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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Park City 2013

Before I started back to work we took a lil weekend trip over President's Day to Park City.  We live in Idaho and its about a 5 hour drive down to Park City.  While I've been to Salt Lake City a number of times I hadn't been to Park City.  Unfortunately, I couldn't hit the slopes like the boys did, but Miles and I tried to have fun just the same. 

We went shopping, had great sushi at The Flying Sumo, and enjoyed some good quality time in front of the fire. 

Here's my lil nugget not happy at all about hitting the outlet mall.  He doesn't seem to share his mama's love of shopping :(

Daddy and Miles rocking out in our hotel room.  We rented a suite, I love have a full kitchen in your hotel room. 
Our lil family of 3.  We still can't believe we're full grown adults...haha 

Oh and last but not least, check out lil man rocking his gift from his "uncle" Sully.  Surprisingly, he likes it. 


Sara said...

Love the leopard vest! So cute!

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