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Monday, December 21, 2009

All our PRETTY presents under the tree..

Well not exactly! Since the Jetplanes are staying home in NC this year, we'll be away from all our family...:( But that means the UPS man (and postwoman) and I are getting acquainted again..oh how I have missed him..and he me I'm sure.

So these are some of the presents that we have receive thus far...Yes I know that is a box with an office chair, its for Mr. Jetplane from my parents. He has a horrible one upstairs in his man cave. I won't let him open any of them, even the ones from his mother, which he picked out.

I'm pretty sure one or more of the boxes have doggie treats in them the way Milo was interested in them...

Can't believe Christmas is Friday!! I wish we had our gas hooked up so we could have a fire in the fireplace on Christmas Eve...Yeah for our 1st Christmas in our first home... Last year Mr. Jetplane had knee surgery in Texas on 12/23 and I spent the next week taking care of him...this Christmas will be much better.


Sweet Simplicity said...

Love the turquoise ornaments. Getting presents in the mail is the best!

Jane said...

My UPS man is cute. I wish he would come more often. :) I love your tree!

Renda said...

The blue tree is SO CUTE. I love that all the presents are in the packages.. makes it even more exciting.

Unknown said...

Ha ha - that is cute!

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