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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Proud Lady

The Idaho Potato Race was in Boise on Saturday.  We had a large group of wives from our base running in honor of Piston the pilot that we lost a in March from the F15e crash in SE Asia.  I was really proud of these women, the majority of women from my squadron ran either the 1/2 marathon or the full marathon, way to go ladies.  

Mr. Jetplane decided at the last minute that he would run and signed up for the 10k.  He had run the Robie Creek Half Marathon a few weekends ago, which is supposedly the hardest 1/2 in the Northwest.  It was uphill for approximately 8 miles and it happened to be in the mid 80s that day as well.  He wanted to take it easy and run the 10k (ha 10k easy...for him). 
I was really proud of him even though he being the guy he is said he could have run it faster.  He got 9th place overall and won his age group (31 - 35).  He got a ribbon and this cute stuff potato.  I forced him to get a picture with it, telling him in my best "The Christmas Story voice"...That's a MAJOR AWARD!
I really wanted him to get a picture with the big potato walking around the race, but this is the closest I could get him to it. 


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