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Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009...Hey Hey Hey Goodbye...

A 2009 review is coming but before I do that I thought I would share with you the song that I think captures our 2009, a year or highs and lows...

2009 the Jetplanes are happy to see you go... Bring on a new decade!!

PEACE OUT 2009...
Tuesday, December 29, 2009

When the cat's away...

So Mr. Jetplane left early yesterday morning for Illinois. He hasn't been home since last year. I unfortunately couldn't go with him for the week because my recent 2 weeks off to be with my mother.
So needless to say I miss him... I miss him for all the standard reasons...its lonely in bed at night, I like someone there that can reach top shelf of cabinets, someone to unload the dishwasher, take out the trash, pick up the dog poop in the yard...you know the usual.

But its always nice to get a little alone time, don't you agree?? That's when your Secret Single Behavior comes out...

What's mine... well some of it is not all that exciting

1. I make all the food that Mr. Jetplane hates like Tuna Casserole (which I LOVE)

2. I will watch endless hours of Bravo and MTV and lay on the couch...ALOT

3. I will eat junk food...Mr. Jetplane prefers we don't have junk in the house

4. I will sleep on Mr. Jetplane's side of the bed

5. I will let Milo sleep with me in the bed (like the good ol days)

6. I may even let Charlie lay on the bed

7. I will go shopping and buy home decor items that Mr Jetplane thinks we don't need and will tell him we already had those.

8. I will go shopping and purchase wallpaper for the master bathroom and then talk him into putting it up when he gets back.

9. I will take long baths and blare music throughout the house. 10. I will drink copious amounts of champagne...out of red wine glasses.

11. I will work on crafting projects that Mr thinks are crazy (that's until he sees them all done).
What do you plan on doing when your significant other is MIA for a few days...
Monday, December 28, 2009

Its so hard to say goodbye...

Mr. Jetplane left this morning to visit family in Illinois for a week. Another NYE without him...we've only spent 2 of them together :(

I couldn't take time off from work, since I took 2 weeks off around my mother's surgery.

I miss him already and I may (or may not) being eating Oreos this morning while working..yes I have to work this week...BOO.

I'll be back later on with the Jetplanes Holiday...

*FYI This is one of my favorite pictures of my hubby. Doesn't he look hot in suspenders and a bow tie...
Thursday, December 24, 2009

From Our House to Yours!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Jetplanes. And to all the military families spending this holiday away from each other, THANK YOU for what you do and know that you are in our hearts and minds during this holiday season.

I know that the Jetplanes will spend at least one holiday apart in the coming years and I gain courage from your strength and dedication. You are a true inspiration to me and my journey through my newly found military life.


One of the the most wonderful and fabulous (yes I know I repeated it) girls in the entire world is engaged!!

Jill, are you reading?!? Wave to the readers Jill!! Readers wave back to Jill!!

She is engaged!! I'm so over the moon excited for her and Billy (I'm sorry Bill now that we graduated college...apologies Bill).

Congrats to them and may this make their holiday alittle more brighter.

Love you girl and miss you like a crazy person!!
Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Soundtrack to my day

Well Happy Eve of Christmas Eve to all you lovely readers of mine..if I still have some, since I've been quite the crappy lil blogger lately.

I do apologize, the Jetplanes' lives have been a little crazy lately and my workload, well...my cup runneth over to the nth degree.

So what to blog about today on a day such a this...well music of course. I love music and have a pretty eclectic taste. But this song evens me out and I go into a very relaxed mode...hoping it will do the same to you.

I believe the 1st time I heard it was on 500 Days of Summer but I'm not sure. (FYI-Really liked that movie)

But then last night I heard it again on a Rhapsody commercial when the guy said "This reminds me of the song"...and it really did.

I love how music can change your mood, take you back in time, or just get your party started.

So for the lackluster posts lately, I promise I'll get better.

Enjoy this lil diddy for your morning jump start!!
Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Alittle something about Mrs. Jetplane

I unfortunately am not a fan of Christmas music. I do love classic, church Christmas music, but I can't stand all the rest of it. Sorry to disappoint you all. But I do have 2 favorites...

#1. All I Want for Christmas by the one and only Mariah

I love this song and it automatically makes me want to watch Love Actually.

#2 The Christmas Song by Alvin and the Chipmunks

This song reminds me of my Grandmother's house. We would like to listen to this on her huge record player/sound system. I also sing this song to get on Mr. Jetplane's nerves... hahaha

The Jetplanes are all about Compromise

The Jetplanes have had several heated discussions on something that is very near and dear to us...


When a new movie comes out the Jetplanes hunkered down on their sides and start to make deals about what movie they will see...

Both sides have conferred with our own independent counsels and have came to a nice compromise...

I am willing to watch this - (only in 3D)

if he will go with me to watch THIS!!

Lord help us when we have to pick baby names (which isn't happening right now)...
Monday, December 21, 2009

All our PRETTY presents under the tree..

Well not exactly! Since the Jetplanes are staying home in NC this year, we'll be away from all our family...:( But that means the UPS man (and postwoman) and I are getting acquainted again..oh how I have missed him..and he me I'm sure.

So these are some of the presents that we have receive thus far...Yes I know that is a box with an office chair, its for Mr. Jetplane from my parents. He has a horrible one upstairs in his man cave. I won't let him open any of them, even the ones from his mother, which he picked out.

I'm pretty sure one or more of the boxes have doggie treats in them the way Milo was interested in them...

Can't believe Christmas is Friday!! I wish we had our gas hooked up so we could have a fire in the fireplace on Christmas Eve...Yeah for our 1st Christmas in our first home... Last year Mr. Jetplane had knee surgery in Texas on 12/23 and I spent the next week taking care of him...this Christmas will be much better.

Its the Monday before Christmas & all through the house...

Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.... HAHAHAHA

The mouse is back y'all...and its fat as hell. Someone may have had an encounter with it this weekend. I screamed and yelled, attempted to beat it with a broom, and scared the crap out of my dogs...

I was yelling at the dogs..."Its a mouse...Its a mouse damn it... get it!"

They looked at mama like she had lost her damn mind, swinging a broom, and jumping around and in and out of the pantry like a crazy person.

I don't get it...these dogs will chase bugs, birds, whatever...where are animal instincts when you need them...

Well you can find there lazy butts on the couch...that is when dad's not home!!!

For those of you keeping score - Mrs. Jetplane 0 Mouse 2.

To be completely honest, I think this is a new mouse, we were mouse free for 2 months or so. We live out in the country and its not uncommon for mice around here we've been told. I cleaned out pantry and didn't find any holes where he could be coming in. I think he might be coming in from the laundry room, but still haven't figured out where...

Friday, December 18, 2009

Pug Friday - Ode to Mr. Jetplane

Well Good Pug Friday to You ALL!!

I'm alittle tired today since someone had to stay up and watch the Colts win last night! I'll be honest, I got alittle worried. We're light on defense right now, and well...we don't have much in run defense, so I knew it would be a good game. It always is against JAX. But we won and remain undefeated.

That being said, today's Pug Friday is in honor of Mr. Jetplane.

See the lil pug is a pilot?

This is a poster which comes from www.obeythepurebreed.com which is a hilarious site full of great Pug and other breed paraphernalia. Be sure to check it out, whether your a pug lover or not, its funny and they sell great gifts for your pug or any fellow pug lovers out there.

Happy Pug Friday!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Hey its me...Mrs. Jetplane. The bad lil blogger that's been too busy to blog. Well it appears we will be going to another couple's house for Christmas Eve and I need to bring 2 dishes to their house. We're having 'heavy' appetizers.

I need suggestions...what am I talking about...I need help!

No Brie please!

Please leave me a comment or send me an email at leavingandloving@gmail.com with your suggestions and recipes!!!

Thank you in advance for your help.
Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sorry guys...

But this is what my days are looking like since I got back from the Midwest. I promise to be a better blogger soon...
Thursday, December 10, 2009

Crazy Lives of the Jetplanes

Well today we'll both be on a jetplane at the same time....

I'll be flying to Pcola this afternoon and Mr. will be on his solo flight in something alittle more exciting....

Its been a rough week for us... I just got back on Sunday afternoon and he's been crazy busy with flying every day this week. Flying in a jet, for those that don't know, is extremely tough on your body, especially when you aren't used to pulling that many g's, on a regular basis. He hadn't actually flown in almost a year.

So as a side effect, he's been dealing with some sickness issues. He's on the patch now for this, but some of the guys are giving him a hard time... asking him if he's grown boobs yet....with his hormone patch... I couldn't help but die laughing when he tell me that...

He said, "Shut Up! Its not funny!"

I said "Oh yes it is...and you know it!"

Then he said..."Yeah it is really funny!"

I assured him..."Don't worry I'm sure that guy says that to every single person that gets one...Just put that one in your back pocket and you can use it in a couple of years to someone else."

Wish him luck today!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Life in Pictures....

Hello all...I am still crazy busy so I thought I would give you a very quick (like a nanosecond) review of the 2 weeks I spent in the Midwest.
ALOT occurred in those 2 weeks, if you follow me on twitter (which you don't have to but if you want to, its totally fine with me...because in all honesty, I'm on twitter way more than the blog...and I tell you way more...probably too much, on my twitter...anyway I digress)

For those of you that don't know, my mother had her reconstructive surgery about 3 weeks ago now. This is what Siteman looks like at night... NO ONE ANYWHERE, actually that's what it looked like when we got there at 5:30 in the morning too... Her surgery was 16 hours long. More to come on that...

While I was in the STL I got to meet up with this 2 wonderful ladies from Mrs. Everlasting and fellow mil wife, Running in Stilettos. Love them... I felt bad because I was really sick during this time... But we had a great time, and 2 glasses of wine always make me a happy girl...especially when I'm highly medicating... I hope to see them again next time I'm in STL.
While in STL I stayed with my cousin a couple of nights. This is her dog Simon...he hates me. He growled at me the entire time. I attempted to win his affection with food...it kinda worked but not really... The entire time there I sang to him... "My name is Simon...and I like to do drawings..." Bonus points if you know what that is from...he was named after that character...While out grocery shopping with my cousin we stopped off at the petstore since they were having adoptions. I met this lil guy, he was missing a toe on one of his paws. He was the calmest doggie ever. I fell in love with him. I texted the Mr... he said NO WAY... I almost cried when we had to leave...

After almost a week in the hospital, Mama Jetplane was released and we headed home to Southern Illinois where my family resides.

I was subjected to taking out my Mom's dog Hank in the rain... he has to wear a raincoat...no worries, he enjoys his raincoat but not the rain.

Since I was around, I got to attend my college roomie's baby shower. It was so great to see her and my other roomie from college. Miss those girls so much.

And attended an Ugly Sweater Party at a friend's house... I was really upset because my sweater was not ugly enough. I didn't know about the party and had to run to the Dollar General for a sweatshirt. But hey I still had a great time...

I became even sadder when my antler broke...

While at home I also got to meet up with 2 other wonderful bloggers... We had a great time together, and figured out that we literally know TONS of the same people...it is such a small world after all. Is that good or bad???
Nina and Mandy are just as sweet as you would except them to be...

So there is a quick snapshot of the 2 weeks back at home. I promise to give you more info on Mama Jetplane later this week...
I'm off to Pcola tomorrow afternoon for a work trip...sad that Mr. Jetplane can't come with me, everyone else is bringing their spouses, correction bringing their wives..BOO...darn flight school... oh well... At least I'll get to sport my new Tory Burch dress to the holiday party!!
Monday, December 7, 2009

What A Long Strange Trip Its Been..

Good Morning all...

I'm home in North Carolina..FINALLY.

I promise to give you a full recap of the past 2 weeks but right now, I'm digging...digging myself out of the huge ass hole I've dug myself in at work.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers over the past 2 weeks, they've been felt and appreciated more than you'll ever know. And to the lovely bloggers that I finally got to meet in person...all 4 of them, yes 4, I got to meet 4...are you jealous??? Thank you. You all are just a fabulous as I had imagined you would be.

Bigger NEWS! Mr. Jetplane's first flight in the jet will be today, actually he might be in it as I type right now! He left at 5am this morning.

Honestly...you all are going to need to pray for my sanity more than his safety! Who wants to gamble about whether or not he's going to throw up...Ha Ha... He hasn't pulled that many g's for almost a year now... I have a feeling he's going to be dry heaving like...well, its too early to be discussing it.

Have a great Monday...
Friday, December 4, 2009

My <3 Belongs to a Man in a Flight Suit

I miss Mr. Jetplane so much. We've been apart for 2 weeks now, and I've missed alot. He started in a new squadron and I wasn't around for all the welcome festivities. BOO!!
Doesn't he look cute? Do you feel safe that this man is going to be protecting your country? He's such a cheeseball...but I adore him.
Can't wait until Sunday when he is picking me up at the airport....

*FYI the jet in the pictures is the F15e, aka his future office. Yeah, its kinda hot, I'm not even going try to lie about that...

Pug Friday - Missing my Baby Edition

So I have been away from my hubby and boys almost 2 weeks now. I'm missing them like a crazy person. So for today's Pug Friday, my lil baby boy Milo...

I know this is a recycled picture, but its one of my favorites... miss my lil monkey...

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