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Monday, March 25, 2013

Little bit of this and that

I'd like to say its been pretty exciting around here, but it hasn't been...but I can say its been busy. 
This lil man turned 4 months old on March 20th.  He's almost 15lbs and 25.5" long. 
 My sweet friend Mandy sent us a jumperoo, which Miles loves.  Sadly the pugchild doesn't share the love. 

 Daddy had his fini flight in the F15e.  I'll share more about this later, but its with a heavy heart that we're leaving the fighter community.  We're staying in the Air Force but leaving fighters behind.  Mr. leaves for a new training course soon, but I'll stay here until we get our next assignment, which will hopefully Vegas.
 This is one of many traditions in the fighter community. 
 It was this lil guy's first and probably last trip out on the flight line.  He did so well. 
Have no fear, he had on headgear while the jets were running.  He actually fell asleep to the jet noise :)  He's sporting a mustache because its March and, yet another tradition is Mustache March, so daddy has been growing one as well.  Yes....yuck.
How is this lil guy getting so big :( 


CaraBeth said...

Your pictures of the fini flight are great and Miles is adorable!! My husband left fighters (not willingly) just over 5 years ago. We have been stationed in Las Vegas (Creech AFB) ever since. We really like it here but it's about time for a change soon! I hope you end up where you want!

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