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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Let it snow...

You may have heard last week the Northwest got one heck of a snowday. At our house we probably got 10" in under 12 hours. This is midway thru the snowstorm. I emailed the picture to Mr. Jetplane who was enjoying his time in Vegas for work last week. It was great that we got some snow because our ski resorts hurting. And in an ironic twist we went on our squadron ski trip just days before the great snow.
Here's the view from our driveway, not bad huh? This resort got over 24" of new snow in 24 hours 3 days after we leave. Yeah I know....painful right?
No fear we still had a great time. Here we are warming up and nursing our bruises. Well my bruises Mr. Jetplane is a pro at snowboarding.
This is the bunny hill I spent most of the time on.
There is Mr. Jetplane getting ready to get on the big ski lift.
Mr. Jetplane headed up the Squadron Ski Weekend, so we had to live in the big house and organized the party the first night. We had a great house. Here are a couple of shots from the main floor. It was a 3 level house. The lowest level had 3 more bedrooms, bathrooms, game room and media room.
Here is where we enjoyed watching all the playoff games. Yes we definitely need ones of these in our forever home...which with the Air Force probably isn't going to happen for a very long time :(
But all in all it was a wonderful weekend getaway, light snow and all. Its wonderful to get to take these quick getaways together, especially with how much time these guys work. We're one big ole family and its great to enjoy some down time together.


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