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Monday, September 16, 2013

Miles @ 9 months

While Daddy was here Miles turned 9 months old...yes I don't even know how that is possible either. (He'll be 10 months this week...tears)
 Since we have been spending so much time apart, I thought it would be great to get a family photo shoot and its our last summer in Idaho.  I had planned to go up to one of Mr's favorite running hills outside of town.  Its amazing and you can see out for miles and miles.  It would have been beautiful, except its fire season out here and the whole area was burnt to a crisp....as was my 2nd option.  This was my 4th option thanks to a freak rain and hail storm we had 2 hours prior to this photo shoot.  Gotta love Idaho. 

For those interested... his shirt is Osh Kosh and his shorts are from H&M.  I purchased the tee-pee from this Etsy site.  It's custom made and it got here amazingly fast. 

And yes, I didn't realize that my hair tie was around my wrist and yes it annoys the crap out of me too. 


Samma said...

Beautiful!! Love the setting and the teepee- y'all look fantastic!

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