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Monday, September 10, 2012

Feeling blessed...

I am still back home in Illinois heading back to Idaho later this evening.  Can't wait to get home to my hubby and puggie, I miss them like crazy.

I'm happy to say travel at 30 weeks is surprisingly less painful then it was earlier on in my pregnancy.  I also think booking flights later in the day has really helped as well.  Sleep isn't really going well lately.  I tend to wake up around 4am every night and try to will myself back to sleep.  I generally get another solid 45 minutes at some point before the alarm goes off.  Thankfully morning sickness has finally gotten better and I thought was gone, but sadly its not.  Its reared its ugly head again this week, and I'm still popping my friend Zofran.  Seriously people...30 weeks and still sick.  Thankfully I'm not actually throwing up now just have the overwhelming feeling I'm going to.  Sorry...is that TMI? 

Oh well, I haven't shared all the other lovely side effects of this pregnancy - bloody noses, itchy scalp, limps constantly falling asleep, painful sleep, oh and my personal favorite constipation.  Yeah...maybe that's TMI for you :)

So here we are at 30 weeks...  This is my circus tent look.  I do actually really like this dress, but it does look like a circus tent.  Its non-maternity Old Navy. Thank you Lord for maxi dresses, they are truly a godsend.  I can still wear a lot of small maxis, so I don't feel bad about buying them knowing I'll wear them again next summer.  But maternity clothes are definitely starting to make an appearance more and more these days. 
I have really enjoyed being home.  This is last time I'm flying back home for awhile so it has been wonderful getting to see family and friends.  I had an amazing shower Saturday and I am so thankful for all the love and support I felt.  I can't wait to share more pictures soon.  Until then here's a lil taste for you...


Mrs. Jones said...

Looks like a wonderful time! You look great!!!

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