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Thursday, October 13, 2011

well...hello there

Sorry folks having a deployed husband home sure takes up a lot of your time...but in a really good way :)

Blogging and tweeting just don't seem to be top priority. I promise to share more pictures of our homecoming. In the mean time, this cartoon has been making its way on Facebook and its too good not to share.


Miss Chelsea said...

I hate when people don't stand for the pledge, take their hat off for the national anthem, etc =/ so disrespectful

Jessica Lynn said...

I only wish that the cartoon above was true. I think it would be wonderful for wounded soldiers to go to classrooms across America. I have a feeling kids today have no real idea about what's going on.

Allison said...

Enjoy your time with your hubby, girl!!!!!

bejellyfish said...

Love that post! Hadn't seen it yet and love it! Hubby will love it too!

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