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Friday, August 13, 2010

Pug Friday - Kentuckiana Pug Rescue

Happy Pug Friday Everyone! I am so glad everyone enjoyed Pug Friday last week. This week I am very happy to highlight Kentuckiana Pug Rescue.

Kentuckiana Pug Rescue is a volunteer based, 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue organization (permit #P11-001005) committed to helping all needy Pugs in the states of Indiana and Kentucky. We work to find both abandoned, as well as surrendered Pugs, loving, forever homes in which they can live out the rest of their lives. KPR does not have a central facility where Pugs can be visited. Each rescued Pug lives with a foster family until they can be placed in an adoptive home.


Kentuckiana Pug Rescue is closed to incoming dogs. Our hearts are aching, knowing there are pugs that need us, and we cannot help. The number of pugs being turned over to us has increased dramatically in the last few months. Our resources, both foster homes and money, have been stretched beyond our limit, and in order to continue to care for the dogs already in the rescue, we must close to incoming pugs. We will do everything we can to find other rescues to help those pugs that we cannot.

So let's see if we can help this organization out and get some of these cutie pies a forever home. They most definitely deserve it.

Let's take a look at just SOME of the puggies that are available for adoption TODAY!

Pugsley Pugsley is good with human kids and kids with fur. He is not a barker, but will throw in his 2 cents every now and then. He doesn’t mind being crated at all, which is good because he is still working on proper bathroom behavior. Overall he does well pottying outside and just needs some reinforcement. He does not enjoy a bath, but does love to be brushed. He is a great pug that loves attention. He is believed to be somewhere around the age of 2 years old. Adoption Donation - $275

Holly (# 763) is a beautiful, sweet, loving little pug that is approximately 4-5 years old. She is known in her foster home as the “Ninja Pug” because she blends into the furniture! A bit of a loner, Holly does fine with other dogs, but would do just as well in a home as an “only child". Holly is a little bit of a "low rider" since she is shorter then the average pug. She is housebroken and is very cooperative about going outside even in bad weather to do her business. Diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure, Holly is on two medications that she will require the rest of her life to manage the condition. Additionally, Holly has one back leg slightly longer then the other. While this does not cause her any pain, it does make her seem unsteady on her feet at times. Holly is an unassuming little girl and wants nothing more than to be loved. She loves to lay right by you and is quite affectionate and willing to give you all the kisses you handle! If you can find it in your heart to welcome Holly into your family, the love she gives you in return will be more then you could have ever imagined.Adoption Donation - $275


Otis (# 888) is a 3 year old “big” boy who loves attention. In fact, he loves to be in the spotlight so much that he cries for it. Otis gets along with other dogs and enjoy playing with them. He knows how to use the doggy door and is housebroken. Otis is still learning how to walk on a leash without pulling, but is making great progress. He weighs in at 22 pounds and is a solid boy. Otis does fine with cats and would make a great companion in a home with children.Adoption Donation - $275


Hi my name is Molly (#1020) and I’m 8 years old. When the nice people at KPR took me to the vet, they found out that I have a heart condition. This means that I need to be on low blood pressure medicine for the rest of my life. My foster mom says that I am doing really well on my new medicine. I hope that you can overlook this small infirmity because I am such a lovable and sweet girl. I really like to be on the couch with my foster mom and dad. I get along with other dogs and I don’t have any problems with cats. I sure hope that you’ll consider giving me a forever home.
Adoption Donation: $225


Maxwell (# 737) is smart, active, and curious. His energy level is that of a puppy, but he is 9 years old (birthday is 11-21-00). This is one happy boy! He runs and plays with the other pug in the home and is the life of the party. He likes to play outside and just enjoys himself whatever he is doing. Recently he has taken to golf. His barking at golfers in the yard (his foster family lives on the 1st hole of a golf course!) and barking at the Golf Channel finally caught the attention of his foster dad. Since he has expressed an interest in golf he has been taken out on the golf course for a few holes. This playful pug also loves taking walks, playing tug of war, and chasing a ball. When it is time to come inside then he will tuck his tail and pout. He is the sweetest, funniest little guy.

This pug has been spoiled all his life and has had everything, yet he is very low maintenance and well behaved. He doesn’t like a plastic enclosed crate, but seems to really like a wire crate. In fact, he will even open the crate door on his own to go in and sleep or curl up inside it when his foster is ready to leave for work. He is no trouble at all. Maxwell is very loving and will get up in your lap and give kisses. He also loves to sleep cuddled up next to you or he’s content to just spend the night in the crate. He is very easy going. He minds well and gets along with others, including kids, dogs, and cats.

Maxwell is a handsome, physically fit pug that just makes you feel happy & loved. He gives lots of kisses and greets everyone he meets with his wagging double curled tail. You’ll find that this good natured pug will fit right into your home like he has been there all along. Adoption Donation - $225

Phoenix & Jack
Phoenix (# 863) and Jack (# 864) are a pair of bonded pugs that have been together ever since Phoenix was a puppy.

Phoenix is a neutered male that turned 4 in April of 2009. He has all his records and is registered with the American Canine Association. Phoenix loves to go on walks with Jack and the other dogs and also gets excited when he sees the leash. He likes to curl up with his foster brothers and sisters to take naps and loves to play tug of war with any toy he can find. As soon as he sees a human, he goes and fetches a stuffed toy to give to you so you can hold it while he shakes and pulls it as hard as he can. Phoenix also likes you to throw his stuffed toys so he can play fetch. He knows how to shake hands and is very obedient as well. Phoenix is potty trained as well as crate trained. He is very sweet and gets along with other dogs. He has not been around young children, but because of his nature he should be fine. He doesn't show any aggressive behavior.

Jack is a neutered male believed to be approximately 9 years old. Like Phoenix, as soon as Jack sees the leash he gets excited knowing he's going for a walk. He mostly sits and lies around during the day, but likes to chew on cow hooves. Jack is potty trained as well as crate trained. His eyesight isn't the best, but once he gets acclimated to his surroundings he does just fine. Jack has Bilateral Pigmentary Kerititis which requires daily eye drops. His foster mom indicates that he handles those just fine. Jack is a very gentle sweetheart and gets along fine with other dogs, but barks at the cats. He hasn't been around young children, but considering his nature he should be fine around them. He likes to shake hands and is very obedient.

Please consider giving this pair of wonderful pugs a loving forever home and double the pug love! Adoption Donation - $375


Scrappy ( # 707) is a 6 ½ year old energetic pug that enjoys being on the go. He loves car rides! He also takes 2-3 walks a day and still has energy to play with his foster family. He chews on stuffed animals, enjoys treats, and loves peanut butter.

This curious, intelligent, and sweet boy has an expressive face that melts your heart. He is housebroken. He does very well with children. He is interested in cats to the point that he will go smell them and then just go on about his merry way. He doesn't pay much attention to dogs either. His foster parents have been teaching him commands. Scrappy is not a lap dog & doesn’t need to sleep in bed with you. He’s content to sit at your feet or by your chair, as long as he’s close. Like most pugs he loves to sleep, but he doesn’t snore very loud. Scrappy does have ongoing allergies.

If you are looking for a traveling companion, then Scrappy has his bags packed and is ready to join you.Adoption Donation - $225


Meet Frankie (# 899), a 3 year old pug mix. We know one of Frankie’s parents was a pug, but we’re not quite sure what the other parent was. Nevertheless, Frankie is one cute dog, no matter what his heritage is! Frankie is a small dog, weighing about 15 pounds. When Frankie came to KPR, he tested positive for heart worm. His treatment was a success and he’s ready for his new home. Frankie quickly learned housebreaking and is crate trained. When Frankie first came into foster care, he was shy, but now he hops into his foster family’s lap, craving a scratch behind the ear or a rub on the stomach. He also likes to reward his people with lots of love and kisses.

Adoption Donation - $125


Tyson (# 321) is a walking miracle. Life was rough for this 5-6 year old pug for a while. He was underweight when rescued and diabetic. Many of you have probably seen his amazing before and after photos on this site for a while. His foster started regulating his sugar with the help of a proper diet and insulin shots. His appearance changed dramatically and he gained some much needed weight. Tyson was also blind due to cataracts when he came to KPR, but did have eye surgery in November on his right eye. Now he can see again!

As Tyson says, “A miracle happened! I went to the vet, I fell asleep, I woke up, and now I can see out of my right eye. I can see!!! I have been so happy. I do not bump into walls anymore! I run much faster because I am not scared of hitting things. I am even wrestling w/ my foster bud Wesley. I have a lot of eye drops, but I don't mind too much. I get a small treat after I get them. Mom says I go back to the eye doctor at the end of the month. I am so happy!!! I can see!!! I can see!!!”

This happy & curious little boy’s life has been completely changed by KPR and his wonderful, loving foster home. Now he is in search of the perfect ending to his story: a forever home.

You will find that this pug has the happiest disposition and can put a smile on anyone’s face. He gets so excited when his foster parents come home that he runs around in circles. He even does this at meal and snack times. He just loves and celebrates life! He loves to play, loves stuffed animals, and loves people. At night he will snuggle in bed with you.Adoption Donation - $225

Barney Barney (# 505) is a very sweet boy that makes people smile wherever he goes. Barney is 10 years ‘young’ – he runs everywhere he goes and plays longer than his foster pug friends. The vet says that Barney is the picture of health and he has many years ahead of him. Since Barney spent much of his life roaming outside on a farm, he loves to explore and is always ready for an adventure. He is compliant in whatever is asked of him and he absolutely adores being petted and played with. Barney walks well on a leash, likes to ride in the car and will follow you to the end of the earth. He is great with small children although you may have to remind him not to jump up on you or little ones. Barney does extremely well with other dogs, but like most dogs he will chase cats. He does not hurt them, but he loves a good chase. Barney has a zest for life that is contagious and energy that is boundless, won’t you give him the loving home he deserves?
Adoption Donation: $225


Edward (# 827) just turned one in January. This little guy is full of energy and he is incredibly fast. He doesn't know he is handicap and so he needs a human that doesn't notice either. Truly the only thing that holds him back is his inability to climb stairs. He is potty trained, crated trained, and plays with his furry sisters and human kids. This lovable pug is the best snuggler and the children in the home fight over who gets to sleep with him at night.

Edward is a true victim of Puppy Mills. He suffers from Dysplastic Elbows. He is unable to bear weight on his front legs. After being rescued by KPR, Edward did have corrective surgery for this condition, however it did not work as well as we had hoped. Edward now uses a cart to help him get around. It enables him to see the world from an "upright" position, to build strength in his hind legs and live a bit more of a normal life.Adoption Donation - $275


Meet Lacy (# 639), a 9 year old sweetheart whose idea of a long walk is from the couch to the refrigerator! She is a constant companion to her foster parents and is always nearby. Lacy is not a big barker, but will join her foster canine friends with a sneeze-like “woof” from her seat as they race to the door. Don’t be fooled, this sweet girl has plenty of spunk and energy; she just knows what her priorities are!

Since Lacy is prone to bladder stones, she can only eat Hill’s Prescription Diet C/D, which is readily available at your vet’s office for just a little more than premium quality food. She was declared stone free at her check up 3 months ago. Lacy is mostly housebroken and crate trained. With regular potty times and encouragement, she is usually accident free. She has also been prescribed a medication to help with bladder control.

Had Lacy’s vet not reached out to KPR, she would have been euthanized for bladder stones. Now Lacy has been given a second chance at life and love.
Adoption Donation - $225

Noodles & Daisy

Hello we are Noodles (# 603) and Daisy (# 604), a bonded pair of male and female fawn pugs. Daisy, a petite little gal, is 8 and the vet says that Noodles is at least 8, if not a bit older. Daisy prefers to be the queen of the house and would do best in a home that either has no other female dogs or has a submissive female. Daisy's foster mom says the dominance typically comes out when Daisy wants to be in the recliner with her foster mom when there are other pugs already there. Other than being insistent of her chair space, Daisy is truly a wonderful little girl. Noodles is a complete lover pug – he loves to give kisses and lie on your chest. Noodles loves to play with his stuffed toys and chase tennis balls. In fact, his foster mom says he likes to go outside and potty with the tennis ball in his mouth and if he drops it outside and forgets to bring it back in, he’ll cry until you let hi out to go find it. Since Noodles only has a few teeth, he can only eat soft dog food. Both Daisy and Noodles are completely housebroken and are terrific dogs. Please consider giving these sweet pugs a forever home.Adoption Donation - $325

These are just a FEW of the needy and deserving pugs that are available for adoption. If your heart and home is open to accepting one of the lil puggies into it, please get in touch with Kentuckian Pug Rescue or any rescue organization. If you can't bring another dog into your home please consider making a donation today.

Happy Pug Friday!

**If you know of a Pug Rescue that you would like featured on Pug Friday please leave a comment or send me an email to leavingandloving@gmail.com **


kjpugs said...

YES! All three of mine are from KPR and I am so so so glad you posted this. It's hard for me to look at them since we're at our max with three, but I would love to foster when I'm able to in the future. Thank you SO MUCH for helping to promote KPR!!!!

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