Fellow Travelers

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

1 Week

It will be a week this evening that we lost our beloved big boy Charlie.  I am still terribly sad about this.  Thankfully I fly down to visit Mr. Jetplane on Friday, it was a planned trip.  I will be gone for 2 weeks down to Alabama and the Gulf Coast.  It will be hard putting Milo in doggie day care for 2 weeks, alone without his BIG lil brother. I am comforted to know that out of the 2 of them, Milo was the independent one. 

I got Milo when I was living in Indy before I met Mr. Jetplane.  I used to travel a ton for my previous job so he got used to doggie kennels and had been the solo dog in my house and heart for quite some time before Charlie was added to the picture.  Milo is a hardy lil guy but that isn't going to make it any easier when I have to drop him off on Friday.  Especially when I'm going to have to tell the kennel workers about Charlie.  They adored Charlie. 

Everyone adored Charlie. 


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