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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thundercats are go....

Thank you all so much for your kind words and support.  As you can expect, we're pretty excited.  Well to be completely honest that excitement is mixed with equal parts scared to death and holy crap I hope we don't screw this kid up. 

Mr. Jetplane and I both turn 32 in the next few months, me in June and he in July.  We'll have been married 4 years in June and together 8 years in August.  Time seems like its flown by, as it often seems to do, am I right?  But the funny thing about the two of us is, we don't consider ourselves grown ups.  I mean sure we have college degrees, careers, car loans, mortgages, pets, you name it...but we don't feel like we're old enough.  When we signed on the line and bought our 1st house and then bought our 2nd house in a period of less than a year, we looked at each other and said...ok maybe we're grown ups...maybe. 

Don't get me wrong, we're adults.  We make adult decisions, we're logical and practical and all that horribly boring stuff.  We don't party like we used to, but we both have plenty stories to start about our rowdy college and post college days, we sowed our wild oats and then some.  But what I mean is, we don't feel old. 

We have always wanted kids but never knew when we were going to have them.  Our life is crazy.  We got married and wanted to enjoy married life.  He suffered through flight school and had zero free time.  He graduated and we got to our first operational squadron.  Long long long hours to get mission qualified and before we knew what hit us...BAM...deployment for 7 months. 

We realized there is never going to be a good time.  We want to have a family.  We have to try to plan this out as best as we can.  I have to accept that he won't physically be here for some of the pregnancy, crossing fingers he's here for the birth, and know that he won't be here every night to put our sweet lil one to bed.  I accepted that and we moved forward. 

I had been on the pill since I was 17 years old.  I (like I do for most things) have totally irrational fears about things that are completely out of my control.  I was nervous that I was infertile.  I told myself that it was going to be difficult.  We got pregnant the 2nd month we actually tried.  I know, I hate me too.  But let me tell you, trying to plan your ovulation cycle when your husband is gone atleast 10 days a month, is very difficult.  (TMI sorry) But we lucked out and this precious lil baby is now in my belly...and needless to say, I'm totally shocked. 

The first month we tried I had a chemical pregnancy and the 2nd month it took, I didn't believe it.  I assumed it was just the same as the month previous.  I went down to visit Mr. Jetplane who was in Vegas (yet again) and told him.  The previous month I had something cute for him to open to tell him the news...he was shocked and  the only words out of his mouth were "Congratulations!".  I felt weird trying to surprise him again the following month.  We decided just to wait it out another week and then I'd go to base and have them confirm it.  I was in Vegas for 5 days and I was a good girl...it sucked :(

I came back and had my tests done on base...they came back positive.  I sent Mr. Jetplane a text message since he was at Red Flag in Vegas working crazy ass hours and I had no idea when I was going to talk to him.  The text read.... Thundercats are go!

He knew exactly what that meant.  That's sort of a running joke with us.  That is what he would say to me while he was deployed if something happened that day on his flight.  He can't talk about work with me but I knew what it meant. 

So we maneuvered through the several weeks, me being incredibly sick and he in Vegas. 

Last week we finally had our 1st ultrasound.  Mr. Jetplane left for yet another TDY last Friday but he was able to attend.  It was an amazing experience and I'm so thankful we got to share it together.  I knew this whole pregnancy wouldn't feel real until I had an ultrasound.  I swore when they turned on the machine that there would be nothing there...somehow I had been throwing up 20 times a day for some other reason.  But low and behold, there was a baby.  You could see sweet lil arms and legs, a big old head, and sweet lil heart beating.  I, of course, started bawling.  I couldn't believe this was actually happening.  I still can't. 

As we were walking out of the room together that morning I turned to Mr. Jetplane and smiled.  We were both laughing and happy and I said "Sh!t just got real...like really really real!"

He laughed, agreed, and said..."We're grown ups!"


Everyday Adventures said...

awww! what an amazing post and experience! So happy for you both! What an adventure you are on together! I look forward to reading how you handle him being away during parts of the pregnancy seeing my hubby is also a pilot in the AF!

Sonya said...

Your descriptions of yourselves sounds a lot like us. I don't feel like I'm an adult but I am.

Jessica Lynn said...

I loved this post! Congratulations :) I can't wait to hear more about your pregnancy!

Mateya said...

So sweet! This will be a wonderful journey for you both :)

Mrs. Jones said...

I'm finally catching up on my commenting and I am so very happy for you! I love it! And yes, I so agree with you on how I feel - I'm so not an adult/grown-up. Not sure I'll ever be ready to call myself one! :-)

Project 1852 said...

Congratulations! So excited for your family. I was 32 when I got pregnant for the first time too. I now have 2 beautiful boys - 9 & 5 years. Take care of yourself and enjoy. It's the most rewarding experience ever!!!

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