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Friday, November 4, 2011

Pug Friday

Hello all! Its starting to get cold around these parts....brrrr. We might get snow this weekend even.

Time to get snuggling with my favorite boys, which obviously includes my lil hunk of puggie loving, Milo.

shh...don't tell Mr. Jetplane he's on the top of the couch...

P.S. I just got an IPhone last weekend, now that Sprint has them :) So I've been trying to figure it all out. Any suggestions for apps? Can someone tell me what Hey Tell is all about ?

Happy Pug Friday!


Sweet Simplicity said...

You will love your phone! I love pinterest, Couch to 5K, instagram, and iPeriod. And of course Twitter! I use the twitterific app and love it.

Sarah Cook said...

I absolutely love my iPhone! I have Skype and Tango for video calls and use Spotify for streaming music. It's basically Pandora, but you pay about $10 a month and you're able to create as many custom play lists as you like.

Jessi | Minnesota Mrs. said...

Prepare to be amazed!!! "Heytell" is pretty much like talking into the phone (like a voicemail) and then it gets texted to someone. So you can record your voice and send it to them like a text. I don't see the point personally!

My favorite apps are:
- Weather Channel
- Us Weekly
- "Dragon Dictation": lets you speak into the phone, then it texts/types for you
- Feeddler RSS: blog reader!
- Shutterfly
- Shazam: lets you hold your phone up to the radio/music and tells you the song title and artist
- Pandora: streams music
- Blog Press: post to blogger from your iPhone
- Fandango: find movies really quickly

Hope that helps! You'll love it!

bejellyfish said...

Such a cute picture!

My husband informed me tonight that I "have way too many pictures" of my dog on my phone. I say not enough pictures.

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