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Friday, June 18, 2010

Pug Friday - On the Road

Sorry I've been MIA this week. I am currently in Pensacola for work. I'm back at the corporate office, having to wake up, get dress, and sit in the office all day. I enjoy being back in the office but this waking up and getting dressed stuff is for the birds :)

I'm leaving today to head back to North Carolina and to these guys :) I can't wait!!

Yes, this was an outtake from our family shoot before we moved from Pensacola last summer!

Photo by Oeil Photography


kjpugs said...

AWWW love that pic!

Design Apprentice said...

found your blog and it is cute as a button. Love that family picture, looks like sheer happiness.

3 Cupcakes said...

How neat!! Didn't know you use to live in Pensacola, but I guess Mr. Jetplane had some schooling here! I'm a native Pensacolian. We're currently in the process of my hubby enlisting in the Army, and I'm also a former Army brat! Where was the pic taken in Pensacola? Very cute family pic, by the way!

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