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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Hello and Happy Halloween Everyone!

We had a wonderful weekend full of fun. It included a Halloween party on Saturday night. Sorry I don't really have many pictures to share.

Here is one of Mr. Jetplane in his full on Elvis glory. Side note that was my costume about 5 years ago while we were still in Indy. We have kept it and he has recycled it for various functions. Sadly it saw its demise on Sunday morning. It was disgusting and he tossed it in the trash. RIP- ELVIS costume you will be missed!

And here I am in my full on (perhaps drunk) pirate costume....

Oh yeah I have wondrous skills with my blackberry camera.

We had a great time out with our friends. But I can confess, waking up in a pirate costume and tights on a couch with a serious hangover is not as glamorous as one would think...

And as a reward for sticking through this horrid pieced together post thought I would share with you the following....

Happy Halloween!


Miss Chelsea said...

RIP King ((I have an elvis costume also if you need to borrow it! hahah))

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