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Monday, September 23, 2013

Miles' New Fashion Accessory

So we picked up a new "fun" accessory last week for Miles.

Miles has plagiocephaly and in lay man's terms that is a flat spot.  You see Miles' noggin has been in the 99% since 6 months when it grew considerably from 4 to 6 months.  During this time he wasn't rolling over yet, which I think was associated with the head growth.  I was afraid to let him sleep on his belly until he was rolling over on his own more frequently.  Hence... we have a flat spot which is thankfully directly center in the back of his head which means that his face is still symmetrical. 

He's doing extremely well with it, which makes this mama's heart feel so much better.  Yes,  Miles now 10 months old, and the optimal time to get a helmet for plagiocephaly is 6 months...but we can thank Tricare for that gem.  I was questioning peds on base about this since 4 months.  I have been concerned about it but they always shrugged it off.  At 9 months I was adamant about it and we got referred out. 

If anyone knows anything about Tricare, you know we got denied to cover the helmet.  I knew it going in so I wasn't shocked.  I think that's part of the reason the base wasn't pushing for it.  They knew it would be denied and my doctor always reminded me.  They view it as purely cosmetic, only covering it if it was a result of a surgery.  Thanks for nothing military insurance. 

We picked up our helmet on Thursday and he's doing great.  He has slept like a champ in it and even loves to play with it when he's not wearing it. 

He's such an amazing lil guy.  He makes his mama so proud. 

We decided if lil man was going to have to wear a helmet we might as well make it the toughest looking helmet you can find and chose the skull design.  Obviously we'll be working this into our Halloween costume. 


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

Hey! As you know, we went through all of this, too. But our insurance DID end up covering it. I started asking our pediatrician about it at 3 months, 4 months... basically monthly until at the 9 month appointment when I demanded we get a referral and she finally agreed that he needed it. I was so afraid it would be too late to do any good! He finally got the doc band at 10 months (we went to cranial technologies, but my friend here is using Hanger.) The results really were amazing, but I was just so upset that no one would get the process started earlier.

Miles looks great and I hope that it's an easy process for y'all!

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