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Monday, July 6, 2009

Preoccupied With the Pug

So if anyone of you follow my Twitter you'll know that some BIG things are happening with the Jetplanes, however I don't have the time (work=blows) right now to discuss.

And I'm totally preoccupied (worried) about my lil baby, Milo. He hopped around on 3 legs for most of Sunday and it currently at the vet. Generally speaking, his spirits seemed to be up all day yesterday, but this morning my lil man was not a happy camper.
Mr. Jetplane took him to the vet and cross your fingers, he didn't break anything. He and Charlie played pretty rough on Saturday evening.... they went crazy with the fireworks going on.
I'll update as soon as I hear anything.


d.a.r. said...

Oh no!!! Sending pug prayers your way!

Mrs. Newlywed said...

Oh no! I hope he is okay!

I always get nervous when Preppy Pug shows any sign of ailment. Pugs are such dramatic creatures it is easy to think they are much worse.

Let us know how he is!!!

Anonymous said...

Sending lots of prayers and good wishes for adorable Charlie from NYC.

The Northerner said...

I totally understand. I get so worked up when my dog is sick or injured. It makes me worry that I will be a crazy overprotective mother some day!

I hope he is okay!

J.J. said...

Hope you get some good news about Milo....I love his name btw. Hugs and prayer for you guys! And for the cruddy work stuff too. :)

a H.I.T. said...

Oh no! I hope Milo is ok.

Sara said...

Hope the little guy gets to feeling better soon!

By the way, I just finished reading the 3 Harper Connely books by CH. Not as good as SS seriers but worth your time to read if you wanted. They focus a lot more on murder mystery. Hardly any relationship stuff. Still fun.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, I hope he's ok!!! He's such a cutie!

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