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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Crazy Lives of the Jetplanes

Well today we'll both be on a jetplane at the same time....

I'll be flying to Pcola this afternoon and Mr. will be on his solo flight in something alittle more exciting....

Its been a rough week for us... I just got back on Sunday afternoon and he's been crazy busy with flying every day this week. Flying in a jet, for those that don't know, is extremely tough on your body, especially when you aren't used to pulling that many g's, on a regular basis. He hadn't actually flown in almost a year.

So as a side effect, he's been dealing with some sickness issues. He's on the patch now for this, but some of the guys are giving him a hard time... asking him if he's grown boobs yet....with his hormone patch... I couldn't help but die laughing when he tell me that...

He said, "Shut Up! Its not funny!"

I said "Oh yes it is...and you know it!"

Then he said..."Yeah it is really funny!"

I assured him..."Don't worry I'm sure that guy says that to every single person that gets one...Just put that one in your back pocket and you can use it in a couple of years to someone else."

Wish him luck today!!


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Hope you both have safe travels today!

Allison Hasel said...

Poor guy. He so knows everyone's going to pick on him! It is the way of the pilot: Make fun of everyone. :)

Safe travels to Pensacola!

Chic Runner said...

Hope you both are safe today! Also, believe me, my stomach has still not recovered from my poopfest of a marathon this weekend! ha ha I feel mr. jetplanes pain! :)

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