear John. I read (actually listened to book on CD) driving between Illinois and Florida sometime the last couple of years. I loved the book and I bawled like a baby at the ending. Now that I think about the fact that Mr. Jetplane will be deploying within the next year or so, it means so much more.

Anyone else out there going to see Dear John? Do you think it will be as good as the book?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Barefoot & Pregnant

If any of my fine readers follow me via Twitter (you don't have to but if you want to...well that's cool by me) you'll already be well aware that I have a slight addiction to Teen Mom on MTV. Ok, a slight addiction might be a lie, ok a blatant lie, because I am a full blown addict to Teen Mom and its predecessor for 16 & Pregnant (oh and the Pregnancy Pact, and those 2 teen pregnancy movies on Lifetime the one with Kirsten Dunst and the one with Brian Austin Green...come on you know those too..you don't have to lie about it, we're all friends here...)

Yes, my name is Mrs. Jetplane, I'm 29, married, and a proud parent of 2 furbabies and I have a serious addiction to any and all shows about teen pregnancy. I hope the youth of America is as drawn to these shows as I am.

I'll be honest when I watch them, sometimes I'm like "DAMN...Gina.... I'm so not mature enough to have a baby right now!!" Yeah that's right, you heard me...I question if I'm ready to have children and I hope, no I pray, that these young kids who watch this show realize what a HUGE ASS responsibility being a parent is.

I also hope that while watching this show:

1. More pregnant teens realize that adoption is a very valid option for them.
2. Farrah sees that hanging out with dudes all the time, isn't where its at.
3. Amber and Gary both realize that they both need attitude adjustments.
4. Ryan's parents realize that their son is a giant bum and isn't helping their grandson AT ALL.
5. Maci realizes that Ryan is a huge WASTE of time.
6. Tyler and Catelynn live happily ever after.
Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Totally Random Tuesday...

Disclaimer: This post is totally and absolutely random...you have been warned.

1. I made Stuffed Shells yesterday (while working..good thing about working from home). Here is a picture of the finished product. Mr loves them, hopefully the young A1C's family I made them for love them too. She just had a baby that was 6 weeks earlier. The recipe can be found here. This time I did use Reduced Fat Chive and Onion Cream Cheese. I thought it tasted the same.

2. Work, while kicking my booty is going surprisingly well so far for the year. I'm 2 projects above my goal for January and I still have a couple of days to get my number higher.

3. We have found out if we stay in NC, Mr will most likely be deploying in September...yeah holy crap. I might actually be rooting for Idaho. He will then deploy in the Winter/Spring of 2011.

4. We have more new neighbors. The houses in our subdivision are filling up fast...yeah!! And these neighbors saw Charlie last night and weren't scared...good thing.

5. I'm rocking out to this, this morning... It just puts me in the best mood...

Happy Tuesday!!!
Monday, January 25, 2010

We're in Miami....

To all the haters that came out in the past week and proclaimed that the Jets would take down the Colts.... Guess What!!!!
We're in Miami.....


P.S. Jetplanes moved from Indy to Pensacola the year the Colts beat the Bears in the Superbowl in Miami....Jetplanes moved again (in August) from Pensacola to North Carolina and the Colts are again in the Superbowl in Miami.... do you see a trend here???
Friday, January 22, 2010

Pug Friday - Are You Ready for some FOOTBALL!!

Happy Pug Friday to you all...

This weekend is all about football . Looks like we're going to be having a few people over to watch the games....


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh CRUD...

Being a military wife is not always that different from being the wife of a banker, a fireman, or salesman. You attend 'company' functions, be mindful not to make a total ahole out of yourself, and always make nice with the boss's wife. Its pretty much the same in any line of business your spouse is in, right?

So when you're at a squadron function and the commander's wife asked you to join the officer's wives team for a game you've never heard of...of course you say...yeah why not. And then when she announces....don't worry we're not that violent...you think to yourself, what the hell have I gotten myself into and proceed to scan youtube for videos of this game.

So today I ask any and everyone out there.... Have you ever played Crud?

Mr told me I would have fun and it will be a great way to meet other wives. I agree but I'm uber competitive and if I suck at something...well then I prefer to not do it...yeah that's a sad fact about Mrs. Jetplane. I won't really try to get better, I'll just quit...ask my pretty pink golf clubs in the garage...

So while I was looking for videos of CRUD this popped up...OMG its funny...you'll get a lil shot of the game.

(Back story - classes always put together a video usually making fun of themselves, others, the squadron, whatever and its shown to the class...alot of these are posted on youtube and they are really funny. Most of them make fun of how ridiculous fighter pilots are... and I can speak from experience...alot of the stereotypes are true which makes it sooo much better).

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Flight school is tough, not just for me but also Mr. Jetplane (haha). The days are long and very busy. On average we get to spend 3 hours or so together a day.

Mr is up and out of the house by 7am and not home until 6 or 7pm some days. And then he's in bed by 9pm. Today he was out the door by 6am. And those lovely 2-3 hours we spend together, we eat dinner and then he's studying for the next day of class or preparing for his flight. So really, we get a good solid 30 mins of QT....

Its weeks like these that I wish we could just get on a plane and head to the beach and relax...

Oh a girl can dream, right?
Monday, January 18, 2010

The Life of a Military Wife

People leave me sweet comments and emails, thanking me for what my husband and I do for the nation. Whenever we meet new people, be it where we live, on vacation, visiting family, anywhere, people are so kind and generous, and tell us...Thank you for your service to our country.

I'll be honest, its weird. It kinda freaks me out sometimes. I honestly don't feel like "we" have done much, and neither does Mr. Jetplane.

I'm fully aware what my husband does everyday is dangerous. I'm fully aware that job is different from the 9 to 5 desk job, trust me I'm fully aware.

But I know ALL OF THAT will change when we have our 1st deployment which could happen in September depending on which base he is selected for. Its scary to think that our lives will hit a fork in the road in March. March is when we find out what base we'll be going to and a general idea of Mr. Jetplane's deployment cycle.

March is the month that we find out where we're going to live for the next 3 years. March is going to decide if the Jetplanes are going to be able to have kids in 2010. March is the month that we find out if we're moving again...possibly even to England. March is a big month but by no means is it the final stage for us here in North Carolina. Mr will still have class until June and then we'll move (or stay here).

{{Lord grant me the serenity and grace to handle this uncertainty without any or minimal freak outs!!}}

But I seriously digress... In the next year to 18 months my husband will be deployed. There I said and I'm dealing with, even though the reality of it hasn't really set in and I don't believe it will until we're in an operational squadron (right now we're in a training squadron).

But this week I've gotten a wake up. My dear friend Mandy watched her hubby and father of her 2 adorable kiddos deploy yesterday for 6 months. He is a navigator for the B-1. The Jetplanes became instant friends with them since we were all living in Pcola. Our husbands went through OTS together and went through training at NAS Pcola.

We were sad to see them go B1s and move to Texas and then South Dakota, but they're from Utah and wanted to be out in the cold (crazy I know). So we were really happy for them.

So please keep Mandy, her hubby, and kids in your thoughts and prayers today. She's a strong woman, I know she'll make it through these 6 months and come out on the other side even stronger.

And more importantly, please keep all our brave men and women in your thoughts and prayers.
Friday, January 15, 2010

Pug Friday - Sad Pug Edition

Wow... what a week?

My heart is heavy this week with all the sadness occurring in Haiti. It makes me sad thinking back to the Jetplanes' lovely honeymoon on the other side of Haiti in the Dominican Republic in 2008.

So in light of recent events, this pug depicts exactly how I've felt this week...
Thursday, January 14, 2010

Calling All Military Wives....

Do I have a great giveaway for you? Well its not my giveaway, but it is a great giveaway nonetheless provided by MilitaryAvenue.com.

Its a Valentine's Contest, where you could win a Sony Touch for your Active-Duty Spouse. How great is that?? Please check out and enter the contest here....

The contest ends January 30th!

If you win, you'll received a Sony Touch pre-loaded with 10 top titles (selected by Borders) for your active-duty spouse. Winners must provide the APO or an on-base / post address to ship to upon winning as Borders will facilitate shipping readers to the winners.

Good Luck and a BIG THANK YOU to MilitaryAvenue.Com and Borders!!
Monday, January 11, 2010

Military Men...

As I have said before my heart will forever and always belong to a man in a flight suit. And with that, that means my heart also goes out to all our friends as they come and on go deployments.

Last night we had a great dinner and watched the Packers v. Cardinals game with our friend "Caveman" and his girlfriend.

He is a tanker pilot and is getting deployed this afternoon. He flies a plane that refuels aircraft midair like this...

Pretty cool huh?

The jet that is preparing to be fueled is an F15e, what Mr. Jetplane flies in. He actually got to refuel like this for the first time last week.

Luckily Caveman's deployment is only about 2 months and he'll be back in March. This is his 2nd deployment since moving into this squadron.

Keep Caveman and all the great men and women in your thoughts and prayers.


Seriously People...he's a pug

So we had noticed before Christmas that the For Sale sign on the house next door had been removed. Then during the time between Christmas and New Year we saw a car parked there, but NEVER saw people. Well yesterday all that changed when we noticed a young couple and their child moving in.

Mr. Jetplane was in the front yard playing catch with both of the dogs and when he saw them, he decided to put Charlie up (since well he's a big ass dog, and some people are scared of him) and I see Milo take off next door to say hi. He runs up on the porch and is greeted with full on screams of terror...by all 3 of them...

The little boy (and I mean probably atleast 6 yrs old) screams at the top of his lungs and is bawling hysterically. I run over and grab Milo assure them that he's not dangerous, he won't bite, and he just wanted to meet you all. He's very friendly and really just wanted to play with you.

The mother said.."I thought he wanted to run into our house.."

To that I replied, "Well to be completely honest, he probably did want to. He doesn't know a stranger and would be happy to run in and sit on the couch with you and watch tv. He did do that to our old neighbors before."

So Mr. Jetplane ran over once he heard the screams, we introduced ourselves, re-assured them about 50x Milo was safe, and I waited till they could bring the boy out of hiding from the house so he could meet Milo.

We walked back to our house and Mr. Jetplane said, "Can't believe that lil boy was scared of Milo." I said, "Oh no honey... ALL 3 we're freaking scared to DEATH of Milo. Just wait to they see Charlie!"

Now I understand that a lot of people confuse Milo's breathing for growling so they are concerned, but seriously people, when you scream and jump at a dog, they either get excited or nervous which makes the situation even worse. Its pretty obvious these people have never had a dog or been around dogs before...ugh...

Welcome to the neighborhood!!!
Friday, January 8, 2010

Pug Friday - Snow Pug Edition

Happy Pug Friday Everyone.... Sorry I've been MIA on Pug Friday for a couple of weeks, with the holidays, things got a little hectic.

So in honor of the frigid weather and snow that most of the country is feeling...I give you today's Pug Friday.

Isn't that adorable...Milo would NEVER let me put shoes on him...NEVER!!

Picture found here

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Its You & Me...

Well folks here she is...

My Kitchen Aid Mixer that I HAD TO HAVE during the registry time. My mom bought it for me prior to the wedding for a shower gift. I love it, its my favorite color. I love to cook but I'm not the best baker, which is even funnier but since I'm anon I won't go into that...

This is my 2010 Resolution #7. See list below...

So its You and Me, Ms. Thang... this year we're going to tangle. We're gonna mix sh!t, as Ms. Kate has so eloquently put it before. Its gonna happen. I've had you since Spring 2008...I think its about time I tried you out.

Pray for me... so far I'm the lady that buys cookie dough in the pre-cut squares or buys the bags of blueberry muffin mix where you just add water...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Air Kisses to You All..

Thank you for the kind comments and emails I got yesterday from my 2010 post. I really appreciate it.

I know it goes without saying, but it feels soooo good to know you're not the only one out there that is suffering from the same issues. Growing up is hard, our parents were right...enjoy your youth, your carefree misspent youth...it goes by way too quickly.

So THANK YOU to all you wonderful ladies, I really appreciate each and everyone of you.

Now with that out of the way... This arrived with Mr. Jetplane when he came back from Illinois on Sunday. Its my Christmas gift from his dad and step-mom. I knew I was getting it since I specifically asked for it.

I guess its kinda funny for me to ask for a cookbook from his family since, his mother, stepmother, sister, and sister-in-law, all don't really cook. When Mr. and I started dating I asked him what his favorite meal was, because I would cook it later that weekend. He told me Hamburger Helper....yeah ladies that's what I was dealing with.

But I digress, the cookbook is very interesting. Its not just a cookbook, it let's you into Ree's and Marlboro Man's lives. When Mr gave it to me, I sat in the chair and read the whole thing that night, I've never 'read' a cookbook.

I'm excited to get to cooking...Mr. Jetplane loves all the food I've made from her blog. Mr. Jetplane is a meat and potatoes type of guy, but he will eat (and like) other types of food.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010...A Girl Can Dream Can't She???

Well 2009 kicked my ass...I learned alot about myself, my marriage, my family, my friends, and the life of a military wife.

Its tough out there for a lil girl (ok I'm 29) like me, who still on occasion feels like she's fresh out of college, and not ready to be an adult.

What do I want to see, do, accomplish in 2010...oh boy, the list is long and whining that is for-sho...

1. I want to be a better wife and to focus on making our marriage as strong as it can be. We love each other, we're best friends, but we can get on each other's nervous in a nanosecond. We're not always team players and we both have to consider each other's feelings when we say or do something.

2. I want to decorate my house and make it a home.

3. We may have another move this summer to either Idaho or England (or we may stay in NC), we don't know until March and we'll move in June/July. I need to handle this uncertainty with grace and know that this is COMPLETELY out of my control.

4. I need to be better at self-motivating..I'm lazy, I'll be the first to admit it. I need to work harder in my life, my job, my marriage, etc.

5. I need to get out and make friends around here. Its tough, real tough, to meet women and like them, and become friends with them...become REAL friends, not the fake friends that so many of us have. I want tried and true, I can be my real honest to goodness self around you friends.

6. I want to prepare our little family to take the next step and have a baby. I don't know if this will happen this year or next, but I think I've come to realization that I really do want kids, and now I have to make my mind feel the same way as my heart.

7. I want to use my Kitchen Aid Mixer that I got as a wedding gift in 2008. I want to bake and cook more. I really enjoy cooking and I'm pretty good at it.

8. I want to grow a green thumb. I want to plant flowers and trees in our yard. I want to make our yard a place to hang out in the summer, and I want to be motivated to keep it that way.

9. I want to learn to appreciate what I have, and not feel like I need more. I want to not shop as much. I want to not feel as if I need things.

10. I want to become a better saver. My husband is great at this and I need to learn from his example.

11. I want to be OK with turning 30 in June. I want to celebrate the 30 years I've had, not feel bad about things I haven't accomplished and realize that 30 isn't as old as it sounded when I was 21.

12. I want to get in better shape. Here is the motivation again, I want to lose 10 lbs and be in the best shape I can before having a baby.

13. I want to see my friends more. I miss my girls...we live all over and don't get to see each other. I miss them.

14. I want to do more charity work. I want to donate more to breast cancer research, ASPCA, etc. I want to participate in charity walks, runs, drives, etc. I want to give back to my community more. I'm a big donater to charities, but I want to be a participant.

15. I want to be a better blogger. I enjoy this outlet, I need it, and lean on it from time to time. I need to make it better, I'm working on that.

That's it...for now. I'm sure I forgot a couple of things here and there but that's pretty much the list. Wish me luck... give me a kick in the ass, I'm going to need it.

Before I end this post I need to tell you all that I really, truly appreciate everyone that reads this lil blog. You all have made 2009 more bearable for me. Mr. Jetplane calls you my invisible friends, and you might be invisible but your kind words, emails, thoughts, and prayers are very tangible to me.

You all have made me cry, laugh, think, pray, and maybe a time or 2 go shopping, but your 'friendship' is something so special that I don't think Mr. Jetplane (or any man for that matter) could ever truly grasp.

Here's to us KICKIN ASS in 2010

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Trick to Getting Mr. jetplane to watch Chick Flicks...

Make sure there are boobs in them...ideally her boobs... I've actually got him to watch this movie twice!! Yeah I know...
We rented it once and then watched it on HBO the other night.

I think there is some underlining guy talk that he enjoyed, but looking at very attractive women kept him engaged in the movie somewhat.

To be completely honest, I do at times get him to go to a movie with me from time to time, solely based on how attractive the star and if there will be boob shots...

I know I can't be the only one...

2009...Can't Say I'm Sad to see YOU go...

Wow!!! 2009 was a hell of a year, full of really high highs and really low lows. I had the best of intentions putting together a fabulous post full of pictures and details of our year.
But then I have to admit that I am lazy (something I plan to work on in 2009) and then I got a little depressed about 2009 and stopped. Then I restarted and the stopped... also a running theme for 2009.
So I decided to leave you with pictures from our year and little bits of info here and there.
Unfortunately these are not in chronological order...accept my apologies...

Hit up ATL for the wedding of one of my lovely friends and bridesmaid, Lou. We had a wonderful time, and I drank way to much. Someone may have mounted a statue in the lobby, there were pictures but my computer crashed and those were lost.

We went up to Chicago for a long weekend. Visited friends and attending a Cubs v. Cards game.
I ran into this HOT MESS outside the Cubby Bear... i.e. what not to wear to a Cubs game. FYI it was cold that day.

Celebrated our 1 year anniversary with a short trip to Biloxi. Where I learned that I love Black Jack almost as much as I love Mr. Jetplane. We attended a wedding in STL and got to go to another Cubs v. Cards game in STL. Notice me and Dr. A are supporting different teams?? Yeah! I also got into an agrument with a fat, drunk Cardinals fan at the bar that night... I think I won... We went on a week long boat trip in Kentucky with several of Mr. Jetplane's frat brothers.
Mr. Jetplane became SCUBA certified and we learned to sail (I attempted to learn how to sail)
The Jetplanes moved to NC and Mr. started flying in the F15e. Oh and we BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! And I started working from home.
This year has been filled with a lot of heartache too... I lost my step-grandmother (my only grandmother left) and my great aunt. Mr. Jetplane lost his grandmother.
But there is good news. My mother reconstructive surgery was a success and she is recovering nicely.
The 2 weddings I mentioned above...both of those girls are pregnant one due this month and the other due in May.
Its been a year of ups and downs...
What's up for 2010? Hopefully alittle more of this...

And this...

Happy New Year!! My 2010 Plan is forth coming...

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