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Monday, May 31, 2010

My favorite military man...

Today we honor all for those that have fought and died for our great country. And today we honor all of those that are still fighting for our great country.

I might be a lil partial to one military man in particular....of course...Mr. Jetplane!!

Do you want to see what a day in the life of a fighter pilot looks like when deployed...check it out...

If for some reason the video doesn't work, click here to take you to the site.
Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Lil Bro

Today is my lil brother's birthday. Today he turns 26, he's 4 years younger than me.

A couple of things about my lil bro... He's a great kid, he's a nice guy, and definitely needs a good girlfriend. Oh and he's a HUGE Cubs fan. He is always willing to show his love for the Cubbies, no matter what.... He's definitely not the only ones...That's the Jetplanes last year in STL sporting our Cubbie Gear in a sea of Cardinal Fans in the bleachers....

Happy Birthday J...much love lil bro...much love.

Pug Friday - Poker Face

The Jetplanes are leavin for Vegas this evening...That's right, Vegas Baby...Vegas.

The Jetplanes love Vegas, actually we love any excuse to gamble and drink free booze....whatever I'm just being honest.

So in honor of this week's Pug Friday....

Picture found here

FYI - I'm almost meeting up with an awesome fellow blogger and mil wife, jealous?

Happy Pug Friday!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We're Locked and Loaded People...

The offer is accepted.... I'm a mix of excitement, nerves, smiles, and anxiety.

This song has been in my head since I received the call from Mr. Jetplane with the news...

Update on Casa de Jetplane #2

We received a counter offer at the price we were expecting and submitted our 'final' offer last night around 9pm Eastern time. Our agent thinks they are going to accept it.... Do you want to know the honest to goodness first thing out of my mouth with Mr. Jetplane told me that...

"Oh Sh!t!"

Yeah! This is really happening, we're buying a 2nd house. In the past year we will moved twice, bought 2 houses, become a landlord, and will experience our 1st deployment.

We can 'do this'. So please don't worry about our financial situation. We're currently deciding between a 15 or 30 yr mortgage.

We were lucky 1st time home buyers that secured the tax credit of $8,000 last year, what my hubby's likes to call "Free Obama Money" and that's being used as a chunk of the down payment. If we would have stayed in NC we would have finished the other side of our attic for my office and a bathroom with that money.

So needless to say the stress level is high and I may have spoke to God at length last night laying in bed. Here's to winning big in Vegas....right?
Monday, May 24, 2010

My husband's back...

Yes, Mr. Jetplane is back from his training in Idaho and arrived 2 days early...Yeah. Of course, he was mentally and physically exhausted and proceeded to sleep for the majority of the weekend, not that I could blame him.

What else happened this weekend.

1. I participated in Relay for Life.
2. We put in an offer for a house in Idaho.
3. We ate at one of the worse restaurants ever...I wanted to walk out before we even sat down, considering it was a buffet and we had NO idea it was a buffet. But Mr. made me stay.
4. Went through my closet for clothes to donate/throw away.
5. Made Stuffed Shells for dinner
6. Started to plan outfits for Vegas!!

Yeah, all in all it was a very boring weekend. There was nothing out at the theaters I wanted to see and we stopped at Red Box near our house 3x and it was always out of the 3 movies we wanted to see :(

How was your weekend...hopefully more exciting than ours...
Friday, May 21, 2010

Pug Friday - Couch Potato Edition

Well hello there... Sorry I haven't posted Pug Friday recently, it makes me sad because to be completely honest, its probably my favorite post of the week. As it is totally apparent, I love me some puggies... But this week's is going to be a lil different.

Over the years, Milo has become my television watching buddy. And when I say he watches television, I am not joking, he gets into it. If there is something dramatic going on, he sometimes starts growling and if a chase scene comes on, he's been known to run barking to tv. So I often leave the tv in the living on for the dogs during the day while I am in the office, Milo enjoy watching the Today show (especially Hoda and Kathy Lee) and later in the day HGTV.

With Mr. Jetplane gone until the weekend I have been working at cleaning out my DVR. 'We' were watching RHONJ, obviously one of Milo's favorites...since those bitches be crazy....

As you can see - he is totally watching, he sits there intently the entire time, even through commercials. He has been known to get pissed and go to the other side of the room if you are talking too much or block his view...yeah he's quite a lil diva.

But last night, I was watching and twittering about the most intense Greys I think I have ever seen, he definitely wasn't interested at all... He slept through the whole thing.
By the way, those pillows aren't his. Since this is the 'man cave' of our house and we have ONLY reclining furniture, I like to lay on the floor and watch tv sometimes. He thinks those floor pillows make a great bed...good thing I only pay $5 a piece for those...

Happy Pug Friday Everyone!!
Thursday, May 20, 2010

Holy Crap!

I turn 30 on June 2nd. 30 people...30...the big 3 mfing 0.

By the horrible light in the Air Force motel I stayed at in Idaho I spotted 5 more disgusting gray hairs sprouting from my left side hair line. Granted I KNOW I don't look like I'm going to turn 30 next month, but its happening people. People feel the need to constantly remind me that I don't look old enough to 30. For example all this occurred during my Idaho trip.

1. Real Estate Agent and I were at a Bunco charity event and I made a comment about my upcoming birthday and trip to Vegas....her response "Oh Thank God, I thought you might be young enough to be my grand-daughter!" Yeah no, I'm not 20 I'm turning 30.

2. At airport buying a book since I finished my newest Sookie book at the beginning of my flight from Chicago to Boise. I am wearing yoga pants, a Notre Dame tshirt, and wrap sweatshirt jacket. I place my book on the counter and the cashier (who doesn't speak English all that well) asks me, oh do you like ND, why yes I do sir. Then he asked something that I thought I understood but needed it repeated to me 3x... Are you planning on going there for college???
No, I graduated college 8 yrs ago....then I get what I always get...NO WAY. YOU LOOK SOOOO YOUNG. Then he proceeded to tell me a totally inappropriate story about his attractive neighbor (with a banging body illustrated with hand gestures) who has 3 daughters and she's in her 40s but all the boys are hitting on her all the time...ummm thanks Mr. I totally don't need to hear this, this morning.

3. A lovely man from Orange County sitting next to me on my flight home from Chicago to Raleigh, who definitely knew entirely too much about celebrity gossip (wink wink) talked at length about how I didn't look my age, how he'd DIE for my skin, and then had an in depth conversation about if one can breast feed with implants.

Yeah people...it was quite a trip.

But the point of the story is .... I am turning 30. I wanted to be in good shape by 30, I wanted to have dropped the extra couple of lbs I've put on since our wedding. But the thing about that is...well to be totally honest with you...I'm freaking lazy. And between work, the move, and well utter laziness, working out is something I have no interest in doing... ugh.

30 people...30. I know its not the end of the world, I KNOW THAT. But its a BIG deal. I'm not in my 20s anymore...30 seems so ADULT, and I don't feel ADULT. When should I start feeling like an ADULT? Oh boy...that's a whole other issue for another post...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hello there...

Sorry I've been MIA lately. The Jetplanes have way too much going on right now between the huge amount of work I have and our upcoming move, needless to say its crazy. Its so crazy that I haven't done Pug Friday lately, and I ALWAYS do Pug Friday.

Mr. Jetplane is currently in Idaho for the week training. He was supposed to be there on Friday and get to look at the houses I like on Saturday. Unfortunately he had a pressurization issue with the jet and had to turn around and come back home. He left early Sunday morning with the rest of the squadron. He's a busy bee out there and with the time difference its hard to get to talk to him :(

Hopefully he has a lil time to make to the houses today or Thursday.

In other news, we have a rental contract on our house here in NC. We listed it and literally had 1 viewing within 24 hrs and they wanted it!! That is such a huge relief, we had budgeted/prepared to carry the mortgage for a couple of months, if we needed to. So glad we don't have to!!

We are heading to Vegas over Memorial Day Weekend, and I am sooo excited. We both love Vegas, I mean what's not to love, right? Well...dry heaving into a paper cup in a limo with no air conditioning sitting next to your MIL heading to your SIL's wedding in 4" heels having shoved a potentially broken foot into them from a fall in the middle of the MGM (honest I was sober at that point)...well maybe that wasn't a day I'd like to relive...

But Vegas Baby Vegas!!! Yes perhaps the visions of our upcoming trip is getting me through this crazy time at work and me missing the Mr. while he's gone...
Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where in the world....has Mrs. Jetplane been...

Well gumshoes I've been in the great state of Idaho. I got back late Monday evening and have been in a maniac state ever since. For those of you that need a quick geography lesson Idaho is here...

Yeah its way the hell out west.... I had never been to the Northwest until last week. We will be living in area south of Boise.
And I learned that I will be investing in a couple of things....
1. Humidifier
2. Lotion
3. Chapstick
4. a new pair of gloves
More detailed post about my trip to follow...
Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mama I LOVE u!

Happy Mother's Day to each and other mother out there... But the BIGGEST one goes out to this lovely lady....
Thursday, May 6, 2010

Slap in the face...

Somethings are going on that unfortunately I can't talk about on a blog. Somethings that are truly upsetting and made me question people's morals, ethics, and who they are as a person.

This isn't happening 'to me' but it affects me. Things are happening that I can't even begin to wrap my mind around and it is truly upsetting to me.

I'm trying to stay level-headed and not get myself involved. I can't get myself involved, its not place, its not my fight, its not my responsibility, but I want to do something, say something, hit something.

Thank God I'm heading to Idaho tomorrow for a few days, hopefully that will clear my head and somethings will work themselves out.

I'm sorry for my utterly vague and probably totally illogical post today. I needed to vent alittle.

Calming myself this morning with a little Jeff Buckley.... its working...alittle...
Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wackadoo Wednesday

Hello there... Anyone else flipping out this week? Or is it just me?

Work is insanely busy, probably the busiest its ever been and I am flying out to Idaho on Friday. Yeah, great time to take 2 days off...in the heat of EVERYTHING!!! But alas, it must be done. So today's post is...well...scattered to say the least...the very least.

1. This came out yesterday. And I am pissed that I am too busy to read it all right now. But happy that I might be able to save some of it for the trip to Idaho.

2. My dress arrived yesterday evening...with an ink pen stain on it. So back it has to go and guess what...its BACK ORDERED until 5/21. SWEET!!!! Luckily graduation isn't until June 11th. Look who was planning ahead for once...this gal!
3. Our property management company is coming out to look at our house today. They are getting pictures and evaluating the house to make sure we are pricing the rent correctly. They are trying to get us to list the house...not in this market. We'll see in a year where we stand and where the market stands. We saw this house as an investment, so we're not really interested in selling for a few years.
4. Since I'm going out to Idaho this week, I felt it only natural to listen to the Crazy Heart Soundtrack on repeat. I can just tell you, if I wasn't married to Mr. Jetplane, Ryan Bingham would have to watch out. I love that man's voice with a passion. Don't take my word for it.... take a listen...and a look!

Happy Hump Day... and Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!
Monday, May 3, 2010

Prayin Hard

I don't know about you, but I can hardly watch the news about the oil spill. It makes me sick to my stomach to think about the damage that could and is awaiting the beautiful Gulf Coast.

As you may know, the Jetplanes lived in Pcola for a couple of years while Mr. Jetplane was training. We just moved to NC late last summer.

We loved the area and particularly the BEAUTIFUL, WHITE, SANDY BEACHES. We loved our early morning walks along the beach on NAS Pcola and seeing all the wildlife running around you...birds...crabs...you name it. That beautiful blue water and those white beaches, make every morning so lovely.

Please keep all of the Gulf Coast... the water, the wildlife, and the people in your prayers, they are going to need it.

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