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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Safe Travels

We have to say good bye and good luck some of our buddies in North Carolina this week. Good Luck Rockets. Come home safe.

This is the first time fellow F15e classmates of Mr. Jetplane are getting deployed soon. If we would have stayed in NC this could have been his squadron. It could be him deploying.

This deployment makes everything feel very real. I know I say that alot but its an odd feeling to have and to explain. This deployment means Mr's deployment is one huge step closer to happening. Its there in the back of my mind on my mental calendar. Counting down the months till he's gone, till he's home, and how we might be able to have a baby somewhere in between that time. Its an overwhelming thought, its a sad realization that you have to consider... you may be planning on having a baby and being pregnant knowing your husband wouldn't be there (or even in the country) during the majority of your pregnancy. But that's where I find myself today...and I know I'm not the only one.

But enough about me...pray for a safe and speedy return for these guys and gals.


caknitter said...

Praying for all of them to have a safe assignment and come home in good health.

Unknown said...

Your friends who were just deployed will be in my thoughts and prayers. Our small town recently felt the pain of war. Chris Wright was an Army Ranger deployed to Afghanistan and died from wounds sustained during a fire fight. He was a graduate of '05, just two years older than me, and an all around amazingly sweet guy. Below is the link to the press release. He is being brought home tomorrow to be laid to rest and the entire town is decorated to show our appreciation and how greatly he will be missed. His visitation is Friday and funeral is Saturday. Please keep our community in your prayers.


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