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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Making Heads or Tails of it all...

Hello there fine followers of this lil blog. I'm in quite a manic state at the moment so I do apologize.

With great excitement I can say that preparations for Mr's homecoming are under way but...and that's a BIG ASS BUT...its a crazy busy time. So much going on at our base, with our squadron, with my work, or and that personal life that I sometimes find time for.

I'm the MOH is a fabulous friend's wedding next week and am flying home soon to be there for that. So needless to say I need help...in the form of a wife...or at least a maid / personal assistant.

I might know someone that has already claimed sister wife status...wink wink

But there are some exciting things I hope to be coming to this lil blog very soon...

A lovely giveaway from one very talented mil wife
A lovely wedding recap and home visit
And homecoming preparations....and homecomings...notice that is plural? I will be attending several before my husband gets home :( Such is the life, right?

Well back to work...we got a long way to go and short time to get there...


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