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Friday, May 25, 2012

Pug Friday

Happy Pug Friday Everyone!  I'm kinda sad today.  We're leaving to go home to Illinois this weekend so the boys are going to the doggie kennel for a week or so.  I hate putting them in the kennel, even though they get to play all day long I still hate it.

I hate it even more knowing that I'm flying back home to Idaho alone and Mr. Jetplane will be spending the next 2 months down in Alabama for SOS.  He has been gone so much this year that its insane. 

Mr. snapped this picture of the boys the other day while he was taking a load of trash from our bathroom remodel to the dump.  They love riding in the truck with daddy and sometimes they even like each other. 

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend.  I'm gonna love up on my veteran. 


caknitter said...

Happy Memorial Day!
The picture cracks me up. Love it.

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