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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Crazy Lives of the Jetplanes

Well today we'll both be on a jetplane at the same time....

I'll be flying to Pcola this afternoon and Mr. will be on his solo flight in something alittle more exciting....

Its been a rough week for us... I just got back on Sunday afternoon and he's been crazy busy with flying every day this week. Flying in a jet, for those that don't know, is extremely tough on your body, especially when you aren't used to pulling that many g's, on a regular basis. He hadn't actually flown in almost a year.

So as a side effect, he's been dealing with some sickness issues. He's on the patch now for this, but some of the guys are giving him a hard time... asking him if he's grown boobs yet....with his hormone patch... I couldn't help but die laughing when he tell me that...

He said, "Shut Up! Its not funny!"

I said "Oh yes it is...and you know it!"

Then he said..."Yeah it is really funny!"

I assured him..."Don't worry I'm sure that guy says that to every single person that gets one...Just put that one in your back pocket and you can use it in a couple of years to someone else."

Wish him luck today!!


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Hope you both have safe travels today!

Allison Hasel said...

Poor guy. He so knows everyone's going to pick on him! It is the way of the pilot: Make fun of everyone. :)

Safe travels to Pensacola!

Chic Runner said...

Hope you both are safe today! Also, believe me, my stomach has still not recovered from my poopfest of a marathon this weekend! ha ha I feel mr. jetplanes pain! :)

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