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Friday, September 6, 2013

How much fun can we pack into 4 weeks....

So the Jetplanes have been busy lil bees for the past month or so.   Daddy came home for a full 4 weeks and we soaked up every second. 
Here our my 2 big guys meeting up at the airport.  Love those 2.

Mommy had to fly to Pcola for work, so we packed up the newly reunited family and headed to Florida for a few days.  Daddy hadn't gotten to fly with Miles, like Mama has.  He was in for some adventure. 
Here are some snapshots from our trip. 

Unfortunately it rained in the entire weekend but it was nice during the week while mommy was working, of course. 
We came back for a few days.  Daddy and Miles ran their 1st 5k and got 2nd place.  Pretty sure most underestimated Daddy since he was pushing a stroller.  I guess Miles was laughing at everyone as they passed them.  They weren't expecting a guy with a stroller smoking them. 
Since we're moving to Vegas next year and we will no longer have a large, lush, green yard we decided to sell our John Deere.  Daddy decided that we needed to give lil man a ride.
He also spent plenty of time at the park near our house.  Do you think he likes to swing?

We then packed up the whole family again and headed up north to McCall, Idaho for a long weekend.  We have spent a lot of time up there during the winter months but never during the summer.  We rented a cabin in the woods and really enjoyed ourselves. 

As with all good things, they must come to an end.  Daddy left to go to a new training course for the next few months.  We dropped him off early in the morning last weekend. 

We sure do miss our Daddy.  But hopefully we'll be able to swing a weekend visit in the next month or so. 


Jessie Jones said...

Love these sweet pictures! Looks like an awesome time!

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