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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Houston...We...I mean ME...I have a problem

One might think I'm a very rational and thoughtful person, and generally I'd like to think that I am. But sometimes I've been know to be down right ridiculous. My thought process takes me down a path of insanity. I think about things so much I distort reality and then I'm in full on panic mode.

I freak myself out about everything and anything. So one would then think that this deployment has really shot me thru the roof. Well I'm happy to say that it hasn't. While I worry about my husband I know he's extremely well trained and knows exactly (well not exactly) what he's doing. I trust that fact and allow that to ease all my concerns.

But you know what I lose my sh!t over...dumb stuff. Really dumb stuff. Like...I'm going to break our sprinkler system. Turns out the I just simply turn the switch from off to on and it will run everyday at 2am unless I turn it off.

What else... the yard. I'm going crazy over our freaking yard. I started removing the old wood chips and I want to replace with rock. I removed wood chips from 3 count them 3 small areas in the front. That night I was in so much pain you would thought I was dying...seriously the people I was out with that night must have thought that I was totally insane. I rubbed down my entire body with BenGay. I smelled so bad...luckily I love the smell of BenGay:) Who is in that much pain removing wood chips. ME THAT'S WHO... I cried to Mr. Jetplane on Skype last week telling me there is no way in hell I can do this alone. I might be able to remove them all ( we have a large yard and probably another 30 to 40 bags of wood chips would need to be removed I only did 7 I think). But I cannot do the rock myself. He told me not to freak out and to hire someone..so that's what I'm gonna do.

But you want to know the real reason I made this post...the real lose my sh!t moment of the week thus far...

Well here is goes. Mr shut off his cell during his deployment. Its a program all providers offer and he can turn it right back on when he returns. This week he received a letter in the mail (which I opened) from the company informing us that the following number has been turned off. Well the number on the document was a cell phone number I didn't know. In fact it was a North Carolina number and Mr. has an Illinois number. So what the hell number was this???

My mind goes off into a bad place...a very bad place...a Lifetime movie...2nd family...another wife, kids, dogs...type of place. Yes...I said I was a crazy person. You knew that before you got to this point in the story.

So what do I do? I call the company. I don't know Mr's password and I don't know what the 1st damn grade school to he went to is...ugh...I then explained to the nice man...my husband is deployed I can't get this information right now. He said well I'm sending an email to the account on file with this information...ummm I don't have access to my husband's email. He's deployed I don't exactly know when I'll be talking to him again... can't you use tell me what this NC number on the account is? No dice.

So Mr. calls later that day...I ask him about the number...he's clueless. I then ask him if this is the phone he uses to call his girlfriend...his other wife...his other family... he's like..."You're crazy"

He says, "You know I'm way too lazy and cheap to pay for another cell phone and to have another wife".

TRUE...that is very true...but I'm a freakshow and I want to know what this number is.

He says...give me the information and I'll call them right now. As a matter of fact keep me on your cell and use your work phone to call the company, I want to hear this.

By this time I'm all... I know its nothing, its just really weird....

But he knows he's married to a loony toon and says.."We're doing this NOW"

So I call and find out the number is actually for a tower we have in our house. Back in NC we dropped calls in our house but no where else. They provided a tower for us for free. That thing, come to find out, has a phone number...a NC phone number...and when Mr shut off his phone it shut off the tower as well...

mmmm...makes sense...

So Mr waited for an apology which he kinda received...

Yes folks...I'm a nut job plan and simple

...gotta love me xoxo


PinkSass said...

tehehehehe love it.

And I mean come on, aren't we all just a little crazy. I know I am.

caknitter said...

Lol. OMG, you are not alone. LOl. I think many woman and sometimes men, go through the same thing. But, better to question the little things than turn a blind eye, I say.

Anonymous said...

Oh, girl! We all have those moments! True story - this definitely made my laugh out loud. :-)

d.a.r. said...

oh gawd, this is all kinds of hilarious!!

glad it worked out :)

3 Cupcakes said...

I am just like this, lol! I over-analyze everything! And if something doesn't add up I have to investigate! Don't worry you're not alone. :)

Anonymous said...

You are TOO funny. Loved this post!

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