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Monday, September 14, 2009


There I said it, I'm really disappointed in the season finale of True Blood. Why you ask?

****Spoilers AHEAD***** And discussion of book details****

1. Maryann - I hated her character, she was a waste of shape, and her death... ummm she should have sensed it was Sam (1st off) and she shouldn't have been killed that easily. I get she is at her weakest during the ceremony, but still come on...

2. Bill - I am beyond annoyed with him. And I am really not liking the deviation from the book.

3. Eggs - another character I did not like. I'm glad they killed him off but seriously... Jason...come on (and one other thing, if Sookie isn't all 'human', neither is Jason, he shouldn't have been taken over by Maryann)

4. Eric... more Eric please...

So, I won't be a total Debbie Downer there were a couple of things I liked about the finale.

1. The Queen didn't suck as bad as last episode. ERW was much better. Thank God.

2. Sookie was great in the whole episode. However, if Maryann has been around forever she should have met someone or something like Sookie before. Not the mind reading but the other thing...

3. Read that Season 3 will follow the third book... bring on Alcide, Debbie Pelt, and the King of MS... Club Dead... yeah!

So who kidnapped Bill? Eric? I think that's too easy... I hope it follows the book...

What are your thoughts on the season finale?


Hannah said...

Like I stated before, I've never read the books, but I've been dissappointed with the ridiculousness of this season. The only parts I like any more are the ones that Eric is in!

How they killed Maryanne was predictable. I actually called it, outloud, to the hubs before it happened.

I don't get why Eric kidnapped Bill.. if he wants him outta the picture, couldn't he just kill him?

The whole "Eggs" thing frustrated me. Was Eggs even in the book?

Kate said...

There was not enough Eric. That being said, the whole ending was predictable - Sookie spent too much time in the bathroom and I knew bill'd be gone by the time she came out. I didn't quite expect him to be kidnapped, but still. Maryanne - thank God she's out of the picture.

I don't know. It had it's ups and downs... all in all I was pretty underwhelmed, I guess.

Allison Hasel said...

The season finale was a little too perfect. The entire Maryann story was wrapped up completely, which shows rarely do. Then they brought forth another story entirely (Bill being kidnapped). I HATED Maryann. She overtook so many storylines it was really annoying.

I like Bill, but that is solely based on season 2 viewing. I know Eric is a much bigger part of the books, I just have gotten there yet. However, I LOVE Sam. I'm falling more in love with him after "saving the town" from Maryann even though it seemed impossible. :)

I'm looking forward to season 3 of course, but then I'm sure I'll have read all of the books!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a bummer too. I didn't like the Maryann storyline at all. The part with Sam was so predictable, as was the ending with Bill. I really hope they step it up for next season.

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