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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Round here...

This past weekend the Jetplanes headed down to Utah.  It was great to get away for a couple of days but we had a mission to complete.  We had to hit up Ikea and get some serious shopping done. 
This was our cart, that's the serious I'm talking about.  We bought a dresser, cart, and accessories for the baby's room.  We are moving our guest bedroom to our loft area and we've decided that now is the time to get rid of some of the furniture that was given to me from my mother (from her master bedroom) back in 1994.  Its made several moves to college, numerous apartments in Indiana, and then moves to Florida, North Carolina, and finally Idaho.  Its been good furniture but its time to say bye bye.  We bought a couple of pieces from Ikea.  I thought these will end up going in future baby #2's room down the road.  I didn't want to invest a lot of money in them, considering my goal is to move our master bedroom furniture to the guest bedroom in our next house. 

Oh the joy of the military lifestyle, always knowing they'll be a next house in the coming year or 2. 

 We stayed in Ogden which is the closest exit coming from Idaho and we have friends that live in the area.  We always like to stay at this cute lil Best Western that 1. accepts pets, 2. is right off the interstate, 3. has an amazing breakfast spot right out in front.  They also have a nice lil walking path and a huge fish pond.  It was hilarious watching Milo while Mr fed the fish.  We are so upset because he thought it daddy was throwing his food into the water. 
This is how Milo preferred to sit for the 3.5 hour ride down to Utah.  This didn't  fly on the way home.  Yep that's my big old baby bump and its covered in puggie hair, story of my life :)

This afternoon I'm heading back home to Illinois for my 1st baby shower!!! I'm so excited! 


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