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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mrs. Jetplane Cooks...Italian Beef

First things first...who out there knows what Italian Beef is? Anyone..Anyone...

When the Jetplanes moved to Pcola we rotated between a few couples and have dinner at each others houses. I made Italian Beef one night and entertained friends from Connecticut and Utah...both of which had never heard of Italian Beef. Later we had friends from North Carolina and Hawaii, never heard of Italian Beef either.

So I'm assuming its totally a Midwestern thing. I had no idea others didn't know about this awesome sandwich.

So what is it?

Definition of Italian Beef: An Italian beef is a sandwich of thin slices of seasoned beef, dripping with meat juices, on a dense, long Italian-style roll, believed to have originated in Chicago, where its history dates back at least to the 1930s.

And what does it look like? Kinda like this...

This is an incredibly easy recipe that uses a Crock Pot..hello what is easier than that?

What you are going to need:

about 2.5 to 3lb roast (can you chuck, round, etc. just made sure its not too fatty)
2 Packets of Good Seasons Italian Dressing Mix
2 Cans of Beef Broth
2 Cans of Beef Gravy (if you like it really spicy use 1 can)
1 Jar of Pepperoncinis
1 Packet of Lipton Onion Soup Mix
1 small onion thinly sliced (optional)

Italian Style Rolls, we also use multi grain long rolls
Provolone Cheese Slices
Additional Pepperoncinis and Giardinera optional

Now this recipe you can make really HOT or slightly MILD or not hot at all. This is how I make it for us...Mr. loves spicy and I do MILD.

1. In the Crock Pot dump the onion soup mix, onions, half of the pepperoncinis and juice, 1 dressing packet, and 1 can of beef broth. Stir together.

2. Place the roast in the mixture and the pour the 2nd packet of dressing over the roast. Then dump the 2nd beef broth can, 2 cans of beef gravy, and the rest of the pepperoncinis. Stir.

For SPICY - I dump all the juice in the pepperoncinis jar but only 2/3 of the pepperoncinis in the jar. If you like it spicy dump them all in and only use 1 can of gravy.

If you are concerned about the spice - use half the juice and half the peppers. You can also pour a little light beer (I prefer Bud or Miller Light) into the mixture.

3. Cook on low around 8- 10 hours. The roast will break down somewhat but you will have to break it down further prior to eating. (I usually put it on around 6:30am and have Mr. turn it off around 5 and we eat around 6.)

4. Then you're ready for the deliciousness. Take a roll and generously place some of the meat and juices in the roll. Then place a slice or 2 of provolone on top. If you want more spice you can dress the sandwich with more pepperoncinis and/or giardiniera.


UPDATE: An Italian Beef Sandwich is not a Philly Cheese Steak nor a French Dip. I have ate both and they are very different things. They may look similar but they are very different, I'm pretty sure its a Midwestern thing. Its believed they were first created in Chicago.


DeDe said...

WHAT?!? There are Americans who don't know about Italian Beef? Thank you for showing it to the world on your blog then! My mom shakes it up every once in a while and adds diced tomatoes to it. Don't forget the beer in it either!

short southern momma said...

Thats one for the recipe books, looks yummy!! Thanks and hope you have a great weekend! = )

Nicole said...

huh..never heard of it!!! i heard of cheese steaks!!!

Jen and Rob said...

Looks and sounds yummy!

martha - ca knitter said...

Looks delish. Hey, I think that's called a steak sandwich or cheese steak when you cover it with cheese. Either way it's one yummy looking sandwich. I'll have to try the recipe soon. Thanks for sharing.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Yeah I've never heard of it! Thanks for giving me something new.

Mandy said...

I love that you introduced me to this delicious sandwich. I make it at least once a month!

Mrs. Potts said...

I am going to have to try to make this. I've liked them when I've had them & now you've made my mouth water!!

fast cooker said...

What Italian dressing mix is the best?

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