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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hawaiian Vacay Post 1

Hello all... Did you all enjoy a wonderful weekend? Mine was okay, but nothing too great. Mr is in Florida enjoying the beach and it snowed here on Sunday...yes color me all kinds of jealous. But we'll be meeting up in Florida later this week, so I guess it'll be ok.

Well as promised I need to post about our lovely and much needed vacay to Hawaii. This was my first time in Hawaii, it was Mr. Jetplane's 2nd. He had been there a number of years ago to visit a high school friend that was going to school in Hawaii.

The Jetplanes flew into Hololulu and stayed at Hale Koa, which is a military resort. Its a nice hotel, but more importantly you get a heck of a deal. Its not the Ritz but we got a full ocean view on the beach, so we're not complaining.

We landed around 4pm the 1st day and checked in around 5pm. I was starving. We grabbed a bite to eat at the bar and had a drink or 2. Before you knew it we were about ready to pass out. We'd been up since 4am and we're ready to hit the hay.

The next morning we were up bright and early...that time change makes you wake up at like 6am there....well atleast it does to me.

We were ready to hit the beach for few hours before heading up to the North Shore. We have friends in the Coast Guard that have been lucky enough to be stationed in Hawaii for 8 years or so. We met when he was in Penscola for several weeks for a class. He happened to be a friend of a friend that went through OTS with Mr. Jetplane. When we met we were all just boyfriend/girlfriend combos....fast forward 5+ years and they are married with 2 adorable lil girls...and the Jetplanes are through flight school and have survived their 1st deployment and 3 moves.

They are an adorable couple and they welcomed us into their home on Sunset Beach for 2 nights. We had a wonderful time exploring the North Shore and all it has to offer.

Here are Mr Jetplane and our friend heading out to the beach from the house... pretty sure you can see who's the surfer. They will EXTREMELY close to the beach.

You take a short little walk through this and guess what's down that small little hill...This amazing beach...Sunset Beach...which is a famous surfing spot in the North Shore. Its also less than a mile up the road from the Pipeline yet another famous surfing spot. Mr. Jetplane tried to get some free surfing lessons...he needs a lot more :) Up and down the beach there are amazing surf houses, some vacation rentals and the biggest houses are owned by the surf companies. Our friends rent a floor of the house they live in from a famous, big wave surfer in Hawaii, he was a wonderfully nice guy. He's going to let us rent a room from him next time we're there for $80 bucks a night (friend rate). Yes we're already talking next time :)

A couple of houses down there was this amazing tree house. Mr loved it. Some surfer rents that per week for a few hundred dollars. Here is Mr. Jetplane with their youngest lil girl. Isn't that adorable :) He loved playing with their 2 little girls. He's quite good at Barbies and discussed the movie Tangled with the oldest daughter at length for over 45 minutes...love that man.

Alot more to come...sorry for a lack of pictures in this post. My laptop + blogger =no likey right now. It took 2 hours to just upload these pictures :( Hope to get more to you soon...

The Jetplanes visited Pearl Harbor as well and it was quite moving. I am hoping to provide you with a post tomorrow in honor of the 70th anniversary which is tomorrow.

*apologies for misspellings Blogger spellcheck isn't working either


❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

I wish I lived that close to Sunset!!

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