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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Joke's on me...

We went in yesterday morning for our weekly appointment.  Honestly I felt horrible yesterday.  Between the 5 (count em 5) bathroom visits that evening, severe cramping, acid reflux attack, and snoring pug I got NO SLEEP.  I woke up sick to my stomach and was dry heaving over the bathroom sink.  Sorry for the visual.  Let me tell you nothing sucks worse than dry heaving at almost 39 weeks pregnant.  It makes me cry, literally cry real tears. 

So I got dressed in real clothes (much to my husband's dismay) and headed to the base hospital.  I knew for sure that something was happening.  That I would have progressed from the week before.  I'd had a rough week and weekend, I knew something had to be happening down there.

But guess what...NADA.  We might be at 1cm, I think the doc told me that just to make me feel like I wasn't at a total loss. 

So in order to provide me with a light at the end of the tunnel.  We set up an induction date just in case.  He offered to let me go 42 weeks but I seriously am no interested in that mess.  So we'll be getting induced on Nov 21st, that is if he doesn't make his arrival before. 

For those keeping track we're due Nov 15th which is my next doc appt.  So if homeboy doesn't decide to come out and play before that, we'll be having Thanksgiving up in the base hospital. 

I've already had some sweet friends offer to bring us a Thanksgiving feast to my hospital room.  Seriously folks, there has to be a whole other section of heaven for military wives.  The selflessness they display for their husbands, families, and friends...amazing.  But digress. 

We're crossing fingers and toes over here it won't come down to that. 
This is what sad, sick, pregnant lady looks like at 7:45 in the morning :)


Caitlin MidAtlantic said...

Oh, I have been there. What a yucky feeling, to be told nothing is happening! I remember being so uncomfortable and impatient... Hang in there though! Your baby will be worth the wait and all that! Promise.

Sharon said...

Nothing is worse than puking period! When you have "no room" to heave, it's even worse. Good luck getting that dear baby safely delivered...soon!

Sara said...

I hated the pregnant belly heaving. There's no way to even bend over!

Windy City Kelley's said...

I hope you feel better soon. I wish I could say the sleep gets better but it won't for a few months. :( On the positive side I was induced with both my boys and had great experiences both times (and my birthday is 11/21)!

Jessica Lynn said...

"Seriously folks, there has to be a whole other section of heaven for military wives. The selflessness they display for their husbands, families, and friends...amazing. But digress."

I couldn't agree with this statement more. Being overseas while pregnant and my husband is deployed has opened my eyes to how amazing this community is. Here's hoping your baby wants to make an on-time appearance!!!

Sweet Simplicity said...

I love that cute bump! I am so sorry you are feeling bad. There is nothing worse than being sick while pregnant and not being able to do it comfortably. That belly just gets in the way. I hope he decides to make his appearance soon.

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