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Monday, May 24, 2010

My husband's back...

Yes, Mr. Jetplane is back from his training in Idaho and arrived 2 days early...Yeah. Of course, he was mentally and physically exhausted and proceeded to sleep for the majority of the weekend, not that I could blame him.

What else happened this weekend.

1. I participated in Relay for Life.
2. We put in an offer for a house in Idaho.
3. We ate at one of the worse restaurants ever...I wanted to walk out before we even sat down, considering it was a buffet and we had NO idea it was a buffet. But Mr. made me stay.
4. Went through my closet for clothes to donate/throw away.
5. Made Stuffed Shells for dinner
6. Started to plan outfits for Vegas!!

Yeah, all in all it was a very boring weekend. There was nothing out at the theaters I wanted to see and we stopped at Red Box near our house 3x and it was always out of the 3 movies we wanted to see :(

How was your weekend...hopefully more exciting than ours...


Chelsea said...

Welcome back Mr. Jetplane! Sounds like you had a good weekend (well, minus the redbox flops! I always have terrible luck with them too... luckily there are like 4 near my house though. Did you know there's an iphone app, and you can probably look on their website too, that tell's you what movies are at the RedBox near you?)

Walking With The Wheats said...

I wish my weekend was more exciting, but nope! Sounded about like yours. But again, thats nice every now and then!

Your blog is SO cute =)


Elle said...

Welcome back Mr. jetplane! And I am so happy ya'll found a house to make an offer on... I hope they take it right away!


Unknown said...

Man even the idea of stuffed shells has my mouth watering! You'll need to share that recipe :)

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

I love your stuffed shells, it's on rotation at the swing!
Captain John calls them Jetplane Lasagna!!

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