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Friday, July 27, 2012

Pug Friday

Happy Friday Everyone.  Mr. Jetplane graduated from SOS today and will be home by Tuesday night!  We can't wait! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  I'm heading back to Pensacola on Sunday for work.  I will be meeting up with Mr. Jetplane in the SLC airport for a flight home to Boise.  Isn't that romantic :)
Thursday, July 19, 2012

In the works...

As I'm busy cooking this baby in my belly, I'm also busy planning our sweet lil man's abode.  Here's a lil taste of what's to come.  My mama is in town and working up a storm to finish his bedding. 

I'm so excited to see the final product. 
Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Life via Instagram

Life has been rather busy around these parts.  I was out of town for 2 weeks - visiting Mr. Jetplane in Alabama at Squadron Officer School and then working from Pensacola for a week.  We decided to spend our weekends in Pcola and took a quick trip to Atlanta to take in some Cubs v. Braves games and visit with friends. 

It was great to spend 9 (count em 9) days with my husband.  Seriously how sick is your life when you are delirious happy to spend 9 days with your husband. 

I miss the beach at NAS Pcola so much.  It was rather sad going there.  We used to take Milo and Charlie to the beach every weekend.  They loved it. 
 After the beach we hit up our favorite gyro place right off base - The Hip Pocket.  Its a total hole in the wall, only accepts cash, and gives you incredible heartburn...but we love it.  Mr. devoured his sandwich and what was left of mine.  Its pretty much an institution on the west side of Pcola near the base. 

We spent July 3rd - 5th in Atlanta.  We got to spend some time with one of my best girl friends from college.  She has a precious almost 2 year old, who sadly we hadn't had the chance to meet.  The guys went to the game on the 3rd and stayed out way too late.  We all hit up the game on the 4th and then watched the fireworks from the parking lot. 
 What can I say, all lil kids love my husband.  Its like they're on the same wavelength or something. 
 Just to prove to you we are a totally normal couple...we're totally fighting in the above picture.  He hates taking pictures and we never have any together.  I may or may not have lost my shit right before this.  Oh well...
 Here's the better picture, sorry you can't see that much of us. 

 Here is my gf's sweet lil Maddy.  She is adorable and has so much of her mommy and daddy in her. 
 Proof that I am getting bigger. 

The next weekend weekend we headed back down to Pensacola.  I worked from my corporate office for a week.  I had to get up and actually get dressed for work...crazy concept for me these days. 

 No I didn't wear the above to work...this is my outfit for dinner and Magic Mike.  I actually bought that tunic 3 years ago from TJ Maxx but have never worn it.  I didn't like how it made me look pregnant.  Ha. Ha. 
 I adore the above dress, its Banana Republic and not maternity.  I got it on sale when they had 40% off. 
 The skirt is from the Gap.  Its actually not zipped all the way up.  Grey v-neck is maternity from Target.  Necklace is Jcrew knock off ala ebay. 

This outfit is all Old Navy.  The shirt and cardigan are not maternity but the white denim capris are and I love them.  Paired them with silver Revas.

Here is my sweet lil Milo right after we got home picking him up at the dog kennel.  They said he had a wonderful time.  He hung out with the owner and watched tv even.  I love that they treat my pets like their own.  It makes me feel better. 
Well that's all for now...I promise to give you a pregnancy update and all things baby soon....

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