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Monday, December 19, 2011

What's Happening....

Well the Jetplanes have been quite busy over the past couple of weeks. I may have mentioned that Mr. Jetplane was in Panama City for work and I flew to Pensacola for work as well. We met up for my holiday party and even squeezed in a photo shoot with Oeil Photography. Michelle is a wonderful photographer, fellow milwife, and based in Penscola. We have worked with her a couple of times over the years and highly recommend her.

The photos were all taken at the Naval Aviation Museum on NAS Pensacola. Its a great museum and a wonderful way to spend an afternoon...oh and its free admission. They recently opened another wing of the museum and I think Mr. Jetplane might have been more interested in that, than the photo shoot. Here are a couple pictures from the shoot.

On Saturday Mr. Jetplane had his squadron holiday party in Boise. We had a wonderful time, unfortunately I have no pictures of us standing... and I really liked my dress so that's super annoying.

And the award for the biggest time suck of our lives right now goes to our guest bathroom. Mr. Jetplane decided to demo the entire bathroom 2 days before we left for Hawaii.
Yeah we left for a week with our bathroom like this...Charlie was totally confused.

Here are a few of the selections for the new bathroom. The mosaic will be used as an accent in the shower surround. We chose a large subway (6x8) subway tile for the shower as well. And that's our new tub. It feels like porcelain but its not, trust me I helped put that sucker into place. Current state of the bathroom...with a the new light. Bead board is going up, hence the walls only partially painted.

We bought the vanity this weekend and hope to get some of the tile work done before heading home for the holidays...wish us luck :)


Sweet Simplicity said...

Beautiful pictures! I love your nude shoes.

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