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Friday, August 27, 2010

Pug Friday - SEPRA

Good Morning and Happy Pug Friday Everyone. This week I'm happy to highlight yet another wonderful pug rescue organization, Southeast Pug Rescue & Adoption (SEPRA).
Southeast Pug Rescue & Adoption, Inc. (SEPRA) was formed in Georgia in 1990 to aid in placing lost, surrendered or abandoned pugs in loving, caring homes primarily in the Southeast (GA, FL, SC, TN, MO). Although, we will take any pug in need from any place.

We are an all volunteer, 501(c)(3), not for profit organization dedicated to our pugs. SEPRA will take any and all pugs regardless of age, health and/or temperament, and we've even been known to take pug mixes. Our pugs come from a variety of avenues including shelters, owner surrenders, and even found wandering down the streets.

All pugs are placed in foster care with dedicated volunteers for evaluation and vet-work, which includes: shots, spaying/neutering and treatment for any illnesses, if necessary. We've had many come through with heartworms, knee/hip problems, eye problems, broken limbs etc. We will treat all that is reasonably possible as long as the pug is not suffering. Due to the never ending vet bills, our adoption fee is $250 (donations are also gladly accepted).

Potential adopters (after interviews) will sign an adoption contract stating if for any reason the new home does not work out, SEPRA will be notified and the pug will be returned to us. Southeast Pug Rescue rescues for the life of the pug. If the pug is returned to us within 3 weeks, the adopter will receive a full refund of the adoption fee. Please note, we do not ship our dogs. If you live out of state, we expect you to make arrangements to pick up your adopted new friend.

SEPRA is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Crash & Latte

Hi, we are 2 special 3 yr old pugs that are with SEPRA now because our mom became very ill and could no longer take care of us. We really need to stay together because we are very attached. We are a little overweight but other than that we are perfect, great with kids, other dogs, housetrained, very sweet, playful but not wild, and healthy! My name is CRASH (different huh?) my mom was in a car accident they day she got me so she named me Crash. My sister's name is Latte, obviously, mom loved coffee and Latte is the color of a Latte Mocha drink so I am told. We have transitioned quickly and are ready for our new home!

Hi, my name is Ernie and I am looking for a new home. My mom moved to NYC and that is not the place for me! I am easy going but playful. I am currently the only dog but would do fine with another dog also. My grandparents would love to keep me but they travel a lot so I end up at the kennel and I would much prefer to be at home! I am 6 yrs old, healthy and ready to meet my new family. I am totally housetrained and would love a fenced yard but it is not required. I would prefer not to be left alone all day if possible. AND I request a minimum of 2 doggie beds in the house! As you can see, I am super easy and ready to go.


My name is Violet and was recently rescued from a high-kill shelter in North GA. The shelter called me Nara but my foster mom has renamed me Violet because she says my coat is so black it almost looks purple! I have some serious skin issues and several tumors, we are not sure what is going on with my health but we are working with the vets to get me better. The tumors will be removed ASAP and tested to see if it might be cancer, hopefully not.
Otherwise, my foster mom says that I am doing great. I use potty pads in the house and am learning to go outside. I am very sweet and somewhat petite at 16 lbs. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you any details of my past but I do know that my future looks bright simply because I am getting lots of TLC in my foster home and really hope that I will be better soon so that I can find my forever home! Please consider being a virtual foster for this little girl; she has obviously had a hard life and definitely needs help from
SEPRA. UPDATE 7/6/10:Violet had a successful surgery. Her tumor was removed with ease, and no cancer was found. While she was there, Dr Denning also spayed Violet. The incision left a 10" scar on her belly, and that has healed remarkably well. The scars on her hind quarters are gone, and hair growth has begun. Her coat's slight reddish tint should be jet black in no time. Your donations have now put this little pug in an "Available for Adoption" status. Thank you! Now, let me tell you about this little Ray of Sunshine. She's approximately 2 to 3 years old, small in stature, and 15 pounds of pure joy. Violet loves to play, and she gets along with children, cats, and other dogs. She has that wonderful pug snore, but will become silent when you turn her over to sleep on her back. Yes, I said sleep on her back. I believe she found this position comfortable when she had that massive growth on her belly. Violet never meets a stranger; her social skills are great. She came to SEPRA knowing only how to use potty pads. That's all well and good, but we would like to see that she is taught how to go outside too. She's 70% there. She's been vetted, spay, and had her final checkup. No problems, she's ready for Adoption. When considering a forever pug for your family, consider this spunky little girl. She'll surely make your day, every day.
Hey everybody! I'm Payton and I'm a very playful 7 year old pug but sometimes my energy gets me confused for a much younger pup. I love balls and stuffed toys. My favorite game is fetch- I can even leap up and catch the little balls in my mouth! I love being taken out in a yard and running around or going on walks. I have a lot of personality and am very sweet. I'm a lot of fun to watch and do many adorable cute things. I am also very alert and a great watch dog. I love attention and would prefer to be the only dog in the house. I love playing with people but show little interest in other dogs. Despite my youthful personality- I have none of the problems of an younger pug: I am housebroken, I am very obedient, I do not chew or get into things. I am crate trained but i am much happier when i have more room to wander around. My foster mom swears i am the best behaved little guy in her apartment complex. I take to commands very easily and I like a strong owner I can feel safe with. Sometimes I can get nervous around new people, I might bark a little bit, but after I understand that they want to love on me I am very cuddly. I like a calm structured house with no small children. I get along with some older children but I get scared of the young ones with how fast and rough they can be. My tummy is very sensitive so no table scraps. The thing I hate the most is being groomed. I am very good at being brushed and am a dream in the bath tub, but I will have to develop some type of trust before you can clean my ears or wrinkles. I am very sweet and loving and want nothing more than to be near a you and love you, crawl on your lap and kiss you! I am very healthy and happy! All I need is a loving, caring forever home!
My story begins with a kind family who surrendered me to SEPRA because my medical needs were too much for them to bear. For years my allergies have controlled my body. My skin has suffered tremendous stress. I feel bad, and I look worse. My new Vet has examined me, and he explains my condition in this way ---More than likely, I was born with these allergies. My condition got worse as time went on and no treatment given. Over the years, my old skin rash would scab over, a new rash would occur under these, causing a buildup of nasty bacteria and fungus that lived beneath my scabs. Because of this, my skin looks and feels like tough leather. And if you think my skin looks bad, the smell is 10 times worse. My Doctor has put me on a strong antibiotic and anti-fungal medicine. My ears have to be treated separately, because they have thick puss inside, and we need to do our best to save my ear drums. My sight is limited, and Dr Toole estimates that I will have about 30% of my sight. My daily baths take upwards to 1 hour to scrape all the leathery scabs off. I'm resting comfortably now, and I enjoy sitting in the sun. I'm a sweet little girl that's 8 years old. I'm really high maintenance right now, and will continue to be so for some time. I appreciate that my family thought enough of me to surrender me to such a wonderful Organization. SEPRA will love and care for me, giving me 100% of their time and effort to make me well again. I go back to the Vet in 2 weeks for more tests. I'll keep you posted on my progress. Best Regards, Bonnie
Spring 2010 Update:
Well, time has come for me to spread my wings. I've been in the care of SEPRA since August 11, 2009. I've seen lots of Doctors, and taken lots of medicine. Not to mention the many baths I've had to endure. You need to know that I'm a high maintenance young lady. My medication list gives details, with reference to my management and the exact cost to take care of me. I will need to see the Specialist at GVS twice a year, and my medications need to be given twice a day. Allergy shots are required every 4 days. My folds and ears need to be cleaned every day. I'm absolutely housebroken. I tend to sleep late, and I enjoy sunning whenever I can. I love to be outside, but long walks wear me out. I'm a sight for sore eyes. Most people think that I'm a 2 toned pug, fawn top and black tummy. But the truth of the matter is that some of the pigment on my underside has stayed black, and it will take some time to start growing again. I'm obedient and a sweet girl that gets along with everyone. Please know that I've overcome so much in my short life. My health problems stemmed from a family who couldn't afford to take care of me, and things just got out of hand. You see my new before and after pictures. I'll need to depend on you to give me the care I need. Trust that I will be gracious and your reward will be my undying love and dedication.

These are just a handful of the needy and deserving pugs looking for their forever homes. If you are interested in adopting one of the puggies or helping out the great organization, please take a look at SEPRA.
If you or someone you know has an open heart and home for a pug, don't hesitate to looking into adoption.
Do you know any great Pug Rescue organizations that you'd like to see highlighted on the next Pug Friday - leave me a comment or email me at leavingandloving@gmail.com
Happy Pug Friday!


BelleinBows said...

What an amazing organization. Thanks so much for posting. I am not at a place where I can adopt another dog yet. When I am ready and have more space I will defiantly keep SERPA in mind.

BelleinBows said...

What an amazing organization. Thanks so much for posting. I am not at a place where I can adopt another dog yet. When I am ready and have more space I will defiantly keep SEPRA in mind.

Caitlin said...

Oh that just broke my heart. Especially that last one. I hope they find good homes.

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