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Monday, October 15, 2012

Baby Boy Update

Hello all...  We hit 35 wks on Thursday and today I had a doctor's appointment. 

Everything looks pretty good, I'm actually measuring a little under 35 1/2 wks which is where I am technically at.  I'm starting to develop more and more pains.  The doc thinks my pains (which are different than what I read braxton hicks pains are) are in fact what my braxton hicks pains. 

Holy cow people these pains aren't a joke.  They can last anywhere from 45 seconds to over 20 minutes.  They generally come during a long walk or after dinner.  I actually got them on Sunday morning around 2am this weekend.  I was actually kinda nervous that it might be labor, but thankfully they finally went away.

I'm also enjoying lovely sciatica nerve pains.  I went in for a prenatal massage last week.  It kinda helped but I really don't think there is much to do about this pain.  Its a total pain in the ass, literally.  My pain is right in the top portion of my right butt cheek. 

Baby boy is head down, he actually has been heads down for over a month now.  His lil butt is above my belly button and he likes to stick it out all the time, talk about uncomfortable.  He's quite active these days.  Which is great but also can get rather annoying. 

For those of you wondering, I've gained about 27 lbs so far.  To be honest I probably have gained a lil more.  I wasn't at my ideal weight when I got pregnant but then I got so sick that I think I lost about 5 lbs or so.  But I am about 27 lbs more than I was when I first got pregnant.  Carrying this extra weight is getting to be quite a chore and I can't wait till its gone.  I've ate rather normally throughout this pregnancy.  Sure I do have my moments, ice cream is a love of mine as are potato chips but in general I've been pretty good.  Doctor expects I'll gain another 3-5 lbs before its all said and done which is still within the healthy range. 

I'll be completely honest, this weight gain scares me.  At 5'2" I've never seen numbers on a scale like they are now.  I know its all for a good reason, but it makes me very uncomfortable.  I'm sure other pregnant ladies can relate.  As a woman, unfortunately I put a lot of importance on the numbers on the scale, be that as bad as it may sound, its totally true.  I've stopped weighing myself at home, I don't want to see the number. 

So far I've had no stretch marks, knock on wood and the belly button is half in and half out.  I had a very deep innie belly button so I was shocked at how its popping out.  I think it has a lot to do with where he is sitting.  I swear sometimes it feels like he's trying to come out through my belly button. 

Here we are at 35 wks, stripes obviously aren't the most slimming when you're pregnant :)
Here is our lil baby boy at 31 weeks from our 4D ultrasound.  Its totally creepy and totally cool at the same time.  The lil brat kept his arm and leg over his head for the majority of the visit.  So we didn't get as many good looks as I was hoping for. 
I can't believe in just a few weeks we're going to have a baby. 


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you are already at 35 weeks! Crazy how close your baby is! YAY!! Enjoy the last few weeks :)

Katrina said...

exciting! I would highly recommend going to a chiropractor. They can help a ton with the Sciatic pain! =) Just make sure you find one who has worked with pregnancy before! I love seeing your updates, because I am only 3 1/2 weeks behind you!

Golap Mohi Uddin said...

Wow! it's amazing! good luck for last few weeks....
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