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Monday, November 5, 2012

Light at the end of the tunnel...

Well here we are, 38 wks 4 days.  Its crazy how time is flying by.  My mother is flying out here on Friday evening and she scared to death we're going to have this baby before she gets here.  I'll be honest, I have a feeling he's coming early but then again part of me thinks he's going to be a week late and I'll have to be induced.  Who the heck knows. 

The pains have started to get stronger and the morning sickness (or all day sickness) has reared is head again.  Seriously... I'm over being nauseous especially now that acid reflux has joined this party.  But thankfully last week the doc gave me Zantac and that's been incredibly helpful.  I've been waking up in the middle of the night with horrible acid reflux and its helping me greatly. 

Friday night I attended the Ladies' Crud tournament on base.  Crud is an Air Force game and each year there is a wives tourney.  Sadly I couldn't play this year since I'm pregnant.  I was there in full support but standing all that time, sure made me one tired Mama on Saturday. 

Had a pretty lazy Saturday around the house and decided to go out to what might be our last date night sans child.  I was so tired but it was something that was really important to me.  I wanted to get dressed up (or as much as I could) and have a night out with my husband. 

The dress is from my standard go to through this pregnancy, Old Navy.  Its actually non-maternity and on sale right now.  It comes in various colors.  I'm wearing a medium.  I honestly didn't know if it would work, I bought it as more of a transitional piece for right after the baby but was happy that I could make it work for the night out. 

I've also noticed that my boobs are finally getting bigger.  My husband was kind enough to comment on that multiple times at dinner as well :)  I've been wearing the same bras throughout this entire pregnancy, so I guess its about time they start making an appearance!

Its crazy that this past weekend is our last weekend alone.  We might not have a baby next weekend, but my mother will be here, so technically it was our last weekend alone. 

Tomorrow we go in for our weekly appointment.  We're a few days ahead so we treat this as our 39th week appointment.  The baby appears to have dropped and his head is very low.  But I didn't need the doc to inform me of that last week.  I've felt this lil man low for quite some time.  Head banging in your lady bits is not something that you can ignore. 

Crossing fingers everything looks good tomorrow and baby boy won't make his arrival until Grandma gets here.  We're equal parts excited and scared to death! 


Anonymous said...

You look beautiful!! Hope you guys get to enjoy this week :)

Sarah said...

You look so beautiful! :) Hope he stays in the long enough for your mom to come! :)

Sara said...

Sorry that you're uncomfortable. My boobs never really made an appearance so I'm kind of jealous.

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