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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Mama Jetplane

Happy 50th Birthday to the BEST mom in the whole wide world....yes I may be a little biased but OH WELL... She is wonderful.
She was a young, single mother with 2 kids and a nasty ex-husband that refused to pay child support. She is a devout Catholic, breast cancer survivor who loves to cook, garden, and lay out in her pool with a wine cooler (yes my mom loves her a wine cooler). She is a hell of a lady that prefers to wear heels and jewelry no matter where she is going. That's my mom and I love her....even though she refused to accept I had straight hair and made me get perms...in the kitchen sink.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Thank you for putting up with me during my teenage years, I was quite a handful.

Thank you for taking me to the New Kids on the Block when you had the flu.

Thank you for showing me how much love can come from a single mom.

Thank you for allowing us to attend private school, dance lessons, play sports, etc. on 1 income.

Thank you for paying for my college education.
Thank you for making the best Halloween costumes.

Thank you for being a shoulder to cry on when I felt the world around me falling down.
Thank you for attending every one of my dance recitals, contests, and pageants.

Thank you for reminding me to not let stupid boys get me down.

Thank you for showing me what a strong woman is.

Thank you for teaching me how to cook.
Thank you for driving to Indianapolis with me to pick out my first apartment and loaning me furniture to fill it with.
Thank you for showing me how one can go through so much and still remain positive.
Thank you for every single thing you have ever done for me and my lil brother.
Thank you for being our mother.

Love you.


tootie said...

Awww...this is sweet! Happy Birthday to your mom!

Lindsey said...

What a strong woman. Happy Birthday!

Mateya said...

So sweet! Your mom is so pretty!

Dishy Decorator said...

So sweet. As a mom, that makes me cry. It sounds like our childhoods were very similar. My mother is such a strong woman, and now that I'm a mom, I don't know how she did it along. Happy birthday Mama Jetplane!

Anonymous said...

Aw - this is so sweet! :) :) :) Happy Birthday to Mama Jetplane!

Miss E said...

How sweet! Happy birthday to your beautiful mama!

Chic Runner said...

Happy Birthday to your Mama! :) You guys have such an awesome relationship and I can tell through all the great things you always say about her. <3

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to your mama!

kjpugs said...

Haha birthday mama Jetplane! She sounds like a strong and wonderful woman.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Hope she has a wonderful day! Happy Birthday!

Random Musings said...

What a FABULOUS post!

Little Miss Diva said...

What a great post, your mom sounds like an amazing, strong woman. Happy Birthday to your Mama!

Imperfect said...

What a sweet post! Happy Birthday to your momma! August 12th must be the birthday for awesome single mommas...it's my mom's birthday too!

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