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Friday, September 25, 2009

Mr. Jetplane's Man Cave in Progress

DISCLAIMER: This is Mr. Jetplane's domain. I'm allowing him almost complete rein on this area. But I am trying to get him to stay in some sort of cohesive look...it is still very much a work in progress.
Also - the floor is showing up a lot more read in these pictures than it does in real life.
Here is the view coming up the stairs from the kitchen. Its an extremely narrow staircase. So narrow that our furniture (the sectional we had that was to go up there) didn't fit. Mr. and I even spent one afternoon taking the legs off of it to try to get it up the stairs...but to no avail. Sold it to a friend of ours...he got quite a deal.
The light brown love seat is the only piece of furniture that Mr. Jetplane owned from our previous house in Pcola. He bought it without me being present. I hate it, but it fit upstairs so its up there and the dogs sleep on it when we're up stairs. Yes, its an expensive ass dog bed at this moment.
The large brown furniture is all reclining furniture... what is that you ask...How did you get reclining furniture up the narrow staircase if your sleek modern sectional wouldn't go up there... well did you know that if the reclining furniture is on a metal base it can be disassembled rather easily into multiple parts?
Well neither did we... We couldn't get the whole section they sold at the store but we did negotiate for 2 of the couches (2 seats each) and a recliner.
I really dislike reclining furniture but this stuff is extremely comfortable, it fit up the stairs, and Mr. Jetplane loves it. Marriage is all about compromise, right?
Here is what became of my dream of a window seat. Mr. needed a place to study for flight school and his current master classes he's taking. The jets hanging from the ceiling where given to him from his great uncle that past away last year. He made models and they are some of Mr.'s prized possessions. Little did his uncle know when he was making for those 20+ years ago that his great nephew would be flying in an F15E.
This view shows 2 doors, the main one leads to the other side of the attic which is currently being used for storage. We hope to eventually (if we end up staying here for 3 years) to put in a bathroom, storage area, and bedroom which my office would go into. The other door on the left side is the entry into the bonus room.

Here is a better view of the furniture and Milo. The rug is from Lowe's for around $100. Its 8x12 and filled up the space nicely. We still need a table but its good for now.

Here's Mr. Jetplane other love his 55" television. Note the ceramic giraffe..that is his, its name is George and it has to come everywhere with us...unfortunately I'm not joking. The plant was a gift from Mr. Jetplane's family for my grandmother's funeral earlier this year. We're trying to keep it alive..it didn't fair very well during the move in my car.

Right now the walls have some sport and aviation pictures being displayed. The 'look' I think I've gotten him to go with will be similar to a squadron ready room.
We would like to put a bar in the other side behind the couches and an air hockey table. He wanted a pool table, but I've talked him out of that. Plus one of our friends bought a house down the street and they have a pool table in their bonus room, so he's good. The space is very large and he's really excited about the room.
Any ideas? I'm more than happy to hear them.


Chic Runner said...

Wow! It looks really cool up there. I love how the jets are hanging from the ceiling :) Such a great idea, glad the man cave is coming along!

Kristen said...

I'm loving all the pictures of the house as things get done! Keep em coming :)

Allison Hasel said...

I am not going to lie, I am super jealous of your house! It is the kind of home I'm used to; like my friends' parents had! Homes out West are set-up so different from the Midwest, South and East Coast. Those are the homes I love! :)

Anyhow, I think this is a great start for a man cave. Man caves are supposed to be comfy, not always super girly or fashionable. :)

I love the idea of the squadron room look. You could hang graphic WWI/WWII, air show or flying posters. I knew an former Marine fighter guy who has an entire room shaped similarly and he has every angled wall filled with various certificates, awards, posters, etc. I had to admit it looked awesome, but only because his wife had reign over the rest of the house. :)

Nick would love to have two rooms in our house – one to fill with Purdue memorabilia, the other to fill with flying paraphernalia (all of it from the Wright brothers to the F-22). Loving these posts, they are inspiring me to get off my butt and start sharing stuff about my house!

Allison Hasel said...

PS: Love that you have room to grow in your house with the extra space in the attic.

Jessica Lynn said...

Ummm...can I move into his man cave? Looks fantastic!

Lucky in Love said...

That's awesome! When we finally buy...a man cave is essential! And it has to hold ALL of our current furniture...because I hate it :)

Sara said...

Wow what is it with men and reclining furniture. Mark keeps looking at recliners... of the forest green sort. I about faint or black out every time. Does Mr. also not put the twist tie back on the bread? Because that would just make my day. And you guys have the exact same TV and stand as we do. Light tv, heavy stand? I keep trying to replace it because with all the man electronics on it I can see all the wires. I could go on.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

An old school pin ball machine would be fun!

Mrs. Limestone said...

Good luck.

My husband has his own man cave and I have long given up trying to make it something I would consider nice. He and I just don't share a definition. haha

Brittney said...

Your house looks really nice! I totally feel your pain on the decorating compromise.

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