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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What Deployment Looks Like Part 4

1. I was driving to Boise and on the other side of the highway was a huge group of motorcycle riders, probably 100 or more. They were sporting American and POW flags. I drove for about 5 minutes and kept seeing more and more in the line. And then the tears came...and came...and came.

2. Sometimes when I shower before I go to bed I use Mr. Jetplane's body wash. I like the smell on me when I fall asleep. It feels like he's almost there.

3. The other day, while on Skype, I had to run to the bathroom. Mr. Jetplane told me to put the camera on the dogs, even though they were past out on the ground sleeping. He loves getting to see them even if they have no clue what's going on.

4. I send Mr. Jetplane cards in care packages that are 'written' by the dogs. He might have gotten a Father's Day Card :)

5. This came in the mail this week. I purposely asked for it to be shipped in August. Oh well its early. I wish he'd make it home early too.

6. I have blown through the first 2 seasons of Dexter. Mr. started watching it over there so I want to watch and be able to discuss it with him as well. I have no idea why I haven't been watching it. Its totally awesome. Sadly, Season 3 and on aren't on Instant Que for Netflix. I have to wait till next week to start Season 3.


Ang's Things said...

You are so strong.. I love that you and your hubby get to skype and try to watch the same shows..and have some sense of closeness.

GUAMtastic said...

Aw babe hang in there!!! Totally guilty of using the same shower wash.. and watching the same shoes.. and being a sad panda. Keep your head up!!!! MUAH!

Rachel said...

You're getting closer to the end! I am sure that you are grateful for skype. What an advantage it is living in 2011!

Also, LOVE Dexter! It's one of my favorite shows on tv!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Thinking of you, lady! We love Dexter. I wish the 3rd season was on instant. I hate sending out for the discs, which is why we haven't started it.

Miss Chelsea said...

Aw I would cry too seeing all those cycle riders!

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